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Rupert Neve Designs 5088 32 Analog Mixing Console  From Neve

32-channel analog mixing console

Rupert Neve Designs


"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from Neve

The 5088 is the culmination of Rupert Neve’s vast analog circuitry knowledge, and the only console built today with the same dedication to sound quality found in his most legendary vintage designs.

As his final word in fully discrete mixing design, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same analog concepts that made his original 80 series consoles so revered: single-sided, fully discrete amplification, bespoke audio transformers on every single input and output, bulletproof build quality, and unparalleled headroom and dynamic range. If you value sound quality above all else, the 5088 is the only choice.


Made to order, designed to adapt.

In an era of ubiquitous DAWs, plugins and digital consoles, many engineers report that this “state of the art” equipment – which touts impressive-looking specifications and “enhanced” workflow – has removed the rich, expressive quality found in their older recordings, and often requires significantly more time & effort to make a mix gel. Additionally, it is always disappointing when an expensive digital tool becomes obsolete far too quickly. The 5088 is philosophically opposed to this one-size-fits-all approach.

Each console is built to spec for each engineer, and can evolve as the needs in the studio shift with new technologies. Aside from its audible prowess and reliability, much of the 5088’s staying power is due to this adaptability. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channel strips and processing modules like EQ, microphone preamplification and dynamics can be added or removed to meet changing demands, eliminating the massive redundancies inherent in nearly every other console. 

The 5088 can easily be configured with everything you need – and nothing you don’t.


Completely modular, expandable design

The 5088 is a fundamentally different console philosophy, very carefully thought-out so that you don’t have to waste money paying for unnecessary functionality. Instead of adding bells and whistles, Rupert and his team focused on designing the most efficient, direct, and sweetest-sounding analog audio paths through a console that integrates seamlessly with any outboard gear in the world.


Custom high voltage, discrete op-amp cards

The all-new, fully discrete analog architecture in the 5088 represents a culmination of Rupert’s vast analog circuitry knowledge. Custom high voltage and discrete op-amp cards have been designed specifically for the 5088 that eliminate crossover distortion entirely; provide extended headroom, dynamic range, and frequency response; and offer exceptionally low noise and distortion.


Bespoke transformers on all inputs & outputs

Rupert Neve was always a staunch advocate of transformer-based designs, and custom-built transformers are implemented on every single input and output of the 5088. These electrically isolate the console with a true floating ground while also imparting the sweet sound quality of Rupert’s most sought-after classic designs.



Need 16 inputs and no mic preamps? 



How about 8 mono + 8 stereo inputs, with 8 preamps for tracking? 

No problem.


A fully-loaded 48-input desk with preamps and EQs on every channel, and compressors on every group?

You can do that too.


At its core, the 5088 is an expandable 16 channel line mixer that provides 8 group busses, 8 auxiliary sends, 4 stereo effects returns and a stereo output buss. 

That basic functionality of input and output routing, meters and faders provides the foundation upon which you can build a console to satisfy your own particular requirements; adding microphone preamplifiers, equalization and dynamics processing – or even more input channels – to suit your facility’s needs.

And as your studio grows, your 5088 can grow with it. Add stereo input modules, automation, more mic preamps or processing, a producer panel or other custom metalwork…the sky’s the limit.

No matter the size or configuration of your 5088, you’re getting the best-sounding analog mixer on the planet. Bar none.



The 5088 is available with channel counts in multiples of 16 (e.g. 16, 32, 48, and beyond) as well as in a smaller 8 channel frame.

The additional 16 channel expander chassis share the same form factor and lock into the sides of the master 5088 frame. Multiple expansion chassis may be added depending on the required channel count. Internal, group, solo, aux and master busses are linked through ribbon cables.



Channel Strip Modules (16+ total*):

2 x XLR-F, 1 x XLR-M, 1 x TRS

Group Channel Modules (4 total*):

3 x TRS, 2 x XLR-M

Master Monitor (1 total):

6 x XLR-F, 9 x XLR-M, 5 x TRS



Mono Input Channels

Beyond its exceptional sound quality, the 5088 channel strip is designed to effectively handle multiple normalled sources, creating master, group and aux mixes with great efficiency. 

With 8 auxes, 8 “Groups”, “Solo”, “Mute”, “Send Follows Pan”, “Aux to Group”, a transformer-coupled direct out and optional motorized fader automation on each channel, even the most complex mixes are within reach.


Stereo Input Channels

In lieu of mono input channels with selectable Line 1 / Line 2 Inputs, Stereo Input Channels can be fitted to increase the channel count without having to add an expansion chassis. The Stereo Module has all of the group sends, six auxes, individual trims and pans for each channel, and a powerful stereo width control. 

This is an ideal upgrade for smaller consoles that will often be handling stereo stems from the DAW.



With 4 pairs of FX returns and aux master controls, alongside high-quality 100mm faders, direct outs and transformer-coupled inserts for each of the 8 mix groups, the group master section provides the medium to control 4 stereo stem mixes while tying together an entire array of channel strips. If necessary, the insert returns and stereo FX returns can be used as an additional 16 inputs for summing.



The monitor master section has 6 source selections, 3 transformer-coupled speaker outputs, talkback, oscillator controls, 2 large VU meters, stereo inserts, stereo level, and control room master level: the iconic big red knob. As with all the other modules, anodized aluminum knobs provide the solid feel and response required for precise adjustments.



To increase the feature set for each channel strip, a penthouse frame may be added to a 5088 regardless of the number of input channels.

The standard 16-channel master section penthouse has 25 slots for vertical modules: one above each channel, plus 9 above the group / master sections.

