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WesAudio _TITAN + _RHEA ng500 Chassis and Vari-Mu Compressor  From WesAudio

Future of analog processors



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Manufacturer's Description from WesAudio

_TITAN is complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analogue equipment. It extends 500 series connector with additional pins where modules can be designed to support digital recall or any other vendor specific functionalities. This extension is part of new open standard “ng500” – “Next Generation 500 series” which allows other manufacturers to design and implement digitally controlled analog devices.

We are proud to present _TITAN – Future of analog processors.



Linear power supply capable to deliver 5A of power will bring sound of your units to the next level!



_TITAN can host standarized 500 series module (Please read Important Note below).

Of course it was designed to recall up to 10 units with signle USB or Ethernet connection!



_TITAN allows to control/recall all hosted modules through one connection:

1) USB – for direct connection with your workstation.

2) Ethernet – dedicated LAN connection to access all devices in your local network.



_TITAN is part of open specification where proper documentation along with dedicated software frameworks (including high level AP, firmware drivers and generic _GConBlackBox plugin) can be shared with other vendors free of charge.

If interested, check this article how to start!



_TITAN provides simple standalone application to change status of stereo links between modules.

No more problems with accessing your chassis configuration!



At slot number 10, _TITAN implements special connector, which routes all audio signals from and to, slots 1 – 8.

This allows future integration with audio interface modules, analog summing modules or patchbays.

INPUT source for any slot is implemented through analog relays, and it is configurable through standalone application. This prevents two different signal sources to be routed to the same module.


Features summary:


– HIGH END LINEAR POWER SUPLY capable to deliver 5A of power,


– OPEN SPECIFICATION (**) – documentation and software framework including communication drivers for

any Vendor that would like to adopt to this standard,

– REMOTELY CONTROLED STEREO LINKS through standalone application,

– IAC – INTERNAL AUDIO CONNECTOR – for future integration with audio interface, summing modules or patchbays,


Other features: 

– Stereo links are integrated with modules, and pressing “Link” button on modules which  supports GCon protocol (e.g. _Mimas) sets stereo link on the _Titan.

– Remote firmware upgrade – _Titan & all modules inside can be upgraded remotely through USB or Ethernet connection.

– XLR sockets in/out for each slot.

– Internal stereo link switches which can be also managed through GConManager  standalone application.

– Power mode switch – 115V/230V.


Note about ng500 series connector in _TITAN: 

_Titan connector was designed to deliver new implementation opportunities, but also to remain compatible with most of 500 series modules. Nevertheless ng500 series connector is higher then standard 500 series plug and some standard 500 series modules won’t fit into _TITAN. The reason for that is module’s chassis design at the back, which can prevent the module to fit in correctly.


Note about gcon:

WesAudio is a Polish manufacturer which stands behind GCon protocol implementation – solution for remote unit’s management. It was created to provide easy to implement, fast to integrate, solid and tested environment to develop hardware units where any of its parameters can be managed remotely from external application – DAW plugin, standalone application, or any other.

We all know that audio industry demands better hardware integration which can fit into today’s workflows.

This solution has been proven to work in many customer environments all over the world.


Standard 500 chassis support!



Since digital footprint became part of the modern age, analog flavor was demanded more than ever. It is hard to imagine more musical and rich sounding compression than vari-mu desgin. This time ng500 line presents _RHEA – most noble of all, where modern age meets vintage, literally.


About Manufacturer

WesAudio is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment. By utilizing the latest technology, introducing unique design solutions as well as using measuring devices such as Audio Precision, Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, we are proud to present the first devices available in the sales offer of WesAudio.We strive to assure that our products are of high quality and precision. We provide full warranty and service of all the equipment available for sale.


Main features summary:
  • 100% analog device with +24dBu of headroom
  • True stereo tube “vari-mu” style compressor
  • High voltage tube operation
  • Interstage CARNHILL transformers
  • Input and output level control for maximum flexibility
  • Mix knob for parallel compression
  • THD – harmonic distortion with two modes (Medium & High)
  • SIDE CHAIN FILTERS – 3 high pass filters at 60,90 and 150 Hz
  • 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible
  • Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs.
  • Analog automation in DAW
Other features:
  • Fully digitally controlled and isolated analog circuit,
  • Digital recall can be acheived by connecting unit directly through front panel mini USB socket, or using it inside _TITAN chassis,
  • 4 touch sensitive encoders allow record automation of particular parameters (Threshold, Mix, Input, Output) in DAW,
  • True bypass,
  • Accurate analogue GR meter and its precise simulation implemented in the plug-in itself,
  • Free software and firmware upgrades.


  • Frequency response: 10Hz-150kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N < 0.03% (1kHz,0dBu) – no compression
  • THD+N >= 1% – at maximum compression level
  • Input impedance: 20kohm
  • Output impedance: < 100ohm
  • Max signal level: +24dBu
  • Crosstalk:< -80dB
  • THD (MID switch): 1%
  • THD (HIGH switch): 3%
  • Attack: 0.5,1,3,10,30,50 (ms)
  • Release: 0.1,0.3,0.6,0.9,1.8,3.6 (s)
  • SC Filter: 60,90,150 Hz
  • Power consumption: 190mA per rail
  • Dimensions : 76x133x158mm