L.R. Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier  From L.R. Baggs

200W 2-channel amplifier with unbelievable acoustic tone!

L.R. Baggs

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L.R. Bagg's new loudspeaker design is unlike anything I've heard before--it fills the room with an even, detailed sound. It has a remarkably warm and realistic quality which is very difficult to find in acoustic amps, and it produces this same richness and clarity at low volumes. The A-Ref offers plenty of headroom, too, and the notch filter allows for easy feedback control if needed. The EQ is detailed and I was able to quickly find settings for beautiful tone on a McPherson, a Lowden, and a Santa Cruz Tony Rice Model without much trouble. This is an amplifier that could change the game for many acoustic rigs out there--you must try it for yourself to believe it!

Manufacturer's Description from L.R. Baggs

The Acoustic Reference Amplifier, a product of three years’ intensive development, blends cutting edge loudspeaker design, analog and digital circuit technology and industrial design to redefine the way that acoustic guitar and vocals should be amplified.

At the heart of the amplifier is a patented Balanced Mode Radiator. The BMR is a new type of loudspeaker that has its world debut in the Acoustic Reference Amplifier. It creates and radiates sound in a fundamentally different and better way. This groundbreaking innovation is the brainchild of the eminent speaker designer Dr. Graham Bank and was specifically adapted for acoustic guitar in collaboration with our engineers.

Exclusive to LR Baggs, this fully custom flat 8” honeycomb-diaphragm speaker employs a single 2” voice coil to generate a 140 degree wide full range conical sound field with a clean SPL of 108 dB. As all frequencies are generated by the one flat diaphragm, there are no crossovers or time distortions to smear and muddy the sound. Harmonics align naturally with fundamentals, so clarity and detail are breathtaking but without the normal harshness or annoying directionality of a multi-driver system.

Wrap all this technology up in a beautiful and durable lightweight enclosure with natural wood sides and an innovative handle and you’ve got a true tour de force and object of desire. If it all sounds too good to be true, we invite you to head to your dealer and take one for a test drive. We guarantee you’ll have to have one.


Balanced Mode Radiator – super wide full frequency coverage eliminates the “sweet spot” and fills every corner of the room for the same rich listening experience for everyone.


Conventional Loudspeaker – high frequency coverage is very limited and “beamy,” requiring listener to be in the “sweet spot” for the full experience.


L.R. Baggs

About Manufacturer

Every acoustic guitar in our boutique deserves the finest amplification systems available to recreate the beauty and detail that it has been painstakingly crafted to produce. Sound Pure’s Guitar Department has hand-selected L.R. Baggs products for their quality, innovation, and ability to create amplified sounds worthy of the world’s greatest acoustic guitars! Contact our experts to inquire about outfitting your acoustic rig with these fine products or about professional installation. 

L.R. Baggs has developed acoustic guitar amplification systems that capture the beauty and tonal character of even the most sophisticated instruments. Starting with the first step in the signal chain, the pickup, Baggs has perfected some of the most realistic and detailed pickup systems available. These devices employ a variety of state-of-the-art pickup designs and range from microphone systems, magnetic soundhole pickups, undersaddle pickups, bridgeplate systems, and more. Two of their most popular pickup systems, the Anthem and the M1, were recently awarded 3 Gold Medal accolades in Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Player's Choice Awards 2011; including the Anthem's award for Most Innovative New Product. Sound Pure's Acoustic Guitar experts are ready and available to help you outfit your acoustic with the perfect L.R. Baggs pickup system.

But it doesn't end there.

L.R. Baggs is also leading the field in acoustic preamps and amplifiers to help performers craft a superior acoustic tone from start to finish. The Venue DI system was awarded a Gold Medal for Best Stand-Alone Acoustic Preamp of 2011 and has set a new industry standard for tone and control in a simple, functional package. Also new to the L.R. Baggs family is the incredible A-Reference Amplifier, an outstanding sound-sculpting device that you will have to see to believe! 




1/4” INPUT 

Input Impedance: 10 megohms

Preamp Gain - 8 to + 40dB

Input Level - 40dBv to +20dBv (.01Vrms to 3.53Vrms)



Input Impedance 6.8K ohms (Each leg of balanced)

Preamp Gain - 8 to + 50dB

Input Level -50dBv to +12dBv (.003Vrms to 4.2Vrms)



Input Impedance (1/4” mono) 6.6K ohms

Input Impedance (1/4” stereo) 20K ohms

Input Impedance RCA 20K ohms (each side)

Input Level -10dBv to +17dB (.3Vrms to 7Vrms)



Notch - 21 dB, sweepable from 60Hz to 320Hz

(The notch is bypassed when clicked to the “off ” position - full CCW)

Bass +/- 12dB @ 100 Hz

L o Mid +/- 12dB @ 500Hz, sweepable from 200Hz to 1kHz

Hi Mid +/- 12dB @ 2kHz, sweepable from 1kHz to 5kHz

Treble +/- 12dB @ 10kHz



Send Level -5dBv (0.5Vrms)

Output Impedance 600 ohms

Return Level +6dBv (2Vrms) Maximum before clipping

Input Impedance 20K ohms



Output level -8dBv (0.4Vrms) Balanced

Output impedance 600 ohms



Output level -10dBv (0.3Vrms)

Output impedance 600 ohms



Output level -10dBv (0.3Vrms)

Output impedance 600 ohms


OUTPUT SPL MA X 108dB at 1 meter (full range)



AC Power Consumption 220W Max

AC Current Draw 230V = 1A, 110V = 2A Max

Voltage Range (115V Setting) 90V - 130V, 50Hz - 65Hz

Voltage Range (230V Setting) 190V - 260V, 45Hz - 60Hz



28 lbs, 17.50” Width x 12.25” Depth x 18.0” Height


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