Equi=Tech Son of Q Balanced Power Conditioner - Used  From Equi=Tech

This is a monster of a power conditioner, weighing in at about 60lbs. It's in excellent condition and will obliterate any power issues your studio has - whether you know you've got problems or not.


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Manufacturer's Description from Equi=Tech

Like father, like son, sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Similar to the Model Q, there is something unique about the Son of Q that distinguishes it from all the rest of the power products on the market.  In a recording environment, the most obvious difference is an extremely low noise floor that permits hotter tracking across the board.  To a professional, capturing low level detail is essential to create a live environment and add excitement to the mix.   (Often they pay for themselves in downtime saved from troubleshooting noise gremliins in the studio.)  Because of a substantially lower noise floor, mikes can be tracked much hotter without annoying noise or hiss to mask detail in low level signals.  Outboard racks run "quiet as a clam" (to quote Mr. Roger Nichols) and musician's racks almost never bring noise into the studio.  These systems have been measured to reduce digital jitter by as much as 67% which is unheard of in any digital environment without balanced power. The only thing better for mastering is the Model Q for hearing a full range mix, but compared to mixing without one, the difference in fidelity with a Son of Q is astonishing.  The Son of Q is a highly cost effective rack unit used by numerous professional engineers in pro-tools studios.  ("I refuse to work in a studio without one." states Mr. Nichols.)  
 The Son is offered in 3 different sizes. The original Son of Q model has a 1500 Watt capacity and plugs into any standard 15-amp 120-volt wall outlet as does it's smaller sibling, the Son of Q Jr., which has a 1000 Watt AC load capacity.  The largest of the three, the Son of Q Sr. can drive 2000 Watts of load but it requires a full sized 20-amp outlet such as the kind found near most modern kitchen countertops.  They run luke water warm at the most when loaded up to full capacity.  The entire Son of Q line has been thoughtfully designed with many years of balanced power manufacturing experience behind them. They are the new generation of standard systems that we build, refined beyond any product that we have ever offered in their price range. 
Son of Qs have a simple yet elegant appearance. They feature an anodized aluminum front panel that is available in black or silver.  On the front panel there are 2 LED indicator lights, one above the input power switch and one above the output standby switch that monitor power status at the input and at the output of the unit.  Magnetically coupled copper coils in generous quantity provide more control over the transtormer's magnetic flux than that found in comparable units by our competitors that provide superior control over current synchronization. while at the same time providing superb spike protection to everything running on the Son of Q's outputs.   The Son of  Qs grounded Faraday shields maintain excellent protection from dangerous electrical surges the way only a fine isolation transformner can provide protection that is rugged and dependable year in and year out like none other.  On the back panel, there are 12 outlets provided.  A GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch and is constantly left turned on for use with components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain volitile memory.  Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as self-powered monitors, amplifiers, pre amps, crossovers etc. and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital gear.  (Simple plug strips can be added to rack rails by the dozen.)  A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment.  
Open the lid on a Son of Q and see for yourself how well made these systems truly are.  There is no skimping on how Son of Qs are designed and built.  All three models use isolation transformers with an enormous mass that rival competitors' products with twice the current rating.  The Son of Q Jr. is modestly rated at 1000 Watts with a transformer that compares to our competitors' 20-amp systems.  Son of Q transformers are designed to operate with an extremely low impedance and a very low magnetic flux density.  This means that under load, they operate with a lot of magnetic headroom left in reserve and they can transfer current quickly upon demand to amplifier power supplies when a large transient occurs.  Their magnetic shields allow for use near sensitive equipment such as single-coil pickups and tape machines.  
