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Schoeps Colette Mono Set CMC 6 + MK 41  From Schoeps

Supercardioid Component Microphone Set

Schoeps Microphones


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All capsules are available in matched pairs with official Schoeps documentation. For matched pairs multiply the cost of the microphone exactly by two and then add $40 dollars for the matching fee! The amplifier bodies are available in sequentially serial numbered pairs at no additional charge. Any Shoeps product not found on our webpage can be purchased through Sound Pure. Please call and talk to one of our staff members to inquire about the price and availability!

Manufacturer's Description from Schoeps

CMC 6 amplifier, MK 41 supercardioid capsule, SG 20 stand clamp, B 5 popscreen. Set Options: Substitute a CMC 6 xt for a CMC 6 + $115.00; Substitute an A 20/A 20S for an SG 20 + $58.00; Substitute a B5 D for B 5 + $34.00; Stereo US Box sets also available!

Schoeps Microphones

About Manufacturer

The focus on high quality, reliability and neutral accurate sound has been the production philosophy of Schoeps Microphones since 1948. The simple elegance and clever engineering of their products boast a true passion for the art of microphone making and a tireless attention to detail. The Colette System is the largest modular mic system available offering twenty different capsules and various active accessories. The newest addition to the acclaimed Colette System is the CMC 6 xt which offers extended frequency response beyond 40 kHz. The CCM Series mics are the smallest phantom powered non-electret microphones in the world. Other notables from Schoeps include the M222 Tube microphone, the VMS 5U portable two channel mic preamp and M/S matrix, three extremely unique stereo mics, the KFM-360 Surround microphone and the Polarflex Microphone System that allows the user to emulate the characteristics of any microphone. Schoeps is unquestionably among the most innovative microphone manufacturers in the world, leading the way in many developments. Central to its design philosophy over the years is the company's insistence on absolute sound neutrality of the microphones. It is really no wonder that Schoeps has so many supporters, not only in the area of classical music recording and reinforcement, but also in film and television. No doubt part of its success is due to the fact that, in a space of only 1500 square meters, a total of 35 employees develop, manufacture and distribute the whole range of Schoeps products. Staff turnover is very small, which says much about the family atmosphere in the company. Many an employee has celebrated his or her 25th anniversary with Schoeps. Continuity is and will remain very important at Schoeps. Despite many outside offers, Ulrich Schoeps intends to continue the life's work of his father.


Check out the specs and information for each component of this set at the individual components page!

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This is a tutorial on how to mic a jazz archtop guitar and amplifier to get the best possible sound. Learn professional microphone placement techniques from pro audio engineers. While the traditional technique involves simply placing a single microphone a guitar cabinet, our engineers, elaborate on the technique in the recording studio to produce a much more pleasing sound, more like what you would hear from a jazz guitar if you were listening to it acoustically in Using a Royer 122v (the tube version of their classic Royer 121 mic) and a Sennheiser e609 dynamic microphone on a Jazz Amp 112ER, and a Schoeps CMC6 with supercardioid MK41 (CMC641) capsule to mic the guitar. We demonstrate different mixing and panning choices to get different sounds from several different mixes of this excellent 3 mic setup on some fabulous sounding archtop guitars from Eastman, including their John Pisano model, as well as an incredibly Bill Comins acoustic archtop jazz guitar.