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Moriah Guitars Tabor Model "Zipper" Electric Guitar  From Moriah

Moriah electric made right here in North Carolina with the ultra-versatile Duncan JB and a set of noiseless Fralin single coils.


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Moriah Guitars

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What We Think

Weight: 6.95 Lbs

Incredible instrument built by my dear friends at Moriah Guitars.

Amazing articulation with a very quick attack - almost like playing a great acoustic instrument.

5A Flame Maple Neck  !!!

Moriah Guitars Tabor Model "Zipper" Electric Guitar Quick 'n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure electric guitar specialist Eddie Berman tests out the Moriah Guitars Tabor Model "Zipper" Electric Guitar with a Carr Amplifiers Sportsman 19W 1x12 Combo Amp, a Strymon El Capistan - dTape Delay Effect Pedal and a Xotic Effects USA BB Preamp Andy Timmons Effect Pedal.

Manufacturer's Description from Moriah

Fralin Split Blade Pickup

A Lindy Fralin original! Designed as a fully noise-canceling replacement for Strat-style pickups with all the high-end clarity you expect from a traditional single coil. As always, Lindy Fralin Guitar Pickups will give you the most clarity, articulation, and string definition you can get – period.

About Moriah Guitarworks

Moriah Guitars was founded in 2009 by owner, chief designer and luthier John Mark Hampton, with a vision of building high-quality stringed instruments and to provide exceptional service to its clientele.

Since its inception, the Greensboro, NC-based company has earned a reputation for the rare ability to custom-build both acoustic and electric guitars that provide discerning musicians instruments that are as breathtaking to look at as they are to play.

Hampton, who has been designing and building custom guitars since the 1970’s, transforms the highest-quality materials and hardware into custom-made instruments that marry the customer’s unique vision and playing style with his exceptional craftsmanship. 

The end result are one-of-a-kind guitars that look and sound like no others.

The company’s name, Moriah, pays tribute to Mount Moriah, a venerated ridge next to the hill of Zion in Jerusalem. 

Those who own or have played a Moriah Guitars instrument immediately understand the connection. The look, tone and craftsmanship of each instrument truly is divine.

Moriah Guitars

About Manufacturer

John Mark Hampton is an American luthier whose career began in 1978 when he studied

mandolin construction as an independent research project at Wilmington College, based in

Wilmington, Ohio.


The project, which resulted in his building two A-style mandolins, unlocked the door to a life-

long love affair with stringed instruments.


He continued his education by attending the Guitar Research and Design Center in Vermont,

where Hampton studied under, and was mentored by, George Morris and Charles Fox. While

there, Hampton built both electric and acoustic guitars.

In 1979, Hampton was commissioned by noted guitar builder Keith Roscoe of Roscoe Guitars, to

build a host of instruments, including three electric guitars, a bass guitar and a double-neck


During that time, Hampton met Ken Hoover, who was the resident instrument technician at the


That chance meeting flourished into a strong collaborative friendship, and in 1980, Hampton

joined Hoover in the launch of Zion Guitars and Zion Music Service.

While the company initially became a sought after guitar setup, modification and repair source, it

soon launched a line of set-neck, double-cutaway guitars and basses, it also earned a national

reputation as one of the cutting-edge, custom guitar shops in the nation.

By 1981, the company was busy building custom guitars for local and national artists.

In 1982, Zion debuted the now highly acclaimed TLZ Powerglide, a custom guitar that paid

tribute to the venerable Telecaster. That next year, the company was commissioned to build a

custom, white TLZ for Kerry Livgren, one of the founding members of the iconic rock band,


In 1983, Tom Wheeler of Guitar Player Magazine, commissioned the company to build a custom

set-neck Strat-type guitar called the Sliverbird. This guitar was featured on the cover of the June

83 “special equipment” issue. Hampton pulled out all the stops on this guitar, which sported

prototype stacked coil Seymour Duncan single coil pickups as well as a pre-production, tunable

Floyd Rose locking tremolo and a breathtaking custom paint job from artist Wayne Jarrett.

By 1985, Hampton left Zion to pursue a worship and mission ministry in Scotland.

In 1992, Hampton was commissioned by Hoover to design and build the Zion Primera prototype,

which went into production a few years later. Just one of the guitar's fans is guitarist Phil

Keaggy, who signed a number of the first Primera models.

In 2002 Hampton was commisioned by a friend to design and build the Keneniah double

cutaway model, which was a for-runner for what Moriah Guitars would become.

In 2008, Hampton launched Moriah Guitars, which today has earned a national and international

reputation as a fully equipped custom shop offering custom built electric and acoustic guitars as

well as offering modifications, set ups, repairs and much more.


Model: Tabor

Top Wood: Curly Maple

Body Wood: Alder

Fretboard: Santos Rosewood

Neck Wood: 5A Flame Maple

Scale Length: 25.5"

Nut Width: 1 11/16"

Neck Pickup: Fralin Split Blade

Middle Pickup: Fralin Split Blade

Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan JB

Bridge: Schaller Hannes

Tuners: Sperzel Locking

Hardshell Case