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Flickinger Vicious Cricket Tremolo Pedal - Neon Green  From Flickinger

A ferociously retro tremolo with touch sensative response. Hand-Wired and Hand-Painted in Raleigh NC, USA

Flickinger Effects Pedals

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What We Think

When Rich hand delivered this pedal to SoundPure he described the paint scheme to be insipred from comic book art. It really stands out and will look killer on your board!

This is the true musicians trem pedal! It takes to your dynamics! Strum lightly for lush trem or dig in to override the effect a bit.

A vicious cricket indeed! Works well with the entire line-up of Flickinger tone boxes and the amazing Velvet Mite amp!

Call or Email for more info on this unique pedal from a great solo builder!



Flickinger Vicious Cricket Tremolo Guitar Pedal Demo

This incredible Flickinger Vicious Cricket touch-sensitive tremolo hand-built and hand-painted boutique guitar effects pedal allows for sensitive tremolo playing to be automatically coupled with rhythmic content that remains undisturbed, as the pedal allows heavier playing attacks to initially outweigh the tremolo effect, and have the tremolo re-engage itself following the attacks.  The effect is demonstrated with a Duesenbegr Guitar and Amp/  The effect is most severe on the slower tremolo settings.  The device works wonderfully in concert with the Angry Sparrow from Flickinger, both available from Sound Pure today.  Call us internationally for yours, 919.682.5552

Manufacturer's Description from Flickinger

Each Flickinger Tone Box effect pedal is designed, built, and painted by Richard Flickinger in Raleigh, NC.  True-bypass and hand-wired.

This four transistor Tone Box is a vintage inspired tremolo that acts very differently from other pedals of this type.  The sound is very choppy, but at the lower depth setting, the tremolo will “squash” under your pick attack.  This allows for more rhythmic playing without needing to match the speed of the effect.  When using the Tone Box at the lower depth after a fuzz or similar effect, the tremolo will only be heard on the decay of your notes, creating a terrific and very musical after-effect.


This switch controls the depth, or wet/dry level of the effect.  In the top position, the tremolo will be very deep and choppy.  In the lower position, the tremolo is less pronounced, and you will find it more responsive to pick attack.


This knob controls the rate of the tremolo.  The lowest setting, full counter-clockwise, is the slowest pace.  The speed increases as you turn the knob clockwise, allowing you to reach super fast fluttering tremolo sounds.


Your Vicious Cricket can use a standard 9V battery.  Also, the jack on the side accepts a standard 2.1mm (BOSS type) AC adapter.  Make sure the center pin is negative.  Using the wrong polarity will not harm the pedal, however it will not function. 

Flickinger Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

Each Flickinger Tone Box effect pedal is designed, built, and painted by Richard Flickinger in Raleigh, NC.


True-bypass switching with heavy-duty 3PDT push button switch and LED

Hand-wired construction

Hand-painted durable aluminum enclosure

Metal film resistors for low noise operation

Quality Switchcraft 1/4" jacks

9v AC adapter jack with reverse polarity protection

Speed and Depth Controls

No Op-Amp chips, all NPN transitors for more musical gain.