Most of today's project recording studios do not require a high level of continuous current to operate efficiently.  The power supplies simply do not have the mass and size that require a constant high current power source but at times they do demand high current in short bursts, especially class AB monitor amps and self-powered speakers.  The Son of Qs like the Model Qs are one of the few power products in the marketplace that routinely maintain a high power factor when used with high current pulse demand loads.  They actually enhance playback quality rather than get in the way and make an amplifier sound compressed.  Son of Qs are designed to be a perfect fit in project studios with small to medium sized boards, an outboard rack or two, a keyboard setup and self-powered monitors (or modestly sized monitor amps.)  Like the Model Q, their performance specifications are rated for top engineers and professionals in the industry but their price is more affordable.  
Son of Qs meet the highest performance standards in the power industry -- standards that we ourselves created because we have been building balanced power products longer than everyone.  Equi=Tech literally wrote the book on balanced power.  (1996 National Electrical Code Art. 530 Part "G" and 2002 NEC Art. 647 were written by Equi=Tech's President.  The new 2006 IEEE Greenbook credits Equi=Tech and lists balanced power as a recommended method of eliminating noise in data processing systems.)  The balanced power revolution started here in the early 90s and we have been setting the standards for a very long time.  It's no wonder that we do it so well.  From the very beginning, Equi=Tech has been making new strides into uncharted territory.  Proprietary component specifications and numerous US patents provide only a hint of the expertise we have acquired through years of experience and innovation.  We are true pioneers and the Son of Q is a fine example of what we build.  Equi=Tech products have earned many awards as well as a reputation in audio/video, television, theater, sporting and performance venues, R&D and scientific environments for effectiveness, reliability and as the power product of choice by top professionals around the world.  
Standard Features
  • Bifilar Wound Isolation Transformer -- This patented method of winding AC power transformers is the most accurate way of all to achieve a perfectly balanced output.  It is a feature that increases the performance of Equi=Tech products above all others.  Perfect balance is one of the most critical of all design specifications to consider when providing a balanced power system for sensitive electronics.  Because of this feature, Equi=Tech's balanced power systems provide a wider bandwidth of noise attenuation than any other product in the marketplace.  To get the best performance from one's electronics, a perfectly mirrored output stage is crucial.  This is especially true for today's high resolution digital electronics.  The result is greater definition in video and smoother and more detailed highs in music without excessive sharpness or an annoying edge.  IT and other computer related systems benefit from this feature with faster throughput and fewer data errors.  
  • Magnetic and Faraday Shielding -- These are expensive but worthwhile features built into every system we offer.  The shields work to eliminate noise from the outside world as well as to protect nearby electronics from magnetic stray field radiation.  Unlike similar products, Equi=Tech systems are safe to use near sensitive equipment.  
  • Highly Effective Redundant Surge Protection -- A dual stage transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) is provided as a spike protection device rated at 240 joules.  But count on Equi=Tech to add a thoughtful extra touch to our products.  No surge suppressor made can be guaranteed to last forever.  All are designed to be sacrificed for the sake of protecting your equipment in extreme circumstances that do happen.  So unlike most other products in the marketplace, a useful status indicator light lets you know when your system has taken too many hits from nuisance voltage spikes and the time has come to replace the surge protection unit.  Though they typically last for many years, the surge module is easy and inexpensive to replace.  After all it's better to know you have lost surge protection when it happens than to encounter a serious spike and lose your valuable components because of a worn out TVSS that you didn't realize had already taken all it could handle.  But that's not all that we provide.  As a redundant line of defense, grounded electrostatic shielding between the power transformer coils shunt dangerous voltage spikes, even huge spikes up to several thousand volts for additional protection and piece of mind. 
  • Digital Equipment Outlets -- These filtered outlets provide additional high frequency noise attenuation and isolation for switching power supplies found in most typical digital electronics.  These outlets are designed for use with PC or MAC based hard disk recording platforms, CD and DVD laser recorders, DAT machines, ADATs, digital effects gear, synth racks, A-D and D-A converters, automation controls and other high resolution digital gear. 
