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Anderson Raven Black Electric Guitar 10-15-13A  From Anderson



Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Available for Special Order

See something you like? This item is gone, but not forever. It can be special ordered, and even customized!

We can get it fast!

Because of our special relationship with Anderson we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

This is what a Jazzmaster wishes it could be! The playability is so effortless, you'll never turn back! and how about that finish? super rockin!

Manufacturer's Description from Anderson

Anderson Guitarworks

bids welcome to:


and as always, to You.

We are glad to have You here with Us.

…And right off the top, this is the bottom line on Raven:


Raven is:  The Offset-styled Guitar that was made, from the outset, to Play—exquisitely well  Well, how else would we do it? 


Raven is:  The Guitar Player's, Offset Guitar!  Svelte, cut, light, fast and nimble, boasting extraordinarily effortless intonation and tuning stability, jammin' with Raven is truly a joyful performance experience.

Beautifully balanced:  Raven hangs as if it were sculpted for you—because it was.  Not oversized or bloated but proportioned just right to feel familiar, welcomingly tractable and boundingly dynamic.


Raven, the whole story in 39 seconds (give or take 11 to 12 seconds for gasping):


Playing peerlessness personified…and it is now here in the form of Raven.  To play Raven is to love Raven—beyond all reason.  Yes it is true, your wildest Offset Guitar dreams have been realized (yes, really, realized—certainly no empty hype here).


At Anderson Guitarworks now is the time for you to soar…with Raven! (just could not resist that metaphor—forgive me)  We are happily able to offer players an Offset Guitar as we believe it should be.

  • Beautiful Offset-themed styling.

  • Balanced, lightweight and stable—a joy to strap on and play all night long.

  • Not oversized or undersized but a body of just right proportions—in every aspect—it immediately feels like your old, best friend, that is full of brand new excitement and experiences.

  • A solid foundation supports unparalleled tone and resonance, where every sonic nuance rings out with alacrity.

  • Profoundly reliable intonation and tuning stability makes Raven a joy to play with any and every style of music.  No worries, just plug and play with wild abandon.

Why Raven?:


Like many of you, we have always “fancied” the look of Offset Guitar styling.  In fact, many of us were playing guitar when the first ones arrived on the scene in the early 60s (yes, Anderson Guitarworks has a lot of real-world experience.)  At that time they were even advertised as the better, top of the line instruments.  Although they looked really cool, from a player’s point of view, the Offset design of the day was fraught with aspects that made playing them less than desirable.  This is why the S and T-style instruments emerged as the mainstay guitars—dominating the music scene for more than a half of a century.  Players preferred the S and T's manageable body size and more reliable tuning stability.


With the recent reemergence of the cool Offset look, we were delighted but at the same time surprised to see the same playing flaws reemerge right along with it.  But now it is a different time and Anderson Guitarworks is ready, willing and happily able to go all-in!


Raven is:  Truly, a no-holds-barred Offset guitar, designed from the ground up to play impeccably—no compromises of any kind—just an awesome Offset that needs make no apologies—for anything but being awesome (and last we checked, who needs to apologize for that?).


And as a result, Raven is the Anderson Guitarworks Offset Guitar!

Tom Anderson Guitarworks

About Manufacturer

As we have said for the last 28 years (and that's longer than Leo Fender was at Fender), “We are a small American Company dedicated to creating the world's finest feeling, playing and sounding electric guitar—period!”  

Also, we love it when our guitars look good—

and they certainly do that—but, without sacrificing any playability or sonic depth.  That's one of the keys: no frills or trendy gismos before tone and flawless function.

Everything has to flow with excellence and grace—all working in “concert” for the whole, bringing forth the best playing experience imaginable.

With great honor and reverence to traditions of the past, we want your new Anderson Guitar to be your best guitar, by far—no comparison.

How it's done:

We can maximize all of these desirable attributes by not making giant hordes of guitars but by making a smaller number and taking the time to do it all just right. 

Each and every guitar is a special individual to us because we are making each and every guitar for a very special individual—you. 

With this process, all details of every guitar gets the attention it, and you, deserve—from start to finish—no exceptions—whether you're Keith Richards or you're not Keith Richards—it's all good. 

Everyone is equally important.

Isn't that they way it should be?

Just a few of the many Anderson assets include:

  • Hand selected body and neck wood—literally every piece.
  • Wood kiln dried to perfection—not only to our specs at the mill but again at the Anderson facility—no rushing here.
  • Wood handled in a real-world environment After the kiln, all our wood spends time in a real-world environment so stability is enhanced and there are no surprises when the guitar is out gigging in diverse conditions—all is well.

Necks: carved to your specifications (one of our 14+ available neck shapes) and then allowed to acclimate to the environment in their new form for a month (at least, no rushing here either) before the precision fingerboard radius is finalized and your choice of Anderson stainless steel frets installed.

