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Vintech Audio 609CA (Neve 33609 / 2254) Compressor/Limiter  From Vintech

This truly rich sounding Stereo Compressor/Limiter is based on the Neve 33609, but with the glorious output amplifiers from the Neve 2254.   The compressors and limiters work independently, making this like have two separate units, in one box!

Vintech Audio


Retail:  $3,495.00

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What We Think

The Vintech 609 is a stereo compressor and limiter based on the original Neve 33609, with output amplifiers based on the Neve 2254..  The 33609 is known for it’s extreme flexibility and its ability to transparently handle heavy compression, and the 2254 is renowned for it’s big fat color.  With the Vintech 609CA you can affordably get the best of both worlds, depending on how you drive the unit.  Be sure to watch our video series to see this truly in action. 

Vintech has once again amazed us with an awesome Neve inspired unit.  This compressor is honestly one of our favorites in this entire building, and it seems to have a place on pretty much every session, whether it be drums, buss compression, guitars, vocals, or even entire mixes.  Having independent control over a separate compressor and limiter in one package, for two channels is a pretty incredible thing.  Because you get both a compressor AND a limiter for each channel, it’s basically like four-channels of compression/limiting in a single box.   The color can be manipulated from transparent, to very, very rich, and everything in between. 

Vintech Audio 609CA Compressor/Limiter pt 1/3: Dance Track Processing

  The Vintech 609CA is an amazing stereo compressor and limiter based on the classic Neve 33609 and 2254 units. It has honestly become one of our personal favorites in the studio and fits perfectly in pretty much every session. This two channel compressor/limiter allows for independent control over both the compressor and limiter making the 609 like having two separate units in one box. In the first video of our Vintech 609 series, SoundPure Recording Engineer, Allen Palmer, demonstrates how the Vintech 609 can take a simple dance track and breathe a little more life into it. This unit is available for SoundPure’s Try-Before-You-Buy program, so if you want to hear how this incredible compressor/limiter sounds in your studio with your gear, shoot us an email at ProAudio@SoundPure.com. If you like what you hear, check out this gear at SoundPure.com, or give us a call anytime at 919.682.5552. Thanks for watching!

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    • Vintech Audio 609CA (Neve 33609 / 2254) Compressor/Limiter

Manufacturer's Description from Vintech

The Vintech Audio 609CA is a transformer balanced stereo compressor/limiter with with class A, all discrete output amplifiers. The compression and limiting circuitry is based on the classic Neve 33609, while the output amplifiers are more similar to the Neve 2254.


Note: The Vintech 609CA requires the Vintech Power Supply Unit, which is not included in this product. The Vintech Power Supply can power up to four individual channel strips, a 473 (four channel unit) and two single channel strips, a 473 and a 609 Stereo compressor, or a variety of other options. Contact us for more information about the Vintech Power Supply Unit.

Vintech Audio

About Manufacturer

Vintech is the leader in true classic Neve preamp and EQ reproduction. The Vintech Designs are committed in their truth to the original designs of Rupert Neve, uncompromised in their hand-built quality, and also improtant, the most affordable of the accurate Neve designs currently on the market. If you are considering purchasing an original used re-racked or refurbished vintage Neve module, you really should consider the Vintech line. Not only are they sonically dead-on with the originals, they come with a full warranty and the piece of mind that comes with purchasing a brand new piece of gear free of the problems associated with buying vintage equipment.