Fuchs Audio Plush Cream Tube Screamer FX Pedal  From Fuchs

Fuchs Audio Technology

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Manufacturer's Description from Fuchs

The Plush “Cream” is a simple overdrive pedal, which is easily dialed in for the widest range of overdrive 

tones. The gain control is set to control the amount of distortion. It can go from a mild blues style 

distortion, to a high gain shredder overdrive when set at maximum gain. The tone control goes from a 

dark (full counter clockwise) tone, to a bright chimey tone as the control is turned up. Finally, the level 

control sets the final output level of the pedal. This control is used to set the solo level when the pedal is 

activated (LED on). The input impedance is 1-Meg, suitable for most any guitar or signal source. The  

PLUSH, a division of Fuchs Audio Technology

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output impedance is approximately 1-K, which is buffered, to drive long cables as well as subsequent 


 The Plush “Cream” provides a hard wire bypass, which means when not in use (LED not lit) the input is 

connected directly to the output, with no loading of the signal, and no active devices in the signal path. 

The DC jack on the side is a standard 2.1 mm tip negative adaptor input. A Plush DC adaptor may be 

purchased from your local dealer or any standard Roland style (or similar) DC adaptor may be used. The 

output of the adaptor must be 9-Volts DC. Using this pedal with the incorrect adaptor may potentially 

damage the pedal, which will not be covered under warranty. 

The Plush product is designed for years of reliable service, and there are no user serviceable or 

replaceable parts inside. Service should be obtained via our factory or the distributor from which you 

obtained the pedal, in the event of a product failure. 

This pedal may be driven by a Plush “Pure Gain” pedal to achieve higher levels of gain and distortion. 

Fuchs Audio Technology