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Gretsch 6.5x14 USA Custom Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum  From Gretsch Drums

The Classic Is Back!

Gretsch Drums


"Experience the Difference"

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What We Think

“The classic thin metal snare drum is one of the quintessential sounds that every drummer should have in their arsenal of sounds. Brass has long been one of the favorite metal snare drum sounds for session and touring drummers alike. The Gretsch Chrome Over Brass has a crisp tone with great articulation. The die-cast hoops add a nice focus to the note and it is perfect for rimshots or side-sticking in live or session playing situations.”

-Barry Knain, Sound Pure Drums Specialist


With its mirrored chrome finish and die-cast hoops, this 6.5x14 USA Custom Brass Snare from Gretsch is quickly becoming one of my favorite snares that I’ve played in recent memory. Brass is a wonderfully versatile metal that provides a full-bodied tonal response which fits in with a wide array of musical styles. This particular drum, in my opinion, deserves to be played loud.

Chrome-over-brass snares tend to exhibit a more pronounced high-end response than do their cousins in black-nickel finishes. This accentuated high-end means that this drum has the power to cut through the loudest of mixes with a bright, crisp attack. This attack is further focused by the inclusion of die-cast hoops, which just beg to be played with powerful rim shots. The 42-strand snare wires add a snappy and sensitive snare response that works across a wide dynamic range.


This snare drum offers a bright projection and snappy response that rock, fusion, and pop drummers will want to strongly consider adding to their tonal palette. 

Gretsch 6.5x14 G4164 Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain explains the various features of the Gretsch 6.5x14 G4164 Chrome Over Brass Snare, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • Gretsch 6.5x14 USA Custom Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum

Manufacturer's Description from Gretsch Drums

The Gretsch classic- Crisp, powerful attack that always manages to find its own space in the overall mix. By chrome plating our brass shell, the high end of the drum is accentuated, making for a very controlled snap- this property carries across all 3 sizes. Additional features include Lightning throw-off, die-cast hoops, 'Snap-In' key holder and 42-Strand snare wire (20-strands on 13" snare).

Gretsch Drums

About Manufacturer

For 135 years, the Gretsch Drum Company has produced classic American instruments that drummers the world over covet. The signature “great Gretsch sound” has been utilized by numerous classic and modern drummers alike; Max Roach, Tony Williams, Cindy Blackman, Taylor Hawkins, and Vinnie Colaiuta are just a few examples of master drummers that have sat behind Gretsch kits. Currently, Gretsch’s three lines of professional-grade drums (the Brooklyn, Broadkaster, and USA Custom) are built by a small team of dedicated craftsmen in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Gretsch also offers a number of affordable import lines that allow beginner and intermediate drummers to be a part of drum history and play behind a Gretsch set. 


Gretsch Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum Features

  • Chrome Over Brass Shell
  • 6.5 x 14
  • 10-lug
  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Lightning Throw-Off
  • Polished Chrome Finish