Kush Audio Omega 500-Series Transformable Mic Preamp  From Kush

Omega offers the next level of creative control over your mic preamplification. At face value it offers a silky smooth, highly detailed, and impeccably transparent sound, but used in conjunction with one of Kush's Transformer plugins and you gain access to painstakingly accurate emulations of some of the most popular colored preamps in existence!

Kush Audio


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What We Think

In keeping with Kush’s constant stride towards forward-thinking audio solutions, Greggory Scott has revealed the Omega 500-series preamp. The preamp is one of his first hardware products designed to be used with both the analog and additional digital emulation components to unlock its true sonic potential. What this means is that the Omega preamp itself offers an incredibly high fidelity, full-bandwidth preamp designed to capture as much information as possible. When doing an A/B test with our favorite clean preamp we couldn’t differentiate which was which! Then, you are able to choose from a separate Transformer plugin to add classic analog color that is distinct to the specific Transformer plugin you select (right now it looks like standard Neve and API versions with more models on the horizon). These Transformer plugins emulate these classic pre behaviors by smoothing certain frequencies and transients, while adding harmonics in other ranges, resulting in an accurate representation of both frequency distribution and the roundness/sharpness of these revered preamps.

So with a market now flooded with pure analog clones of these great preamp flavors, why is this new and exciting? Well for one, I love the inherent versatility of this model. By placing a full-range, pristine preamp on the front end and providing your color control in post, you’re no longer stuck during mix-down with more or less color than you actually need. Instead you can back off the Transformer plugin for more transparency and sharper transients, OR dig further in for more classic vintage color - all decisions you're able to make freely during mixdown with the Omega.

Two, the Transformer plugins can be used separately and on any channel, giving you access to these classic colors on any signal you desire. Of course getting the spot on sound of recording through a Neve/API pre is best achieved when tracked through the full-range Omega preamp as Kush originally intended. That said, the ability and freedom to add color inspired by these classic preamps to any track you desire is sure to be a welcomed tool for any mixing engineer. 

Finally, the accuracy in which these transformers capture the tone and soul of these legacy preamps is outstanding, and near indistinguishable during an A/B test. The slight differences that we did hear were no greater than the subtle differences between the many boutique clones out there, each of which embody more than enough of the classic preamp sound to be deemed a “clone” while also having some very subtle tonal differences only revealed when they’re put side by side to split the finest of hairs. Whether you’re looking to round out a vocal or bass guitar with vintage Neve coloration or add some upper-mid bite to your guitars and drums with the A Transformer, the Kush Transformer plugins deliver all you could want from these classic preamp tones but with the added convenience of being able to add more or less of your color during mixdown. 

For the engineer who’s looking to expand their preamp flavors but doesn’t have the budget for multiple different boutique preamps, the Omega is one of the best preamp options - especially considering it’s more affordable than a majority of boutique clones on the market yet it provides tonal versatility those clones could only dream of.


Kush Audio Omega 500-Series Tranformable Mic Preamp

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    • Kush Audio Omega 500-Series Transformable Mic Preamp

Manufacturer's Description from Kush

Omega is whatever mic pre you want it to be. Designed to capture a gorgeous sound, it is silky smooth, widely extended, and highly detailed. It sounds flawless.

But if you don't want flawless, slap an Omega 'Trafo' plugin on your Omega tracks, and the Transient Harmonic Coupling (THC) technology instantly makes everything sound like you recorded it with a vintage API. Or vintage Neve.

The Trafo plugins sound good on their own, and will give any track a distinctly vintage vibe and tone. When used on Omega tracks, they go from 'has that vibe' to 'sounds exactly like'.

You can choose which preamp to record with... after you record, when mixing.


Intuitive Metering
Always know when you've got signal, and how much. Don't ask us why most preamps don't have meters, it seems essential.

Two-State LED's
Green is On, Red is Off. Green-Red vs Green-Off means all 3 LED's are always lit, so it's easy to read with only 1 or 2 functions active.

A Really, REALLY Big Knob!
Kush owner Greggory Scott is a drummer, & he records himself, thus he has an appreciation for being able to see where his preamps are set from 15' away....across a darkened room.

The Essentials
Phantom Power, Phase Invert, and a 20dB pad.


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