  • Unswitched Outlet -- An entire theater, audio system or data processing system can be turned off and on from the front panel by using the front standby switch.  As a convenience, one outlet on the back panel remains on all the time for equipment that uses a date/time clock such as TIVOs, VCRs, PVRs, DVRs or other components that require constant power for volatile memory. 
  • 100% Passive Circuitry -- There are no active components used in our systems.  There is nothing that will burn out or degrade from heat over time or from years of rugged use.  Some systems you may encounter employ semiconductor devices to drive the outputs or soft-start relays to compensate for a low quality isolation transformer with high inrush current -- not Equi=Tech!  There is simply nothing in our systems to wear out or degrade over time from heavy usage or from heat.  We invest money in our systems where it rightfully belongs, in well designed high quality components.  So the next time you are watching a live broadcast of the Super Bowl or Presidential Inauguration, keep in mind that Equi=Tech is there running the show because top engineers know that there are times when equipment failure is not an option.  Ruggedness, reliability and the most refined balanced power technology on Earth is why the top professionals in many technical fields choose Equi=Tech.  
  • High Efficiency -- Our systems are the most efficient of their kind in the world.  This means that you waste no power running an Equi=Tech to drive your electronic components.  Even when they are driven hard, they generate very little heat.  Most of the time, they barely run warm.  They draw very little power in idle mode and can be left turned on practically forever, ready to meet the toughest power demands in an instant. In operational mode, they waste almost no electricity at all.  They draw about as much power as what they are asked to put out.  With a typical 97%+ efficiency rating, they easily outclass similar power products and do so in an elegant, safe and environmentally friendly way. 
  • ANSI/UL Tested -- Equi=Tech products have been tested and certified to meet ANSI/UL Standard #1012 which is the most rigorous and demanding of all industry standards for Class A (high voltage) power distribution equipment.  No one other than Equi=Tech makes a balanced power systems that meets the design criteria and safety testing procedures required by this standard.  Since we initiated the balanced power revolution in the early 90's we remain the only manufacturer of balanced power systems that is committed to meeting the high performance and safety standards required by professional engineers.  Equi=Tech makes the only systems that meet stringent OSHA standards governing safety in the workplace.  Not only do OSHA associates, engineers and inspectors approve our products, they have also been known to marvel at the excellence of their design and build.  Electricity can be a dangerous thing if there are undetected flaws in non listed equipment or equipment inspected to meet inappropriately low standards.  Beware of power products listed as "Audio Equipment" to circumvent ANSI/UL Standard #1012 (the power standard) just to get a UL listing label of any kind.  You wouldn't want that anymore than you would want beef from the supermarket inspected to dog food standards.  Who would want a non-standard or unlisted power product in their workplace or in their home anyway?  Unlike other manufacturers of balanced power products, we cut no corners in the design and fabrication of our systems.  As we should, we take electrical safety as seriously as performance and we go the extra mile to prove it.  We are professionals.  We are a company of conscientious people who value our integrity and demonstrate it by how we build what we sell.  Our products are the real deal in every imaginable way.

