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Elysia Xpressor 500-Series Stereo Compressor  From Elysia

Incredibly powerful and versatile stereo compressor from Elysia Audio shrunk down to a double-wide 500 series module.  

Elysia Audio

What We Think

I’ve never been one to lightly throw out the “L” word, so you can trust that when I say this I truly, sincerely mean it with 100% of my being - I've fallen in love with the Elysia Xpressor.  
So what exactly is it about this 500 series 2-channel dynamics processor that’s convinced me to utter such a powerful 4 letter word? Well, for starters you have a wet/dry mix knob, a feature I’m surprised more compressors don’t include despite the incredible versatility it provides. You’ve got a “warmth” button to quickly add some extra analog tone to your signal (great for beefing up your drum bus or vocal tracks) as well as a selectable side chain filter to help ensure you’re not getting any mix bus pumping from your heavy-hitting kick. But what really separates this compressor from the rest of the two-channel dynamics processors out there is the incredible power and control that comes from the greater than infinity (negative) ratios and the “GRL” or Gain Reduction Limiter knob. That’s right, negative ratios, meaning  the output volume actually gets pulled below your threshold any time the incoming audio exceeds your set threshold. While this naturally lends itself to create some pretty aggressive sounds, setting the GRL knob to restrict the amount of compression to just a few dBs can result in some very usable sounds within even a more traditional, less effect-heavy mix. 
I’ve been using the Xpressor on drum bus pretty extensively (I’d love to try it on other sources, but I’ve only got one and I just can’t pull it off my drum bus!). Sonically the Xpressor covers a HUGE range of characters - it can be a very smooth, transparent bus compressor used to bring up your RMS level without any standard compression artifacts (with ratios as low as 1.2, the Xpressor can definitely do subtle if that’s what you’re after). It can also get incredibly punchy and heavy hitting, just check what it does to the drum track in Elysia’s demo video - it does not disappoint.
The Xpressor really does redefine what a stereo dynamics processor is capable of. And given it’s incredibly affordable price tag, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more engineers retiring their $2.5k range 19” stereo compressors to move towards the more compact 500 series format for their stereo compression needs - especially if future 500 series designers follow in Elysia’s footsteps by creating processors that not only match the sonic qualities and capabilities of 19” rack pieces, but push multiple steps ahead to offer truly unique features not found anywhere else.

Elysia Xpressor 500 pt. 4 - Full Mix

The Elysia Xpressor 500 is an incredibly powerful and versatile stereo compressor from Elysia Audio shrunk down to a double-wide 500 series module. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode provides a superior audio quality which combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch. In the final video of our Elysia Xpressor series, SoundPure Recording Engineer, Allen Palmer, brings all the previously recorded tracks (Electric, Acoustic, and Vocals) and compresses them one more time for a final mix. If you like what you hear check out this gear at SoundPure.com or give us a call anytime at 919.682.5552. Thanks for watching!

Manufacturer's Description from Elysia

The xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format. With its many unique features taken from our flagship products, you not only get great compression, but an amount of control on processing which is hardly ever experienced elsewhere.
No matter if you want to set and forget or plunge deep into the secrets of compression, the xpressor 500 is for you. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode provides a superior audio quality which combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch.
Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor 500 shines in many different applications. Best of elysia? You got it!
• Discrete Class-A Topology
  Pristine audio quality.
• Auto Fast Attack
  Perfect attack in any situation.
• Switchable Release Characteristic
  Smooth or crisp – the choice is yours.
• Warm Mode
  Transparency? Saturation? Both!
• Parallel Compression
  Mixing direct and compressed signals.
• Sidechain Filter
  Frequency selective compression.
• Gain Reduction Limiter
  Ultimate control on the compression process.
• Made in Germany
  High grade components, solid aluminum knobs.
Elysia Audio

About Manufacturer

The beginning was an obsession. Would it actually be possible to build special gear with these features and sound characteristics? Well, since then Elysia has become a union of creative audio enthusiasts who have a clearly defined objective: the development and production of high-quality studio equipment featuring that certain something. We do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. Our objective is rather to adapt our products to current demands in everyday studio life. The initiators of the company founded in Nettetal (Germany) in 2005 are Ruben Tilgner and Dominik Klaen. Affected by countless live and studio experiences as well as by over ten years of pro audio experience they finally created elysia in order to make their personal sound philosophy come true. Ruben looks back on many successful development projects: besides others, he has designed the Transient Designer, the GainStation and the MixDream for SPL. Based on his experience on the marketing sector, Dominik Klaen concentrates on communication, documentation and all topics related to product design. The independence of our enterprise enables us to follow extreme paths in our work. We like to try out a lot and are only satisfied when there is nothing left to improve. Besides, we never discard unconventional ideas airily we test all of them and never form our opinion before doing so. Our most important rule is that the ear always comes first, but we also like to please the eye by reflecting the inner values of our devices on the outside with an exclusive design. This is the basis on that our audio equipment is built. We set value on highest sound quality, exclusive use of top grade components, perfect operability and reliability, appealing product design, exemplary documentation and implementation of innovative features without any Voodoo, but with real profit for daily usage.


Discrete Class-A Topology
As a true elysia specialty, the audio path of the xpressor 500 is completely based on discrete circuitry and does not use any integrated circuits at all.
Auto Fast
Inspired by its big brothers: the switchable semi automation for a perfect attack on the basis of the value set by the user.
Log Release
This alternative characteristic of the release curve follows a logarithmic course instead of the standard linear progress and results in a very gentle kind of compression.
Negative Ratios
The characteristic curve bends and goes back down! Heavy pumping, backward sounds, etc. – perfect for very cool compression effects.
Parallel Compression
Available directly on the unit: the direct and the compressed signal can be blended in any desired relation by simply turning the mix controller.
Sidechain Filter
A tunable low cut filter in the sidechain of the xpressor 500 avoids overcompression and pumping when there is a lot of low end energy in the mix.
Gain Reduction Limiter
This novel limiter is not placed in the audio path as usually, but restricts the control voltage of the compressor instead.
Warm Mode
The xpressor 500 offers a second switchable sound flavor by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics and transient response.
Analog Dynamic LED Meter
The gain reduction meter modulates its LEDs in their brightness in order to show the action of the compressor in an analog way: fast and with smooth transitions.
Stepped Potentiometers
All potentiometers in the xpressor 500 have 41 steps which are a great help for recalling your previous sessions fast and precisely.
Technical Data
If you are interested in learning more about typical measurements and technical specifications of the xpressor 500, this is the right place to check.





User Manual