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Summit Audio FeQ-50 Passive Tube/Solid State Equilizer  From Summit

This passive 4-band parametric EQ offers incredible tone control from subtle to extreme in a compact half-rack unit. Features seperate tube and solid state outputs (1/4" and XLR for each), allowing for some really cool multi-tracking options. 

Summit Audio

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Summit Audio FeQ-50 Passive Tube/Solid State EQ

Summit Audio FeQ-50 Passive Tube/Solid State EQ

  • Signal Chain
    • Summit Audio FeQ-50 Passive Tube/Solid State Equilizer

Manufacturer's Description from Summit

Unique passive design

The Summit Audio FeQ-50 draws from years of research and experience to be able to fit a true tube passive design into a chassis of this size. Coveted by top professionals for decades, passive EQs have better phase coherence, and the inductors offer a rich, smooth harmonic quality.

This and that

The FeQ-50 provides both tube and solid-state outputs, each with their own 1/4” (-10) and XLR (+4) jacks. With four simultaneous outs available, you can do all sorts of multi-tracking tricks with a single signal.

Parametric 4 band EQ

The FeQ-50 is a four-band passive equalizer covering the entire audible frequency spectrum, so it can be used on any audio source material. You can subtly sculpt and fine-tune an instrument or vocal to make it fit perfectly into a mix, or you can totally transform a sound into something entirely different and new. 

Really well built

The Summit Audio design philosophy considers the entire package when it comes to crafting gear. We pay special attention to the details of construction and have included many refinements over the years so units are durable enough to handle the rigors of the road. That is one of the reasons why you will find Summit gear on tour with many of today’s top touring acts around the world.

Hand-crafted in the USA

Each piece of Summit gear is meticulously crafted by hand in our shop using only the best quality components and attention to detail. Quality components and engineering know-how are the critical element to the sound and longevity of audio gear.

Summit Audio

About Manufacturer

Hello and thank you for choosing Summit Audio! We have a long history of manufacturing the highest quality audio processing equipment on the planet. From microphone preamps and compressors, to digitally controlled equalizers with software control, depend on Summit Audio for the highest quality and best sounding audio equipment for your professional recording studio, post production facility, broadcast studio, or performance audio venue. All Summit Audio products are manufactured in the United States at our Northern California based headquarters and undergo strict and vigorous testing. Every piece is individually hand crafted to the highest standards using Audio Precision testing equipment.


Selectable Frequencies

Low Band

  • The Low EQ band can be set for either a peak or shelving response and can boost or cut up to ±14dB.
  • frequencies: 33Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 270Hz, or 410 Hz.

Mid Band

  • frequencies: 390hz, 470Hz, 560Hz, 680Hz, 820Hz, or 1kHz.
  • wide/narrow Q selectable

High-Mid Band

  • frequencies: 1.2 kHz, 1.5 kHz, 2.2 kHz, 3.3 kHz, 4.7 kHz  and 5.6 kHz.
  • wide/narrow Q selectable

High-Frequency Cut

  • The High-Mid EQ band can be set for either a peak or shelving response and can boost or cut up to ±14dB.
  • 5 kHz, 7.2 kHz, 8.2 kHz, 10 kHz,12.5 kHz, or 18kHz


  • Line Input: +4 dB XLR Balanced and -10 dB 1/4" unbalanced
  • Solid State Outputs: +4 dB male XLR and 1/4" -10 dB balanced
  • Tube Outputs: +4 dB male XLR and 1/4" -10 dB balanced

Max input level

  • Max input level: +20 dBu
  • Max output level (XLR): +20dBu
  • Max gain: +/-14dB per band

Operating Measurements

Frequency response:

  • Tube:12Hz-100kHz -1dB
  • Solid State: 12Hz-100kHz -1dB

Signal to noise ratio

  • Tube: 122dB
  • Solid State: 124dB

THD + Noise:

  • Tube: 0.16% +4dB in 20Hz-20kHz
  • Solid State: 0.07% +4dB in 20Hz-20kHz

Vacuum tubes: single 12AX7A

Power Configuration

  • Internal AC Supply
  • 15 watts, 115, 50 or 60 Hz (USA model)
  • Fuse size .5 amp, slo-blo for 100/115 V
  • Fuse size .25 amp, slo-blo at 230 V

Size and Weight

  • Height:  1.75 inches (4.44 cm)
  • Width:  8.5 inches (21.59 cm)
  • Depth:  8.5 inches (21.59 cm)
  • Weight:  5 pounds (2.77 kg)


3 year limited warranty.





FeQ-50 User Manual

User Manual

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