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Keeley TS-9 Mod Plus  From Keeley

The Legendary TS9, THE Tube Screamer! A History making pedal! How can it be better? Well, in may ways folks! We take it to the limit of tone nirvana! How fully natural, warm, and sweet does our regular TS9 sound? Peter Frampton had me modify his TS808 to my specs. I felt wild doing it but heck, he loved it so much he is sending me his other ones! Thanks again Peter, nice working with you. Jon Herington of Steely Dan uses this deluxe mod as does Ike Willis of Frank Zappa. This is THE Mod To Have!

Keeley Electronics Inc.

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What We Think

True Bypass TS9 with no loss on the low end. Great singing tone! Perfect for hitting the front end of your Suhr, Victoria, Carr, etc..

This is a golden standard in the world of overdrive and Keeley improved it!

Manufacturer's Description from Keeley

  •  A TS9 with full bass response, how sweet and full sounding! We increase the overdrive range. Players stated they wanted to have either more gain on the TS9 or the ability for it to clean up better when the drive was set at zero. We did that. You now have the best of both worlds! CLEANER when turned down and TWICE THE GAIN AND DRIVE when turned up with all of the stock TS808 sounds in the middle. Beautiful vocal sweet woman tone in the mid-section!
  • METAL FILM FOR HIGHER FIDELITY AND A MORE CONSISTENT SOUND FROM PEDAL TO PEDAL. As your guitar sound goes from one stage of your pedal to the next part (for example; Drive stage, to the Tone Control Stage, to the Buffer Stage), Ibanez used electrolytics to couple it. Well, there is a much less harsh sounding way of doing that. Use metal film caps! We also use metal film in the tone circuit for added fidelity. Is it a small difference, yes! Is it worth it? YES, every little section of your pedal is made up and these improvements don't just add up, they multiply!
  • New Improvements to the Bypass circuitry! Yes, we make it sound better even when it's off!
  • New Improvement to the Tone Control circuit! Took some hints from the Sparkle Drive and made our TS9 mods just a touch better!
Keeley Electronics Inc.

About Manufacturer

Keeley Electronics helps guitar players and musicians find the tone that has been inside their head for years. Our superior line of guitar effects and pedal mods give musicians that final touch to define their tone. Even the perfect distortion! - Robert Keeley



I have the TI RC4558P integrated circuit for your Ibanez Ts-9. This is what came in some early TS808 pedals. This will give your pedal TRUE TS808 sound. Many collectors agree that the TS808 with the TI4558P chip are some of the finest sounding pedals in the production. See photo of a TS808 circuit below. This is the same type pedal SRV used.