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Flickinger Angry Sparrow Fuzz Pedal - Blue  From Flickinger

A true modern classic! Hand-painted and Hand-Wired Fuzz Pedal

Flickinger Effects Pedals

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What We Think

The Angry Sparrow is quickly becoming an essential tool on many players pedalboards.  This special blue box is the same great pedal as the orignal white pedal but with more consistent gel-like paint accents. 

All pedals are hand-wired and hand-painted.

This is a fantastic new fuzz from our friend Rich Flickinger. Do you ever hate your fuzz pedal because it sounds muffled and has no low end??? If so, then this is the fuzz pedal for you. Plenty of definition - check. Plenty of low end - check. Plenty of sustain - check. Will make your mom cry - check.

This pedal was originally designed for Rich's baritone guitar rig. Once he found the clearly defined tone he was seeking, he soon realized this pedal can be used for just about any type of guitar with amazing results.

Flickinger Angry Sparrow Guitar Fuzz Pedal

This Flickinger Angry Sparrow is a wonderfully dynamic fuzz pedal, simply with volume, tone and gain. It has extraordinary low gain tone, but also can get dialed up with some pretty gnarly high gain. It works wonderfully along side other overdrive pedals, and is used here along with a Fulltone OCD to produce stunning sonic results. We tested the pedal using a Nash Les Paul Gibson Relic into a Duesenberg Doosey One Amp, and recorded it with a single Peluso P67 Microphone into an A Designs Red Preamp. We are really excited to have these Flickingers here at Sound Pure and are anxious to talk to you about them, so call us toll free 888.528.9703.

Manufacturer's Description from Flickinger

Unlike other fuzz effects that have several stages of transistors with clipping diodes cascaded into one another, the Angry Sparrow Tone Box has only one clipping stage.  The result is a more musical fuzz tone that is versatile and dynamic.  The controls are pretty self-explanatory, however here are some tips for getting the most out of the device.


This controls the overall output volume of your Angry Sparrow.  Be aware, this device is capable of a very large volume boost to your signal.  Make sure not to overload other effects or your amplifier!  There is an internal trim-pot that can be set to reduce the maximum volume of your pedal.  It is preset to provide zero reduction.  Remove the back and use a small screwdriver to adjust it if you wish.


This is a passive low-pass tone control.  Very similar to what is on your guitar/bass.  Most of the time you will leave it wide open (full clockwise), just like most players do with their tone control on their instrument.  However, it can be very useful to tame the highs on a very bright amp, or if you want a darker tone at higher gain settings.


Much time and effort was put into exactly how the gain control functions.  At the lowest (counter-clockwise) settings, there will be very little change from your original sound, only a little compression and a warming of the tone.  You can set the volume higher and use the pedal as a “warm-boost.”  As you increase the gain, you will find dozens of musical overdrive/distortion/fuzz tones that work with more complicated chords and harmonies than you would expect from a circuit of this type.


Your Angry Sparrow can use a standard 9V battery, also the jack on the rear accepts a standard 2.1mm (BOSS type) AC adapter.  Make sure the center pin is negative.  Using the wrong polarity will not harm the pedal, however it will not function.

Flickinger Effects Pedals

About Manufacturer

Each Flickinger Tone Box effect pedal is designed, built, and painted by Richard Flickinger in Raleigh, NC.


True-bypass switching with heavy-duty 3PDT push button switch and LED

Hand-wired construction

Hand-painted durable aluminum enclosure

Metal film resistors for low noise operation

Quality Switchcraft 1/4" jacks

9v AC adapter jack with reverse polarity protection

Internal trim-pot to adjust maximum volume

No Op-Amp chips, all NPN and MOSFET transitors for more musical gain.