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Apogee AD-16X A/D Converter - Used  From Apogee

16-channel, 24-bit A/D converter!


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Apogee Digital

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Condition: Used, Excellent


Manufacturer's Description from Apogee

The AD-16X, Apogee’s latest and most advanced analog to digital converter, takes the legendary quality of Apogee a significant step forward. Features such as a redesigned power supply, standard 192kHz sampling rates, the C777 clocking technology found in Big Ben, and optional Pro Tools HD and FireWire expansion cards, make the AD-16X the most powerful and flexible A-to-D converter ever. 

Apogee Digital

About Manufacturer

Apogee was founded in 1985 and initially made its name designing filters. Later, Apogee's complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and solved many of the early problems with digital audio technology. Apogee converters have become regarded as the reference standard for digital audio conversion. Products such as the award-winning Rosetta 800, AD16x and DA16x  have become the modern benchmark by which digital audio conversion is judged. A new generation of Apogee products including the revolutionary Symphony I/O, with its modular design and flexible connectivity,  promise to extend the Apogee legacy and further advance the art of digital audio.


Features and Specifications

• 16 channels of premium 24-bit AD conversion

• Sample rates up to 192k

• 16 channels of AES, ADAT/SMUX Output

• Word Clock I/O

• Optional HD card for direct connection to ProTools HD

• Optional S800 FireWire card capable of sample rates up to 192k, compatible with

 OS X/Widows XP and all popular DAW’s

• All option cards (X-FireWire and X-HD) facilitate connection of multiple units

• “Soft Limit” for maximum digital level without overs

 (can be applied to a single channel or all channels)

• “UV22HR” for superior dither of high resolution audio to 16-bit

 (can be applied to a channel pair or all channels)

• Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) using Big Ben’s C777 Clock Technology up to 192kHz

• Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF) for optimum clock performance and minimum jitter

• Support for AES double wire and SMUX formats

• Post A/D conversion level monitoring

• Intuitive front panel calibration

• Word Clock termination switch


• Analog in 1-8 Balanced, DSUB 25pin connector

• Analog in 9-16 Balanced, DSUB 25pin connector

• WC in: BNC 75 ohm with switchable termination


• AES-EBU out x 8, transformer balanced, DSUB 25pin connector (192k single wide compatible)

• Optical: toslink x 4, supporting ADAT and SMUX protocol

• WC out: BNC 75 ohm 


• One x-type card can be installed, for Firewire, HD and or other future format connectivity


• Sample rates internal: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192k

• Sample rates external: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192k +/- 10%

• Frequency response at 44.1 k : 5 - 20.000 Hz (+/- .2 dB)

• Analog levels: 6 to 24dBu max through digital gain adjustment. (Compatible with -10dBV levels)

• THD+N: -110 dB

• Dynamic range: 120 dB A weighted

• Power: 100 -240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 65 Watt