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Fargen Mini Plex MK II 1x12 Guitar Amplifier Combo  From Fargen

The Mini Plex captures all of your favorite British high gain and classic rock tones but with a new twist

Fargen Amps

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What We Think

With the ability to use any tubes you want without re-biasing, the decade switch to get three classic marshalls in one, and power scaling to use anywhere from 12 to 1/2 watt, there isn't anything that beats this boutique amp.  Especially in this price range!

Manufacturer's Description from Fargen

The Mini Plex captures all of your favorite British high gain and classic rock tones but with a new twist. Our patented "Decade Switch" gives you 3 different classic sounds/gain structures and then drives a cathode biased power section that offers a more harmonically complex top end than your standard fixed bias design. New features include the killer London Power scaling circuit designed by Kevin O'Connor which allows you to run the amp anywhere from 12 watts down to below a 1/2 watt for the ultimate low volume jamming,new Classic vs.VOS mode switch and an all new cosmetic design!Whether you're in the studio or on the stage this amp has you covered!

*London Power / Power Scaling control to go from 12 watts down to less than a 1/2 watt!
*Single or dual power tube switch
*Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers w/ 4-8-16 ohm taps
*Sozo vintage style mustard capacitors
*Dual power tube sockets for use with any octal power tube....no rebiasing... Use EL34/KT66 /KT77/6550/6L6/5881/6V6 ECT
*The abilty to mix and match any of the above tubes...(i.e.El34 + KT66)
*1/8" alluminum chassis for the true vintage british amp sound
*New improved 3 position rotary decade switch that alters the circuit for true 60-70-80 Marshall style tones.
*New front panel boost switch to go from traditional gain to VOS modded hot rod tones!
*New Combo 1x12 Design - Celestion G12H 30W

Every Fargen Amp Features:
*Hand wired circuitry
*Heavy duty aluminum chassis
*Stainless steel mounting hardware with nylock nuts
*Heavy duty leather handles
*Transformer sets from Mercury Magnetics
*High quality caps
*High end George L's shielded wire for critical signal runs
*Mil spec steel shaft potentiometers
*Removable IEC AC power connector
*Cloth covered wire

Fargen Amps

About Manufacturer

Fargen Amplification was founded in 1998 as a creative outlet for an inspired, young guitarist, Ben Fargen. As his collection of gig-worn, vintage guitar amplifiers began to need servicing, he found no local tech, with the touch or the talent he demanded to service them. Armed with the internet, an ROP course in electronics, and as many books on tube amps as he could find, Ben learned the trade; hands on, from the ground up. After a year of mastering the basics, he built a few prototypes, and began gigging with them all over California. Once word got out, custom work followed, and as demand increased, stock models evolved. Now in its 9th year, Fargen Amplification has progressed from a small one man operation, into a thriving boutique company that ships, custom-built guitar amplifiers to discerning players on three continents. And nowadays, in addition to personally tuning each amp that leaves the shop, Ben also provides world tour, amp support to many of the world's most celebrated guitarists. Fargen Amplifiers emulate classic vintage tones with craftsmanship, quality and options that surpass most vintage and re-issued amplifiers. Sound Pure carries a variety of amps from the Fargen brand and can always obtain the model you want or special order custom creations.


*Dimensions: 19 3/4"W x 10"H x 10"D

*Weight:55 lbs.

*Output Power: 8-12 watts

*Tube Complement: (2) 12AX7, (2) EL34 Will also run KT66,KT77,6550,6L6,6V6,5881 Class - Parallel single-ended class A

*Front Panel Layout & Equalization: Volume, Master, boost,Treble, Bass, Middle

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