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KRK RP5G3 Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor, Black  From KRK

5" powered studio monitor in black

KRK Systems


Retail:  $249.07

"Experience the Difference"

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Manufacturer's Description from KRK

KRK RP5G3 Rokit G3 Powered Monitor

For a quarter of a century KRK has been the professional's choice for mixing and mastering hit records around the globe. And KRK's ROKIT studio monitors have been the most popular choice for accurate monitoring, selling one million systems over the years. Now KRK introduces the ROKIT 5 Generation 3, continuing the legacy of performance ROKITs have become known for. So whether you're just starting out in desktop recording, or you've already laid down a few thousand tracks, give a listen to the ROKIT Generation 3 line of monitors and experience a standard in performance and accuracy that raises the bar once again.


- Soft-dome tweeter provides clarity and extended response up to 35kHz
- Proprietary waveguide technology optimized for superior stereo imaging
- Lightweight, glass-aramid composite woofer delivers clear midrange and tight bass
- Bi-amped, class A/B amplifier offering maximum headroom with minimal distortion
- Low and high frequency adjustment gives you unprecedented voicing control for optimal room acoustics and mix translation 

Bi-Amped, class A/B Amplifier:

- Offering users larger headroom
- Higher performance at lower distortion
- Dramatically decreased noise floor of the complete System

Soft-dome Tweeter:

- Provides pristine clarity
- Extended response up to 30 kHz

LOW FREQUENCY Adjustment control:

- Allows user to boost or cut the bass to compensate for different studio environments
- Tailors the monitors to taste and adjusts for room acoustics

KRK Systems


  •  Configuration: 2-Way
    - System type: Active Monitor
    - HF Transducer: 1" soft-dome tweeter
    - LF Transducer: 5" Aramid glass composite woofer
    - Freq. Range (-10dB): 45Hz - 35kHz
    - Crossover Frequency: 2.6kHz
    - Total Power: 50 Watts
    - HF Power: 20 Watts
    - LF Power: 30 Watts
    - Peak SPL: 106 dB
    - Auto-Standby: 30 minutes
    - Cabinet Material: MDF
    - Connectors: Unbalanced 7k Ohm RCA, Balanced 10kOhm 1/4" TRS and XLR. Pin 2 & Tip = Hot\Positive, Pin 3 & Ring = Cold\Negative, Pin 1 & Sleeve = Ground
    - Controls: HF Level Adjust (-2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB) LF Level Adjust (-2dB, -1dB, 0, +2dB) System Volume (30dB to +6dB)
    - Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 9.7" x 7.4" x 11.2" (246x188x284mm)
    - Product Net Weight: 13.0 Lbs. (5.9 kg.)
    - Fuse Rating: Slow Blow type, 5mm x 20mm