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Henriksen The Blu Combo Guitar Amplifier w/ Gig Bag  From Henriksen

120-watt single channel version of Henriksen's incredible Bud combo amplifier

Henriksen Jazz Amplifiers

What We Think

Following up on their wildly popular "The Bud" combo amplifier, Henriksen has graced us with its new one-channel, Bluetooth compatible little brother at an unbeatable price!

Whether you're plugging in the headphones for some high-fidelity, late night practice or running one of Henriksen's extension cabs through it for a killer live sound, "The Blu" is sure to be a new player's best friend!

Henriksen Amp Comparison: The Bud vs. The Blu - Sound Pure Gear Tip

In this video, Sound Pure acoustic guitar specialist Derek Lebo compares The Blu and The Bud amplifiers from Henriksen.

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    • Henriksen The Blu Combo Guitar Amplifier w/ Gig Bag

Manufacturer's Description from Henriksen

We wanted to create a single channel version of our enormously successful amp, The Bud, but we also wanted to try a slightly different design concept which allows us to keep the same great sound but 5 lbs lighter!  At 12 lbs and 120 watts with all the essential features and Bluetooth auxiliary channel, The Blu is professional-grade through and through with the same great tone as The Bud.  In the beginning, Bud Henriksen’s goal was to create a small, simple, plug-n-play amplifier that sounded great and was loud enough to gig. His original amplifiers had a blue painted baffle, so we used that as the inspiration for The Blu’s design.
The Blu has a 5-band graphic EQ, FX loop, reverb, full 48 volt phantom power and a Bluetooth auxiliary input for backing tracks or set break music. There is also a studio-grade balanced XLR line out, a headphone output, and a parallel extension speaker output to make full use of The Blu’s output power.
Henriksen Jazz Amplifiers

About Manufacturer

Henriksen, Inc. began life as a telecom hardware manufacturer and software development company. In 2005, our founder Bud Henriksen began working on the JazzAmp to fill what he saw as a void in the marketplace for a guitar amplifier designed to meet the needs of jazz guitar players who wanted extremelyhigh quality sound in a portable package. Keys to our success have been manufacturing in our own facility to keep quality control as high as possible, using all analog designs to preservetonalintegrity, and 100% commitment to the absolute best customer service in the industry.

In 2013 we began to branch out beyond the realm of jazz guitar and have introduced The Bud for acoustic players and singer-songwriters, and we will be releasing more products from our pipeline in 2016.


120 watts

12 lbs


Included gig bag

Bluetooth Auxilary Input

5-band EQ


48 volt phantom powered XLR,1/4” combo input

TRS send/return FX loop

XLR balanced line out

OEM 6.5″ Eminence Beta speaker with special fluid-cooled, high-yield neodymium tweeter (defeat-able)

Ext. Speaker out

Headphone Jack