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Tube Tech EM 1A Tube Equalizer for Tube Tech RM2 Tube Box  From Tube-Tech

The TUBE-TECH EM 1A is a passive tube equalizer designed to meet the exacting standards of even the most demanding sound engineers and producers.


Tube-Tech RM2 - AES '09

Tube-Tech RM 2 is a two-slot rack that vertically accommodates any 2x Tube-Tech M-Series modules (for example such as the PM 1A and / or the EM 1A). The RM 2's two rack-unit frame lets you own and mount multiple Tube-Tech modules together with one small two-channel rack. The power supply and internal voltage rails provide the higher supply voltages than what the modular 500 racks can offer, to drive tube-based electronics. Tube-Tech is available for purchase through Sound Pure, who is always available to answer any questions you have about recording gear and the recording process. Call Sound Pure toll free 888-528-9703, or e-mail them at sales(at)soundpure.com

Manufacturer's Description from Tube-Tech

The TUBE-TECH EM 1A is a passive tube equalizer designed to meet the exacting standards of even the most demanding sound engineers and producers.

The TUBE-TECH EM 1A Equalizer contains a low frequency boost and attenuation section (shelving), and a high frequency boost section (peaking). The high frequency section has variable bandwidth as well as attenuation (shelving). The filter section is of the passive type followed by a tube based push-pull amplifier to restore the gain.

Input and output are balanced as well as fully floating. Input and output transformers come with a static screen between the primary and secondary wirings



About Manufacturer

STATEMENT It is our mission to ensure the engineer has confidence in his working tools and feels comfortable working with them. To achieve this, it is our job to bring out the very best in the tubes, as well as continuously strive to offer the professional audio engineer outboard equipment of sublime quality ? both in terms of sound and reliability. Lydkraft ApS was founded in 1977 by partners John G. Petersen, Niels Wors?e and Karsten Bruun. Originally the core business of the company was PA, which was a successful venture until 1980, when the partnership was cancelled ? and Mr. Petersen decided to take Lydkraft on his own shoulders. The company was relocated to the interimistic surroundings of Mr. Petersens garage.... Mr. Petersen now redefined the business focus of Lydkraft: He terminated the PA business entirely and focused his efforts towards design, development and manufacturing. During this period small production runs of direct boxes, mixing desks and speaker systems were manufactured as well. In the early 80?s, the demand for vintage tube gear was increasing at a rapid pace. But at the same time tube equipment became more and more scarce by the day. The idea of taking on development & manufacturing of recording equipment with tubes came about in 1984. The first tube-based unit bearing the name TUBE-TECH was developed as an almost direct copy of the Pultec EQP 1A. The tubes of TUBE-TECH Program Equalizer PE 1A glowed for the first time in 1985 and the very first shipment containing 30 units stood ready in June 1985. Next in line was the TUBE-TECH PE 1B and TUBE-TECH Midrange Equalizer ME 1A, soon followed by the TUBE-TECH Compressor Limiter CL 1A and the TUBE-TECH Microphone Preamp MP 1A in 1987.

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