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Vintech Audio Dual 72 (Neve 1272 Replica) Strereo Preamp  From Vintech

Two channel class A, all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifier.

Vintech Audio

What We Think

Although Vintech's 1272 is not sonically identical to the original Neve 1272, unlike the Vintech channel strips (x73, x73i, x81) which are identical to the original 1073, there is no question that the Vintech 1272 nevertheless represents a spectacular value in a raw two channel mic preamp. It really is underpriced compared to the other preamps that are out on the market.

A good amount of that classic Neve transformer-based color, along with detailed sonic resolution make this a nice choice for studios with big budgets and a rack of pre's, or a small studio just looking to add just one nice stereo mic pre for few bucks. Unlike the other Vintech pieces that require an external power supply, this one includes the power supply internally, and this guy is ready to rock right out of the box!

Manufacturer's Description from Vintech

The Vintech Audio "Dual 72" is a two channel class A, all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifer. It is built with the same basic circuit design and components as the classic Neve 1272 module.

This unit features: Input attenuator, output level adjustment, St. Ives input and output transformers. Convenient on board power supply with custom low noise toroidal power transformer. Phase and phantom power switches with LED output level display for each channel.

Vintech Audio

About Manufacturer

Vintech is the leader in true classic Neve preamp and EQ reproduction. The Vintech Designs are committed in their truth to the original designs of Rupert Neve, uncompromised in their hand-built quality, and also improtant, the most affordable of the accurate Neve designs currently on the market. If you are considering purchasing an original used re-racked or refurbished vintage Neve module, you really should consider the Vintech line. Not only are they sonically dead-on with the originals, they come with a full warranty and the piece of mind that comes with purchasing a brand new piece of gear free of the problems associated with buying vintage equipment.

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