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Kali Audio LP-6 V2 Studio Monitor Pair (Black)  From Kali

Kali Audio's LP-6 V2 is a 6.5-inch studio monitor. Advanced features make it an extremely accurate monitor for all genres and formats.

Kali Audio


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Manufacturer's Description from Kali

Kali Audio's LP-6 V2 is a 6.5-inch studio monitor. It was designed to deliver transparent sound for creators working across genres and formats at a price that puts it within anyone's reach. An advanced waveguide, a large voice coil, and precision tuning make the sound extraordinarily transparent, while the oversized low frequency magnet and low noise port tube deliver powerful, clean bass response. To make it easy to integrate into your setup, the speaker is self-powered and has a variety of inputs. The DSP features Boundary EQ settings that optimize the speaker's response for where it's placed in your listening space.

New in the 2nd Version is an improved amplifier platform that offers lower noise, higher sensitivity, and smoother high-frequency response. The Boundary EQ settings have been updated based on user feedback, and the low-frequency driver cone has less mass for more consistent response


3-D Imaging Waveguide

The 3-D Imaging Waveguide allows you to hear a 3-D soundstage from a stereo pair of speakers. By matching the shape of the waveguide to the interactions of the HF and LF drivers, this waveguide produces a stereo image that is wider, taller, and deeper than the space where the speakers are placed.

The LP-6 accomplishes this by ensuring that the speaker’s reflected sound matches its direct sound. Every time you hear a loudspeaker, you're hearing both the direct sound from the speaker, and reflections from the speaker's signal bouncing off of objects in the room.

When those reflections are congruent with the direct sound from the speaker, listeners perceive a better sound overall, and are able to make out very subtle details like where microphones are placed in a room. When done very well, the stereo image will be three-dimensional.


This gives users a very high degree of confidence in their mix. It allows them to mix faster, and produce better mixes overall.


1.5" Voice Coil

On most port tubes, air leaves at different speeds from different points of the opening, creating noisy turbulence. This turbulence can be heard as "chuffing," or an audible air sound coming from the monitor. This sound will add to the noise floor and obscure the details of the low end.

The port tube on LP-6 was designed to ensure that all of the air leaves the port tube at the same velocity. This helps add to the low end response of the speaker, while keeping the bass clean, tight, and devoid of extra noise.


High Output

The LP-6 is capable of 85 dB continuous output with 20 dB of dynamic headroom from as far as 2.2 meters. This makes it an excellent choice as a main, side surround, or overhead speaker in most small- to medium-sized immersive mixing rooms.


Bass Power

Bass on the LP-6 is delivered by a larger magnet and larger voice coil than any comparable speaker on the market. This gives you more accurate bass response that extends lower, so you can dial in exactly the low end sound you need. 

Nothing is over-represented, but the bass that is present on your track will come through with clarity and punch. 


Boundary EQ

A speaker's given position in a space can drastically change its frequency response. Happily, most of the common positions are fairly predictable and easily corrected. 

Kali's team came up with boundary compensation EQ settings at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles to help you get the optimum sound for where you need to put your speakers. Combined with the LF and HF trims, this will ensure that the speakers sound their best no matter what room you're mixing in. 


There are EQ settings for:

- Free Space

- Speakers on stands, against a wall

- Speakers on a desk, away from a wall

- Speakers on a desk, against a wall

- Speakers on a console meter bridge

- Speakers on a studio desk


Class D Amplification

The integrated 40W + 40W Class D Power amp delivers clean, reliable power that's optimized to this speaker. The new 2nd Wave amplifier platform delivers all this with significantly lower idle noise, and better sensitivity than the original version. 


XLR, TRS, and RCA Inputs

The LP-6 features balanced XLR and TRS inputs, and an unbalanced RCA input. The RCA input can be set to -10 dBu sensitivity when you're using consumer devices like a laptop or smartphone's headphone jack.


2nd Wave Technologies

The new LP-6 V2 is part of Kali’s 2nd Wave of loudspeakers. 2nd Wave products draw on 3 years of R&D for across-the-board improvements. A new amplifier platform allows for 12 dB less self noise, while input sensitivity has been increased by 3 dB. The tuning has been refined for smoother HF response, and the boundary EQs have been updated to reflect common real-world use cases. Physical improvements include lighter transducer cones for better transient response and upgraded cabinet construction for greater reliability.

Kali Audio

About Manufacturer

Kali Audio was started in January 2018 by some of the Professional Audio Industry’s most passionate individuals. With engineering at the forefront, Kali aims to make loudspeakers and related products that present the best possible value to our customers. By devoting time and resources to research and development, and with a little bit of panache, we offer high-performance products that fit any budget.

Kalis products are designed and engineered in California, and each of our product lines is named after a town or city in California. Lone Pine, our debut line of studio monitors, gets its name from a town in the Eastern Sierra from which climbers disembark to summit Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. Much like this climb, we felt that our debut line was ambitious, challenging, and a little risky. Mountain View, an accessory for connecting Bluetooth devices with professional audio systems, was named after the town in which several large tech companies, including Google, are headquartered. As these companies insist on removing physical audio connectors from their devices, we thought this name would be a fun way to put them on notice.

In addition to our current product line, Kali Audio is developing several other loudspeakers, including a subwoofer and a new studio monitor. Please join our [link to mailing list]email list to stay up to date on our newest developments, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as well.

Kali is headquartered in Los Angeles and has team members dispersed throughout Southern California. Our team enjoys working in a creative, experiment-heavy environment. Taking the time and space to explore ideas as they come allows us to develop products that are innovative, useful, and deliver incredible value to our customers.


Amplifier Class: 



Power Configuration: 



LF Power:

40 W


HF Power:

40 W


Total Power: 

80 W


LF Driver:

6.5-Inch Woofer


HF Driver: 

1-Inch Soft Dome Tweeter


Frequency Response: (-10 dB)

39 Hz - 25 kHz


Frequency Range: (±3 dB)

45 Hz - 21 kHz



1.3 kHz



85 dB Continuous at 2.2 Meters with 20 dB Headroom


Max SPL:

112 dB



1 x TRS

1 x XLR

1 x RCA


TRS/XLR Input Sensitivity:

+4 dBu


RCA Input Sensitivity:

-10 dBV


HF Trim:

-2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB


LF Trim:

-2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB


Boundary EQ Settings:

Free space (On stands, away from walls)

On stands, next to a wall

Meter bridge

On a desk, away from walls

On a desk, next to a wall

Studio Desk



Front Ported



14.125 Inches (35.9 cm)



8.75 Inches (22.2 cm)



10.25 Inches (26 cm)


Product Weight:

15.54 lbs (7.01 kg)


Shipping Height:

17 Inches (43.2 cm)


Shipping Width:

13 Inches (33 cm)


Shipping Depth:

12 Inches (30.5 cm)


Shipping Weight: 

18 lbs (8.16 kg)


In the Box:

LP-6 V2 Studio Monitor

US Power Cable

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