Speck Electronics Xtramix V.5 - Used  From Speck

If you're looking for a full featured mixer at the price of a summing amp, look no further. Thus unit has an immaculately clean and open signal path with a HUGE amount of functionality, at a great price.


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Speck Electronics

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This unit is in fantastic shape, and even ships in its original packaging, very safely protected to ensure many more years of transparent mixing.

Manufacturer's Description from Speck

The XTRAMIX "Version 5" is the coolest little 8 bus mixer in the world. It squeezes 76 inputs, 18 bus outputs, and the power of a large recording console into a superb mixer only four rack spaces high.


Desktop Recording - We're not kidding... we'll give you a pretty darn complete recording mixer in just a few rack spaces. With the XTRAMIX, the "console-less" studio a reality.

Wire-up the Xtramix like you would any other 8 bus mixer -- to ProTools, MOTU, or any digital recorder. The 76 inputs and 8 bus design gives you the flexibility to handle a wide variety of recording operations.

A Super Submixer - The XTRAMIX is a super submixer for those input hungry digital mixers. Save those digital input channels for your multitracks and use the XTRAMIX to submix all your samplers, keys, and extra effects. When you connect the 8 bus outputs of the XTRAMIX to your digital mixer, you've now tripled the input capacity of your studio.

For Session and Touring - Speck Electronics has long been known for our high performance rack mount keyboard mixers, and after 25 years in the mixer business, we know what we're doing. For touring and session work, the XTRAMIX is the only game in town. The XTRAMIX is on tour with the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Elton John, U2, Shakira, and more.


20 stereo line inputs - Each input channel has a stereo level control, pan, 8 bus assign, 8 effects sends, and in-place solo.  The rear of each input channel has stereo input jacks, high/low levels select and effects stereo/mono switches.

8 stereo effect returns - Each effect return has a stereo level control, pan, 8 bus assign, mono and in-place solo switches.

8 channel monitoring - Each with stereo level control, pan, mute, solo, and bus/line select switch.

Complete Master Section - With stereo program, stereo monitor, and stereo headphone outputs.  Stereo Cue and Aux returns allow external sources to be mixed with the monitor and headphone outputs.

Speck Electronics

About Manufacturer

Speck Electronics has been producing quality audio mixers, equalizers, and preamps for all segments of professional audio recording and touring for over 25 years. Our products include the Xtramix compact audio mixer, the Model ASC equalizer, and MicPre 5.0 microphone preamp. Our future goals are to expand our product line with analog hardware complementary with the current line of DAW's and Desktop Recording.


Input Impedence: Synth/Line input 10K ohms, Effects return input 10K ohms, Aux & Cue return input 10K ohms, Program & Subgroup insert return 5k ohms, Effects sum input 10K ohms Output Source Impedence; All line outputs are designed to drive a 600 ohm load and may be operated into any load 600 ohms or greater.

Maximum Input Level: Synth/line input (Low setting)+20 dBu, Synth/line input (High setting) +20 dBu, Effects return input +21 dBu, Aux & Cue return +21 dBu, Program & Subgroup insert return +21 dBu

Maximum Output Level: Subgroup output +28 dBu, Subgroup insert send +20 dBu, Program output +28 dBu, Program insert sends +20 dBu, Monitor output +21 dBu, Effects sends +21 dBu, Headphone output 4 Watts

Frequency Response: 6Hz (-3 dB) to 154KHz (-3 dB)

Residual Noise: -89 dBu (unweighted) -95 dBu (A-weighted)

Output Distortion: (THD + n) 22Hz-22KHz .0067% (unweighted) .0037% (A-weighted)

Power requirements: (Mixer) Power requirements (Power supply) Bi-polar 16.25 VDC, 1.3 Amp 100/120/230/240 VAC, 1/1/.5/.5 Amp

Dimensions: (Xtramix)H x W x D =7" x 19" x 7" (178mm x 483mm x 178mm), Dimensions (Power Supply)H x W x D =3.75" x 11.25" x 5.25" (95mm x 286mm x 133mm

Shipping weight: Approximately 33 lbs. (14.9Kg)