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Metro 6.5x14 Blackwood Block Snare Drum Mahogany Stripes  From Metro

Metro's Block Drums enhance the sonic appeal of the instrument with a stunning range of exotic timber finishes, certain to keep these drums at the top of the "most wanted" list for the discerning drum collector. Tasmanian Blackwood with Rose Mahogany Stripes

Metro Drums

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What We Think

Block drums have been a favorite for players that want focus, projection, and tone woods that stand apart from the mass produced drums. This Metro Tasmanian Blackwood with Rose Mahogany Stripes block drum does all of that in one beautiful package.

The slightly thinner 3/8" shell wall on this block delivers a hint of focus but kicks up the projection in a way that ply drums fail. The Tasmanian Blackwood's softer wood brings a buttery smooth mid-range frequency reminiscent of vintage drums while the 45-degree bearings shape and define the modern sounds that we love. Builder Paul Warry added Rose Mahogany accent stripes below each tube lug before topping off the shell with a glass-like gloss finish. We found that the ten tube lugs create the perfect tuning recipe for an unforgettable "crack" in the higher tunings but also keeps the drum taught enough for spongy rebounds in the lowest of tunings with sacrificing definition.

Block drums are not for everyone, but if you find that your ply drum is not giving you the focus and projection that you desire it may be time to give them a listen. Check out the Metro Tasmanian Blackwood block snare drum and see what it can do for your sound today. 

Metro 6 5x14 Blackwood Block Snare Drum w/ Mahogany Stripes Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Metro 6.5x14 Blackwood Block Snare Drum with Mahogany Stripes, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • Metro 6.5x14 Blackwood Block Snare Drum Mahogany Stripes

Manufacturer's Description from Metro

The Metro block shell snare is both dynamic and articulate. These drums have the characteristic volume and projection of the best steel shells, but with a warmth and depth that no metal shell can capture. An expressive instrument with an open, lively sound, these block shell snare drums respond instantly to even the most subtle stickings.


Metro Drums

About Manufacturer

Premium handcrafted quality drums built using Australian Innovation. We have a passion for producing classy snare drums and drum kits that a working drummer can afford. Improve your sound and enjoy your experience playing with a Metro drum.


Metro Tasmanian Blackwood Snare Drum Features:

  • Tasmanian Blackwood Block Shell
  • Rose Mahogany Stripes
  • Tube Lugs
  • Dunnett Throw Off
  • Remo Drum Heads
  • Stick Saver Hoops

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