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Langevin Dual Vocal Combo Mic Pre, EQ, and Limiter - Used  From Manley

A Dual Mono channel strip with Pre, Shelving EQ, and 2 ELOP Limiters


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Manley Laboratories Inc

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Manufacturer's Description from Manley

The Langevin Dual Vocal Combo is a 2 channel microphone preamplifier with 2 shelf equalizers plus 2 channels of electro-optical limiters. The combo is the result of suggestions from our customers to combine two of the most popular Langevin products and make the price irresistible, half the price of the VOXBOX® combo in fact, for 2 channels of great sounding all discrete channel strips. Seem interesting? This includes VU meters, individual phantom power, limiter linking and time proven circuitry. This is an ideal box for musicians and engineers on a budget and is equally at home in a big league studio, mobile recording truck, or live gig. It has the reliability, functionality, and the sound without the any of the complexity - the essential features without the "sea of knobs." Easy on the wallet, easy to use.

Manley Laboratories Inc

About Manufacturer

The MANLEY brand has been around since the late 1980's. Manley's first commercially available products were upper echelon high-fidelity vacuum tube amplifiers and preamplifiers constructed at the old Vacuum Tube Logic of America factory.

In this history lesson, we'd like to direct special focus on our people at Manley Labs. The people whose years of dedication, service, and expertise bring you people, our customers, these products. It's all about the people...

On January 30, 1989, a 20 year old EveAnna on sabbatical from her studies at Columbia University met the crew and was hired on to the production team. Baltazar Hernandez, already with two years experience, taught her how to solder in those first few days. It was in 1989 that the first Manley professional products were developed, starting with the original 1u Reference 60dB Microphone Preamplifier and soon followed by our Manley Enhanced Pultec and Mid Frequency Equalizers. Baltazar and EveAnna, busy building gear, were soon joined by Saulo and Ramiro. Just next door, Elias was employed by a printed circuit board maker later brought into the Manley Labs fold when in 1993, Manley Laboratories, Inc. became a separate entity apart from VTL. The new Manley Labs factory at 13880 Magnolia Ave. in beautiful and bovine Chino, California was outfitted to house the Manley HiFi and Pro Studio manufacturing as well as the Langevin production lines, our newly acquired machine shop, and printed circuit board facilities.


Dual Mono Mic Preamp with EQ Section:

Frequency Response: ±0 dB 10 Hz to 20 KHz

<0.05% THD @ 1kHz

S/N Ratio: 103dB

Gain: 38 dB to 53 dB (adjustable)

Mic Input Impedance: 2400 Ohm


DIRECT Input Impedance: 150K UNBALANCED 1/4"

Output Impedance: 11 Ohm XLR; 6 Ohm 1/4" output

Maximum Output: +31dBv (75 volts peak-to-peak)

Input Sensitivity @ 1KHz (45 dB gain setting): 55 mV


Electro-Optical Limiter Section:

ALL-DISCRETE audio path

Balanced XLR inputs & outputs

Unbalanced 1/4" inputs & outputs

Silent conductive plastic INPUT attenuators


BYPASS switches


Meters switch to read OUTPUT or REDUCTION


<0.04% THD @1kHz

Gain: -2 dB to 12 dB (adjustable)

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