Depending on a studio’s needs, any combination of Shelford 5052 Mic Pre + Inductor EQ or 5051 Inductor EQ + Compressor modules can be added to the penthouse. For example, a studio exclusively doing mix work could configure a penthouse with only EQ/compressors and no mic preamps at all; or a small production room could short-load a console with preamps above the first 8 channels, and compressors above each of the groups. This approach allows you to avoid the large costs and redundancies found in nearly every other console.

And if your studio already has a large collection of high quality outboard equipment, you can forego the penthouse entirely in favor of a line-only desk.


The 5088 can be configured for everything you need, and nothing you don’t.



As an option, any 5088 configuration may be outfitted with a VU meterbridge at an additional cost. The meterbridge features finely calibrated and extremely precise meters for all input and group channels, and can be secured either directly on top of a standard 5088 frame, or to the top of a penthouse rack.



Built around state-of-the-art motorized faders, advanced transport functionality and DAW control over ethernet, SwiftMix™ combines the accuracy and convenience of digital automation with the unrivaled analogue sound of the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console.


A Worthy Compliment

Since its debut, the 5088 has redefined the possibilities of audio quality. Incorporating 90 volt power rails, discrete, class-A signal paths, and custom transformers, the 5088 is the pinnacle of Mr. Rupert Neve’s esteemed design lineage. With the introduction of SwiftMix, engineers can now enjoy the speed and recall abilities of their DAW with seamless integration in the 5088 frame.


Functionality in Hand

Each SwiftMix fader channel features five illuminating tact switches and a 100mm motorized fader. The switches control DAW channel selection, DAW solo, DAW mute, channel record enable and automation mode. The automation mode switch toggles the selection between off, read, touch, latch and write, which are individually indicated with LEDs on the fader panel. A carbon impregnated fader cap provides immediate touch responsiveness, and the 100mm motorized fader is extremely accurate to 1/5mm for writing, adjusting and following of automation commands.


MC5 Master Control

The MC5 Master Control module brings advanced transport, editing, and grouping functionality ]to the engineer’s fingertips. By providing seamless control from the mix position, MC5 allows for easy auditioning, decisive editing, and quick recall. The Master Control module is an optional addition to SwiftMix systems and requires at least one bank of 8 SwiftMix faders to operate.


Universally Compatible, Remarkable Performance

For maximum compatibility, SwiftMix communicates via a 9 bit HUI over ethernet protocol. SwiftMix’s implementation provides precise fader-mapped calibration, which allows the motorized analogue fader to match levels previously set in the DAW. This attention to detail is essential for flawlessly recalling mixes created in the box or at another location. System setup can be accomplished in moments by connecting a single ethernet cable to the DAW host computer and then adding SwiftMix as a HUI Controller in the DAW. No drivers are required for PC or Mac, and channels are automatically assigned and matched to channels in the DAW. SwiftMix is primarily optimized for use in AVID Protools and Apple Logic, but it will work with most DAWs supporting HUI control surfaces.


Featuring a VCA-less motorized fader design, DAW-based communication, and instant, precise control, with SwiftMix there is finally an automation system worthy of the 5088 Console. Systems are available both for new 5088s as well as retrofitting into existing 5088s.

Download the SwiftMix™ manual for more information.



Alongside the the options shown above, the 5088 can also be customized with the addition of producer panels, rack rails for 19” modules or 500 Series racks, space for c omputer monitors, patchbays, and more. Please contact us via the button below for more information and a custom quote.

Rupert Neve Designs

About Manufacturer

Rupert Neve Designs, Inc. is nestled in the picturesque Texas Hill Country. Our small team of dedicated engineers have designed a new range of Professional Audio Gear and systems based on both proven classic design concepts and modern innovations. This new range of gear is based on custom designed transformer and single sided amplification


8 Channel Master

Width: 76 cm, 29.9 inches

Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 

Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches

Weight: 140 lbs, 63.5 kg


8 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 76 cm, 29.9 inches

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight: 190 lbs, 86.2 kg


16 Channel Master

Width: 116.8 cm, 45.9 inches

Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 

Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches 

Weight: 235 lbs, 106.5 kg


16 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 116.8 cm, 45.9 inches

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight (loaded): 485 lbs, 219 kg (approx.)


16 Channel Expansion Sections (each)

Width: 73 cm, 28.7 inches

Depth: 74.4 cm, 29.3 inches 

Height: 27.2 cm, 10.7 inches


16 Channel Expansion Sections with Penthouse and Meterbridge (each)

Width: 73 cm, 28.7 inches

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches


32 Channel with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 189.8 cm, 74.7 inches 

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight (loaded): 785 lbs, 356 kg (approx.)


48 Channel with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 262.8 cm, 103.5 inches 

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight (loaded): 1085 lbs, 492 kg (approx.)


64 Channel with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 335.8 cm, 132.2 inches

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight: 1385 lbs, 628 kg (approx.)


80 Channel with Penthouse and Meterbridge

Width: 408.8 cm, 160.9 inches

Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inches

Height: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inches

Weight: 1685 lbs, 764 kg (approx.)


Power Consumption

16 Channel Master: 825 Watts

16 Channel Expander: 575 Watts

Shelford / Portico Modules: approximately 10 Watts each


Audio Connections

Channel Strip Modules (16+ total*):

2 x XLR-F, 1 x XLR-M, 1 x TRS


Group Channel Modules (4 total*):

3 x TRS, 2 x XLR-M


Master Monitor (1 total):

6 x XLR-F, 9 x XLR-M, 5 x TRS


*The totals shown above refer to standard 5088 configurations (i.e. 16ch, 32ch, 48ch, and beyond). The custom 8-channel 5088 includes only 2 Group Channel Modules and 8 Channel Strip modules, and is not scalable with additional 16 channel expanders.