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L.R. Baggs M80 Acoustic Guitar Magnetic Soundhole Pickup  From L.R. Baggs

Magnetic acoustic guitar sound-hole pickup with 3D body sensitivity that truly preserves the character of your instrument!

L.R. Baggs


Retail:  $359.00

"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

Thank you L.R. Baggs for acting the diplomat between acoustic guitarists and their heavy-handed backing bands. This M80 can run with the most aggresive of rhythmn sections without feeding back. Even better, it accurately perserves the sonic character that is unique to every guitar.

The 3D body sensor can pick up the most subtle of taps on any given point on the body. Percussive players rejoice!!!



LR Baggs M80 Acoustic Pickup Demo

SoundPure's Robinson Earle uses the LR Baggs M80 Magnetic Hole Acoustic Pickup to loop an original tune. Playing a Tony Rice model by Santa Cruz through a LR Baggs Venue DI and loop pedal, and pre-amplified with a Sound Devices Pix 240, Robinson explores the acoustic capabilities of the new M80 Pickup. Eliminating feedback and wonderfully preserving the sonic quality of any acoustic guitar, this pickup can keep up with any band or player. And all for a reasonable price. Please don't hesitate to give one of our guitar specialists a call or shoot us an email here at SoundPure. 919-682.5552. or 888.528.9703.

Manufacturer's Description from L.R. Baggs

The secret of the M80 is the patented floating secondary coil that acts both as a humbucking coil and a 3D body sensor. By deftly unlocking the secondary coil a robust full range signal is created as the body vibrates and the floating coil interacts with the magnets. The coil is tuned to respond to the entire frequency range of the guitar and the proprietary suspension allows each axis of the 3D coil to contribute, thereby adding enhanced richness and complexity to the sound. Finally, just the right amount of body signal is added to the string signal for an all-in-one pickup that will capture the character of your guitar like no other magnetic pickup ever created.

L.R. Baggs

About Manufacturer

Every acoustic guitar in our boutique deserves the finest amplification systems available to recreate the beauty and detail that it has been painstakingly crafted to produce. Sound Pure’s Guitar Department has hand-selected L.R. Baggs products for their quality, innovation, and ability to create amplified sounds worthy of the world’s greatest acoustic guitars! Contact our experts to inquire about outfitting your acoustic rig with these fine products or about professional installation. 

L.R. Baggs has developed acoustic guitar amplification systems that capture the beauty and tonal character of even the most sophisticated instruments. Starting with the first step in the signal chain, the pickup, Baggs has perfected some of the most realistic and detailed pickup systems available. These devices employ a variety of state-of-the-art pickup designs and range from microphone systems, magnetic soundhole pickups, undersaddle pickups, bridgeplate systems, and more. Two of their most popular pickup systems, the Anthem and the M1, were recently awarded 3 Gold Medal accolades in Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Player's Choice Awards 2011; including the Anthem's award for Most Innovative New Product. Sound Pure's Acoustic Guitar experts are ready and available to help you outfit your acoustic with the perfect L.R. Baggs pickup system.

But it doesn't end there.

L.R. Baggs is also leading the field in acoustic preamps and amplifiers to help performers craft a superior acoustic tone from start to finish. The Venue DI system was awarded a Gold Medal for Best Stand-Alone Acoustic Preamp of 2011 and has set a new industry standard for tone and control in a simple, functional package. Also new to the L.R. Baggs family is the incredible A-Reference Amplifier, an outstanding sound-sculpting device that you will have to see to believe! 




One M80 pickup with battery installed
One pre-wired strapjack assembly
One spare battery

Thank you L.R. Baggs for acting the diplomat between acoustic guitarists and their heavy-handed backing bands. This M80 can run with the most aggressive of rhythm sections without feeding back. Even better, it accurately preserves the sonic character that is unique to every guitar. This 3D body sensor can pick up the most subtle of taps on any given point on the guitar. Percussive players rejoice!!!

Two spare 3/4” pole pieces
One spare 3/8” pole piece
Two self-stick wire clips
One manual
One warranty card
The M80 will !t guitars with soundholes larger than 3.55”. Make sure that the M80 will !t the guitar properly
before installing the strapjack.
Any woodworking (for instance, drilling the strapjack hole) must be performed by a professional dealer, installer.
We do not provide advice or support for home or hobbyist woodworking. Installers: Please read the
instructions carefully before proceeding. We will not be responsible for any damage to the guitar or personal
injury resulting from installation.

Drill a clean 1/2” hole in the tail-block for the strapjack. Remove dust & debris from inside the guitar. Remove
the strap ring, retaining nut and one washer from the end of the jack. Bring the jack through the pre-drilled
hole in the tail-block. Using the internal nut, set the proper
depth that will allow the entire smaller threaded section to
protrude from the instrument (see !gure 1).
With the jack in place, lay the remaining washer over the
threads and attach the external retaining nut until it’s tight.
Finish by attaching the strap ring. Asserting too much
pressure may crack the !nish.
Connect the strapjack to the pickup with the 1/8” plug. Loosen the clamp screws on either end of the M80 until
the clamps are open enough to accommodate the soundboard thickness. Slide the pickup into the guitar’s
soundhole up towards the neck and tighten the screws. Secure the wire with the clips provided. Carefully
tighten the screws until the M80 is snug. If you are concerned about the possibility of the M80 damaging your
guitar’s !nish, consider applying thin cork pads (not included) between the clamps and guitar. The clamps
have been left unpadded to improve coupling between the pickup and guitar body. Because the M80 picks
up body vibrations, padding could have some a"ect on the pickup’s responsiveness.

The M80 o"ers you the option of either “active” or “passive” settings, essentially
giving you two pickups in one (see !gure 2).
Active setting - In this setting, the M80 engages a high quality, all-discrete
preamp that is speci!cally tuned to optimize the M80’s performance. With
optimal noise cancellation and a higher output level, the active M80 can plug
directly into a P.A. or acoustic ampli!er without an external preamp. If your battery
dies during a performance, you can continue using the M80 by switching to the
“passive” setting and making the proper external adjustments.
Passive setting - In this setting, the M80 bypasses the preamp for a battery-free
performance. This setting also allows you to use the pickup with an external
soundhole cable (sold separately) to avoid permanently modifying high-end
or vintage guitars and also makes transferring the M80 from one guitar to
another quick and easy.
Press this button to check battery life (see !gure 3). A full battery will light up
all 4 lights and should give you approximately 300 hours of playing time. When only two lights are lit, you have about 50 hours of normal playing time left. If only one light is lit, replace the
battery (see !gure 4). Make sure the “+” sign is facing outwards. Be sure to unplug your instrument cable from
the guitar when not in use to maximize battery life. The battery check will work even when there is no cable
plugged in.

The volume control works in the “active” setting only.
The pole pieces on the M80 are factory set for bronze acoustic strings, but this is just a starting place. They are
adjustable with the 3/32” Allen wrench to obtain the optimum balance and tone. Raising the pole pieces will
increase the output of the strings; lowering them will decrease the output. We have provided two additional
3/4” pole pieces for use in the B and little E string positions with nickel or electric guitar strings, and one spare
3/8” pole piece for acoustic strings that have an unwound “G”.