     The result is a neck of unparalleled stability and playability.


Stainless Steel frets:

  • Originally exclusive to Anderson—5 sizes to choose from. 
  • All play like warm butter, smooth and more effortless than any other fret material—for sure. 
  • And because of their slicker surface and enhanced durability, it feels like we do a new fret dress for you every morning. Your vibrato can improve just by having them on your guitar (not kidding about that).
  • Big woody tone is truly maximized as string vibration is more easily conducted directly to the wood—so rich. 
  • There is no downside to these frets, just pure guitar playability and sound through and through—otherwise we wouldn't choose to use them.

Each body and neck are specifically made for one another and then precisely “fit” together.


A–Wedgie neck joint is vastly superior, sonically as well as structurally.

  • This superior bolt–on neck joint also grants greater comfort and easier access to the upper frets—so very nice to play.

(You will have to smash the body to bits to move this neck out of position—certainly not recommended—although we did have one whose girlfriend tried this out in the streets of New York.  Even though the body was in two pieces, the neck and body were still in perfect alignment.  Really makes you love getting A–Wedgie—the Anderson kind, of course.  And because A–Wedgie is a revolutionary bolt–on design, parts could be replaced and the guitar ended up as good as new.)



Paint is meticulously applied—a proprietary ultraviolet light process that always yields an ultra thin and breathable finish so the instrument's resonance is never impaired but always imparted.

  • All our finishes are as breathable and as resonant (or more so) than the best of the best of the legendary nitro cellous lacquer finishes—without the intrinsic drying problems of lacquer.
  • Proof of this can be heard in the vibrance of the instrument.  One strum unplugged tells the whole story—loud, rich, full and ringing.  Nothing rings out like an Anderson.


Hardware is hand selected and many parts are Anderson–modified and assembled to insure superior function in every way. There are no compromises here either.  Want some for instances:

Our vintage tremolo bridge is assembled in-house from four different, specially selected components for superior function, tone and feel.All Bigsby bridges are modified and play wonderfully in tune.  You can jump on this like a diving board.Each and every Floyd Rose bridge is individually radius-calibrated to perfectly match neck radius.Tuner buttons are specifically selected to give a vintage look while underneath is a high level tuning machine.

Anderson Advantage: Twin Rear Strap Buttons ensure your guitar will not topple over during a quick break in your playing action, while equally comfortable to strap on with greater adjustment.


  • Pickups—so many models available that we would have to go back and count to know how many we actually now offer.  All of our pickups are built and wound in our factory using only the finest materials—some exclusive to Anderson alone.  All are tone developed and tested in Anderson guitars for Anderson guitars—anything from real vintage single coils to hum-canceling singles to full humbucks to hum-free Soapbars to our unique M–series pickups—vintage or modern, sweet or aggressive.
  • Switching—the accomplished goal here is to give you simple and familiar control with the greatest versatility possibility—almost every combination, simply at your fingertips, while pure and unaltered tone remains soundly intact. So sweet!
  • Final Assembly—is a work of art within itself.  Components made to their highest level now come together to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts, and function as one smooth and sleek instrument. Every detail of every detail is addressed.  This is where our amazing fretwork is finalized with a fret dress that addresses each and every detail of the fret surface—not just the flat areas.  The most detailed fret job in the industry, and you can easily tell every time you play any Anderson guitar—pure ecstasy of playability.
  • Every aspect of every design, every component used and every model of every guitar is tested, re-tested, played, gigged, tested again, gigged again and felt through our souls, until we are completely satisfied that nothing is left unintended and all aspects are supremely pleasing.  In some cases this process can go on for over a year before any new Anderson instrument or innovation gets to your hands.  But it is so worth it in the end.
  • When your Anderson arrives, you can lift it from its case (quick touch up of tuning and maybe truss rod, of course) and right to the stage where Anderson resonance, playability and magic will clearly make itself known to all. And you don't have to think about any of the above-listed attributes (and many more unlisted) because we do that for you, so all you have to do is play.

The process is such a fun one here at Anderson Guitarworks:

We spend countless hours listening, testing, and playing our instruments and our pickups (we really do this, and we like it…a lot).

The process begins with the creation of the most precise and comfortable bodies and necks possible. We accomplish this by choosing only the finest and most beautiful woods from select lumber mills. Our design and manufacturing process utilizes the best of both old and new world craftsmanship. Ground breaking computer-aided technology is used to achieve the most exacting tolerances found in the guitar industry, while the fine-detail woodwork and beautiful finish-sanding are done by the hands of a master.


Raven 10-15-13A



Maple, Rosewood Fingerboard

Matching Headstock, Satin Back

1 11/16- inch nut Medium frets even taper

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

Chrome Vintage Tremolo

Locking Tuners

PQ1-PQ2 Tortoise Shell

3-way Big Toggle with VA Booster

.010-.046 Elixir Strings

Hardshell Case included

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