About Manufacturer

Equi=Tech Corporation is the pioneer of balanced AC power. Started in Oregon in 1992 by its President, Martin Glasband, it has grown in stature and size gaining recognition and acceptance in many high profile engineering circles and high tech industries as the leader of the balanced power revolution. . The mission of Equi=Tech Corporation is to promote and market balanced power systems and technology for the purpose of providing wide scale improvement in the performance of electrical and electronic equipment, reducing operating and maintenance costs and lowering the demand for electricity and fuel consumption by increasing the efficiency of utility power. Gaining acceptance of this revolutionary technology in AC power has put the company to task on numerous fronts. Perhaps the most significant of these was to see to it that balanced AC power achieved acceptance and recognition in the National Electrical Code. Attaining this goal was crucial if the company was ever to realize fulfillment of its mission. In November of 1993, Mr. Glasband with a few of his associates in the electrical industry drafted a proposal to amend the National Electrical Code that outlined methods and standards for the use of balanced power. Upon presentation to the technical committees, the proposal caused considerable excitement among the panel's experts. Electrical industry leaders hailed the proposal as a "simple and elegant" solution to the growing power quality concerns and electrical noise issues confronting many high-tech electronic industries. The proposal overwhelmingly passed a vote of the committee and was adopted in the following edition of the National Electrical Code. Equi=Tech remained largely an R&D company until 1994. Then it entered the marketplace with some revolutionary electrical products. Because of Martin Glasband's background in the electrical power and professional recording industries, the professional audio arena was selected as his proving grounds. It wasn't long before Equi=Tech products received awards from many trade publications and associations in the audio, video and broadcasting industries. Balanced power proved to be the answer to many tough technical noise issues that had plagued engineers for many decades. Never before had engineers realized the superior level of performance from their equipment or quality in their finished products. Indeed, Equi=Tech balanced power systems provided no small advantage, rather the improvement in signal quality in the electronics was astonishing. Today, top studio designers rely on Equi=Tech to provide a stable, clean foundation for their clients sophisticated equipment needs. Today, the majority of music CDs and DVDs as well as movies and television programs are produced in studios that rely on balanced AC power from Equi=Tech. Professional engineers in diverse technical and scientific venues across the country have also discovered the electrical products and technology that Equi=Tech has to offer. From pharmaceutical drug manufacturers to national research laboratories and telecommunications companies, the interest has been growing rapidly across modern industry. The balanced power revolution is on. Today, Equi=Tech's turn-key systems and engineered designs can be found running cutting edge facilities such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Federal Aviation Agency's state-of-the-art ASR-8 Air Traffic Control Centers. With an eye towards the future, Equi=Tech pushes onward, marshaling its highly refined products, its superior application experience and its resources, opening new doors daily in an effort to accomplish its mission and to realize the vision of its founder and president, Martin Glasband. Attitude In the workplace and also in the marketplace, there is one purpose that is truly worthwhile, one purpose upon which every conscientious person can agree -- to approach one's work with an uncompromising desire to be the best one can be and to create the very best one is capable of creating -- to do things well and to learn how to do it better all the time. There has hardly been a moment since the incorporation of Equi=Tech on February 14, 1992 (St. Valentine's Day) when its passion and dedication to excellence and professionalism has not prevailed within its walls. Over time, the company has refined the technology and its products into an art form. Years of experience have provided its staff with numerous points of view and a broader understanding of better ways to achieve the company's mission objective. The cornerstone of the prevailing attitude at Equi=Tech is excellence and pride in the way its products are produced. The emphasis has always been on investing more in performance-critical components than in bells and whistles that may look appealing on a store display shelf or in a catalog but have little if any impact on the effectiveness or usefulness of the product. Only the highest standards in components and assembly methods are used in creating excellence. Reliability and dependability, simplicity, elegance and modest aesthetics are some of the qualities that are most highly valued. Product specifications are the tightest in the industry. This is why Equi=Tech's products have earned a reputation as the very best and are the most trusted by audio and video professionals. Perhaps this is why every Presidential Inauguration and Super Bowl since 1996 has been broadcasted on professional audio/video systems running on balanced AC power from Equi=Tech Corporation. Commitment No company is more adept than Equi=Tech is at assisting its customers and professional associates who specify balanced power products for their clients. As "The Pioneer of Balanced Power", Equi=Tech's staff of application