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Soyuz 017 Tube Brass Black - Limited Edition  From Soyuz

A limited edition version of the 017 TUBE large diaphragm condenser microphone with an exclusive Brass Black finish. Only 40 microphones are available worldwide.

Soyuz Microphones

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What We Think

Soyuz is reviving its unique process for another batch of 017 Brass Black microphones during Summer 2022. This production run will remain highly limited. There will only be 40 017 TUBE edition mics made during this period - and that’s it. Once these are gone, they are gone. 

Manufacturer's Description from Soyuz

The Return Of Brass Black 

The bluing process used for the 017 TUBE Brass Black is a time-honored tradition in Tula, the hometown of Soyuz Microphones. This technique was originally used to ensure metal wouldn’t rust, but it also provides a visual aesthetic and custom finish that is simply second to none.

To give the Brass Black series its signature look, master craftsmen subject the microphone's brass body to a passivation process. This electrochemical conversion occurs when oxidizing the metal, which forms a protective coat of magnetite on the body of the mic. The end result is a world-class mic that now features a one-of-a-kind hue and patina. 


017 TUBE

The 017 TUBE condenser represents the modern embodiment of the big, classic sound so highly prized in vintage microphones. Hand-machined and tensioned capsules – all Soyuz microphones are, like the finest musical instruments and works of art, completely handmade and enable details to be captured with stunning depth, warmth, and a silky transparence in the upper frequencies. These sonic characteristics, inherent to the 017’s design, allow it to complement the subtle nuances of vocals and strings while accurately capturing complex instruments with difficult transients across the entire frequency spectrum. 

The 017 TUBE features a cardioid capsule with a gold-sputtered, hand-tuned 34mm diaphragm; an omni-directional capsule is currently available, with additional patterns in development. As with all Soyuz microphones, the 017 TUBE is completely handmade: bodies and capsules are manually machined, transformers are wound in-house, and all wiring is true point-to-point.

The 017 TUBE has quickly become the go-to vocal microphone of such artists as Coldplay, Radiohead, Shawn Mendes, the Lumineers, and Paramore, among others. Well-known producers and engineers who have adopted it include Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Beck), Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Lumineers, Lady Gaga), Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash), and Butch Walker (Pink, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne) and many more.

The engineers at Soyuz have spent decades studying, servicing, and building classic microphones; this unique pool of knowledge, craft and skill – combined with the ears of numerous musicians, producers and audio engineers – has culminated in the creation of the 017 Series’ custom S17 capsule.  Featuring a gold-sputtered, hand-tuned 34mm diaphragm, the S17 is loosely based on the original K67 capsule developed in 1960. Far from creating another clone of a classic, however, Soyuz has further developed the design, modifying its assembly and tuning. The result, when paired with Soyuz’s original schematic, is unique – and uniquely musical.



 ♦ 100% handmade in Russia

 ♦ 34mm gold sputtered diaphragm capsule

 ♦ In-house wound transformers

 ♦ 6ZH1P military grade pentode tube

 ♦ Optional capsule: omni

 ♦ Heavy duty shock mount

 ♦ Comes in a velvet-lined, hand-crafted Russian hardwood box.

Soyuz Microphones

About Manufacturer

Boutique, hand-made microphones from Russia. Possessing a stunning visual look and a smooth, rich, but clear and focused sound quality, the Soyuz mics have already made a very large impression on the industry after only being around for a very short amount of time. Popular artists such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Paramore, and The Lumineers have gone on record to support the mics and confirm they were used on their most recent records.


Type- Tube condenser microphone

Capsule- Two 34mm membranes (one gold sputtered)

Frequency Range- 20Hz/20kHz

Polar Pattern- Cardioid (swappable) with optional omnidirectional and figure 8

Sensitivity- 16mV/Pa

Impedance- 270 Ohms

SPL -120 dB Equivalent Noise- 20 dB (a-weighted)

Tube Type- 6ZH1P

Power- Dedicated power supply- BP - 017

Size- 226mm length x 55mm diameter

Weight- 950g

Extras- handmade oak suitcase, power supply, 6 pin cable, shock mount, mic clip, spare tube.

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