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Soyuz SU-011 Tube SDC Microphone  From Soyuz

Offering an impressive balance between tube warmth and SDC detail, the SU-011 tube SDC has the ability to tame harsher sources that would typically be unideal for an SDC mic - all while capturing excellent detail but in a naturally smooth way.

Soyuz Microphones

Manufacturer's Description from Soyuz

The Soyuz SU-011 Small Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone delivers sound as rich, warm, and beautiful as its handcrafted, polished design suggests. Swappable capsules make this high-performance microphone at home in a wide range of critical instrumental, orchestral and choral recording applications.

 Utilizing a NOS subminiature military spec tube, the SU-011’s silky sound fills a longtime void in the world of high-end pro audio.


The SU-011's tube and transformer based circuit and handmade capsule deliver classic tube warmth; its sound is well-balanced throughout the frequency spectrum with an open top end that is never harsh or brittle.


  • 100% handmade in Russia;
  • 25mm gold sputtered diaphragm capsule;
  • In-house wound transformer;
  • 6S6B military grade triode tube;
  • Optional capsules: omni, hypercardioid;
  • -10 dB Pad and clip included;
  • Comes in a velvet-lined, hand-crafted Russian hardwood box.
Soyuz Microphones

About Manufacturer

Boutique, hand-made microphones from Russia. Possessing a stunning visual look and a smooth, rich, but clear and focused sound quality, the Soyuz mics have already made a very large impression on the industry after only being around for a very short amount of time. Popular artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Paramore, and The Lumineers have gone on record to support the mics and confirm they were used on their most recent records.


Operating Temperature Range: O°C.....+70°C
Storage Temperature Range: -20°C.....+70°C
Humidity Range: 0%...90% at +20°C and 0%...85% at +60°C
tube condenser microphone
Directional Pattern: Cardioid with optional capsules in omni and hyper-cardioid (sold separately) 
Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: cardioid 12 mv/Pa; Omni 10 mv/Pa; hyper cardioid 14 mv/Pa
Impedance: 150 Ohm
SPL -120 dB Equivalent Noise: less than 18 dB (a-weighted) 
Tube Type: 6S6B
Power: Dedicated power supply- BP-011
Size: 26x123mm
Weight: 30 grams
Accessories: 1 SU-011 wooden storage case, 1 BP-011 power supply with power cable, 1 XLR microphone cable (5 meters), 1 SU-011 microphone clip.