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HEDD Type 30 Studio Monitor Pair  From HEDD

Innovative "Air Motion Transformer" Tweeter design and flexible I/O cpabilities make these monitors perfect for any listening environment. 


Manufacturer's Description from HEDD

The HEDD Type 30 is an exceptional midfield monitor that will satisfy all your professional studio needs and desires. Whether as a full range audio monitor in an elegant studio space or in broadcasting contexts, this 3-way-system based monitor is an ideal player in the most diverse fields of application. The impressive technological facts alone speak for themselves: two horizontally aligned 7”-woofers, 4”-midrange woofer, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter, and nothing less than 4×300 watts amplification create an ultra-wide frequency range from 30Hz to 50khz. In the course of the Type 30’s development, the acoustic accuracy that this constellation of components translates into has fascinated us: in addition to being super solid and having an extremely high fidelity in the bass and mid range reproduction, the HEDD AMT produces vivid and uncolored high frequency material. Let us assure you: this is one fine piece of gear.


As our two smaller studio monitors, the Type 30 offers XLR and RCA connections as well as a free input-card system that can receive the HEDD Bridge modules that we also offer. These modules are designed to read various digital audio protocols, among them the Dante / Audio-over-IP standard.



About Manufacturer

Physicist Klaus Heinz and his son, Mastering Engineer / Musicologist Dr. Frederik Knop founded HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs in October 2015. As acoustic professional and music enthusiast, Heinz’ life oscillates between the worlds of physics and sound. He is the founder of several renowned companies, among them loudspeaker manufacturer ADAM Audio, as whose Managing Director and Head of Research & Development he served for many years. For the past forty years, Klaus Heinz has dedicated himself to developing high-end loudspeakers that have become established constants in diverse fields: from music production processes in professional recording and mastering studios to radio broadcasting, installation and finally home HiFi, his loudspeakers can be found in a great variety of contexts. Despite their application in diverse tonal and professional contexts, Heinz’ loudspeaker designs have always stayed true to the same ideal of sonic excellence: they have, above all, always aimed to produce complete accuracy and outstanding signal fidelity while being less concerned with tinging recording audio material with pleasing tonal colors. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that the product development department at HEDD | Heinz Electrodynamic Designs is fully committed to the idea of creating versatile and surgically precise studio monitors that producers and sound engineers from a wide array of musical branches can use as tools for their audio monitoring processes. HEDD’s loudspeakers can thus be understood as the newest and most advanced products that Klaus Heinz and his team have developed over the years.


Not only are HEDD’s loudspeakers produced in Berlin, they also feature an unprecedented level of digital signal optimization (HEDD Lineariser®) and connectivity (HEDD Bridge), improved diaphragm materials as well as ultra-efficient amplifiers. Last but not least, these brand-new studio monitors take another technological step in the development of the Air Motion Transformer. Years ago, Heinz revolutionized the professional world of audio production by introducing his first Air Motion Transformer. Today, AMT systems are used wherever an extremely precise and vivid reproduction of high frequency material is called for.

The HEDD team consists of musicians and loudspeaker nerds, electrical engineers, graphic designers, and admin pros, all of whom are fully committed to the creation of this new brand.



Woofer: 2

Basket Ø: 7" (182mm)

Voice coil Ø: 2" (50mm)

Cone material: UHC cone (Ultra Honeycomb Composite)

Midrange: 1

Basket Ø: 4" (120mm)

Voice coil Ø: 1.25 " (32mm)

Cone material: UHC cone (Ultra Honeycomb Composite)

Tweeter: 1

Type: HEDD AMT (HEDD Air Motion Transformer)

Equiv. Diaphragm Ø: 2" (56mm)


Input connectors

Analog balanced / unbalanced: XLR / RCA

Digital/HEDD Bridge Options: Dante / Audio-over-IP


General data

Amplification (ICEpower®): 4 x 300W

Input gain: -30dB … +6dB

High Shelf EQ > 2kHz: ±4dB (at 20kHz)

Low Shelf EQ < 200Hz: ±4dB (at 50Hz)

Frequency response: 32Hz - 50kHz

THD 90dB/1m > 100Hz: ≤0.5%

Max SPL sine wave 100Hz - 3kHz /1m: ≥116dB

Max SPL peak per pair at 1m: ≥126dB

Crossover frequencies: 250Hz/2.5kHz

Input impedance balanced / unbalanced: 10kΩ / 47kΩ

Weight: 22.8kg

Height x Width x Depth: 280mm x 530mm x 338mm

Warranty: 2 years