experts, engineers and technicians have shouldered the burden of not only keeping their customers happy, but educating many thousands of professional engineers and end users who have called upon Equi=Tech for information and answers to a multitude of problems or design issues in a complex technical world. Electrical and applications engineers are always welcome to call with questions or ask for assistance. Equi=Tech has the answers. Who else would? It is a rare occasion when technical support comes up short or misses the mark. Balanced power technology speaks for itself in nearly every instance where it is applied. Many mythical practices and technical solutions (e.g. FIPS 94 Grounding Data for Signal Reference Grids in EDP Facilities) that have attempted to explain or solve difficult and perplexing technical noise issues have been laid to rest -- a testament to the efficacy and simplicity of balanced power products and the technology itself. However, there have been times when the technical landscape has proven to be challenging. It is impossible to anticipate every single scenario. Usually, on rare occasions when positive results have not been spectacular and immediately forthcoming, the end user's equipment or system setup configuration (e.g. a project recording studio) has almost invariably been found to be flawed in some way which is the cause of the problem. Technical support at Equi=Tech is committed to go the extra mile anyway, even if a problem is not related to the Equi=Tech system itself. Equi=Tech's website is also an abundant source of technical papers and support documents that address a multitude of technical issues. Over the years, there have been very few mystery problems that failed to resolve with a little logical deduction. Out of the many thousands of applications where Equi=Tech balanced power systems have been used, only a fraction of one percent have had problems that stumped the experts and then, usually only for lack practical testing availability have there been any prevailing problems at all. The technical support for Equi=Tech customers, specifying engineers and installers is without equal in the industry. Equi=Tech's support staff is simply the best at diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing even the most stubborn noise issues in most every type of facility. When one can confidently rule out power as a source of objectionable noise, many problems that seemed impossible to solve at one time often give way to the simplest test procedures. Equi=Tech is committed to customer satisfaction like few companies are today. Always is an absolute that no one can claim. It's simply not realistic. However the track record of Equi=Tech's technical support is as close to "always" as one can expect to find anywhere in any field. Technology Solving noise problems is a relative thing. When noise becomes an issue that affects system performance to the point where it is simply unacceptable, we call that a problem. However noise is a relative thing. When one considers noise, often there is an acceptable level that engineers and technicians regard as something normal that can be worked around or tuned out. Wherever that level happens to be under normal operating conditions is where one defines a system's limit in terms of resolution or accuracy. Above that level we have data, below that level, we have nothing. Resolution stops there. Often people mistake balanced power as a "problem solver" which it is, however its potential value is far greater in terms of how it can enhance an electronic signal system's accuracy, resolution, throughput, bandwidth or dynamic range. Whether the system is digital or analog based, when the "acceptable" level of noise is significantly reduced, greater accuracy, resolution, bandwidth, throughput or dymamic range is greatly enhanced. Equi=Tech is committed to research and development of the technology and finding ways of attenuating an ever wider bandwidth of high frequency AC noise and at the greatest reduction in amplitude possible. As science and technology advance further into the realm of greater accuracy and higher resolution, the problem of high frequency harmonics will continue to become more critical as a limiting factor that affects the accuracy and resolution of the most sophisticated electronic systems and testing and manufacturing equipment. Equi=Tech Corporation holds US patents for balanced power systems that are almost perfectly balanced and yield an ultra-wide bandwidth of AC noise attenuation, cancelling out high frequencies that competitive units can't touch, even when they are equipped with additional AC line filters. Theoretically, a perfectly balanced AC system with zero impedance to ground will cancel out harmonic currents even up in the Gigahertz range. Today, there is no balanced power system that compares to the bandwidth and amplitude of noise rejection routinely achieved, even in the least expensive product that Equi=Tech produces. The precision, accuracy and effectiveness of Equi=Tech's products make each of them a finely tuned noise canceling instrument without equal in the marketplace. Equi=Tech has spent years improving its products while others have expended effort marketing inferior products that are less accurate and lack the typical broad band noise attenuation every Equi=Tech system delivers. Equi=Tech has been the industry leader from the very beginning and will be for many years to come. As some manufacturing costs come down, Equi=Tech will be there with even more accurate balanced power systems that will remain quieter and quieter under load than ever. Equi=Tech Corporation, as always, is thoroughly committed to refining this revolutionary new technology in AC power quality.