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Goodall TROM AAA Addy Spruce/Rosewood OM Acoustic #6455  From Goodall

This Traditional Orchestra model is a groovy, gorgeous Goodall!


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Goodall Guitars

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See something you like? This item is gone, but not forever. It can be special ordered, and even customized!

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Because of our special relationship with Goodall we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

A powerful guitar that's going to just blow away anyone who picks it up!  Flatpickers and fingerstylists alike are going to find it hard to deny an OM that is both more comfortable in the lap and louder than most OMs out there (you can thank the Goodall's partially scalloped bracing pattern for that!).  Ample headroom, lush tonality, and substantial muscle in the bass and mids make this both a formidable rhythm instrument and a soloist's best friend.  You can certainly hear the sparkle and snap of the Adirondack in the treble, too!  Simple I-IV-V progressions and complex chord melodies sound equally incredible--brilliant but full, forceful but focused.  This is the kind of guitar that seems to urge you on as you play...good luck putting it down if you're lucky enough to get it in your hands!  

Goodall TROM AAA Addy Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure acoustic guitar expert Sean McNaught describes and demonstrates a Goodall TROM. This guitar features East Indian rosewood back & sides and an Adirondack spruce top.

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    • Goodall TROM AAA Addy Spruce/Rosewood OM Acoustic #6455

Manufacturer's Description from Goodall

'A flatpicker's delight!'

The Orchestra Model is a greatly favored shape amongst our Traditional lineup. It features a smaller, more comfortable to hold body size than the popular dreadnought body shape. Its description is not unlike its bigger brother, the Traditional Dreadnought model.

"When we string up a Traditional Orchestra Model it's hard to distinguish from the Traditional Dreadnought"

Its tone is extremely powerful in the bass and midrange, with an emphasis on a broad warmth without lacking treble. All of our Traditional series models features a custom, partially scalloped bracing pattern which produces a bit more 'boominess' in the bass and midrange. The peghead and bridge have been redesigned for a more conservative visual appeal, with open gear Waverly tuning machines contributing to its charm. It is attractively arrayed with a herringbone marquetry rosette and top purfling, and a chevron marquetry backstrip. It has been designed especially with the flatpicker and the bluegrass player in mind.

Goodall Guitars

About Manufacturer

James Goodall represents an artisan who is at the pinnacle of his profession. Superb craftsmanship, an exacting finesse for detail and wood choice, combined with robust, three dimensional sound character -- these are qualities which embody every James Goodall guitar.
Few who endeavor in musical instrument making are capable of consistently maintaining a high level of precision and excellence along with superior tonal character in every instrument. Discerning eyes and ears will find the substance of all these qualities in every James Goodall instrument.



Serial Number: 6455

Traditional Rosewood Orchestra Model Guitar

25.5" Scale

1.75" Width

AAA East Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

AAA Adirondack Spruce Top

Mother of Pearl Notched Square Fretboard Inlay

Herringbone Rosette & Purflings

Chevron Marquetry Backstrip

Blacklip Mother of Pearl Logo

Phosphur Bronze Nanoweb Coating Light Acoustic Strings (.012-.053)

Waverly Nickel Tuners w/ Ebony Knobs

White Maple Body, Headstock & Fretboard Bindings

Ebony Peghead Veneer, Bridge & Fretboard

Boxwood Bridge Pins & End Pin

Bone Nut & Saddle

Mahogany Satin Finish Neck

Tor-tis Pickguard

Ameritage w/ Humidity Control Guitar Case

GG Logo Guitar Polishing Cloth