A Designs 503HR 3 Space 500-Series Rack  From A Designs

3 slots, 1 rack? Sensational!

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Manufacturer's Description from A Designs

We   have   been   asked   by   our   customers   to   develop   a   3-slot   version   in   a   horizontal   1RU   rack.   Well,   the   end  result   is   the   503HR.   We   feel   this   meets   the   need   for   a   full-blown   Channel   Strip,   a   requirement   for   Pro  Audio   Recording   and   live   applications   for   performing   artists   that   wish   to   adapt   their   sound   for   changing  venues. This can be accomplished by using a simple insert of a different module (or two, or even three). 

The   503HR   has   a   robust   external   power   supply   with   an   LED   display.   This   displays   the   amount   of   power  being   consumed   or   if   the   units   in   the   503HR   are   drawing   too   much   power.   But,   the   robust   power   supply  can handle the demand.  There is a 3-LED array on the face plate which displays the +16V, -16V and +48V.

Some   503HR   features   include:     All   metal   construction,   XLR   in   and   out,   as   well   as   a   “FEED”   switch   on   the  front.  This   allows   you   to   come   into   slot   1   and   out   slot   3.   It   also   allows   you   to   just   feed   1   and   2   or   none.  The  “Feed”   switch   is   a   3-position   switch   used   for:   Slots   1   and   2   or   “Off”   or   “All”.   This   reduces   the   need   to   use  six (6) XLR cables for a channel strip. But, if you are inclined to do so, you still have that option. When   using   the   503   with   the   “Feed”   switch,   all   that   is   needed   are   two   (2)   XLR   cables      -   Male   and   Female.  The   input,   as   an   example,   would   go   to   Slot   1   and   the   output   to   Slot   3,   when   the   “Feed”   switch   is   in   the  “ALL” position.

This   is   very   useful   for   live   applications.   For   example,   you   may   only   require   the   503HR   (with   a   500   series  Pre,    Compressor,    EQ),    a    power    amp    and    a    cabinet.    Place    the    “Feed”    switch    to    position    “All.”   The  connections   would   be   as   follows:   Assign   the   output   of   Slot  2  for  FOH  (Front  of  House)  and  the  output  of Slot  3  for  your  amp.  

Used  as  a  Channel  Strip  for  Bass  or  Guitar  [Preamp,  Compressor  and  EQ],  your  500 series  Pre-amp  would  go  into  the  500  series  Compressor,  Compressor  out  to  the  FOH  and  your  500  series EQ to your power amp then to your cabinet. This works extremely well.

A Designs Audio

About Manufacturer

The A Designs objective is to provide effective extraordinary-sounding solutions with solid technology. They are quickly becoming one of the most respected boutique manufacturers of audio and production tools, at a reasonable price. A Designs Audio brings a combined total of over 60 years in engineering, marketing and sales/customer service experience. Now our firm brings you pro audio technology that is among the best in the business at affordable prices. Their product lines are field tested by professionals in "real-world" working environments and are put through rigorous tests. This assures the dependability and reliability you require in installations and working environments. They understand the demands placed upon you when providing installations or giving live performances. The last thing you should worry about is the extremely high costs of conducting business. There are other factors that make your work highly demanding. The bottom line is that A Designs provides the tools you need for a job well done....and within budget!