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Ex Machina Quasar MKII Dual 8" Coaxial 3 Way Monitor Pair  From Ex Machina

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Ex Machina


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Manufacturer's Description from Ex Machina

The smaller of our first two monitors, Pulsar is an ideal choice for nearfield and midfield monitoring applications in any setup, or as primary monitors in small to medium sized rooms. Like all our monitors, Pulsar features custom SEAS drivers with cutting edge diaphragm materials, acoustically inert, sealed Valchromat® cabinets, Hypex Ncore® amps and AKM Velvet Sound™ conversion, and a dedicated SHARC® DSP per speaker deploying our proprietary calibration technology. And, like all our monitors, it offers an ultra-wide sweet spot, linear phase and magnitude response, vanishingly low distortion and superb transient response, for effortless clarity and highly detailed insight into your mixes. Allowing you to make better decisions, faster, every time.

Building on the foundation of our Pulsar model, the Quasar is all about delivering more; more power, more inspiration, more accuracy and more fun. The Quasar boast a deeper low end extension, volume and a performance that will leave you feeling as if you're inside the music.

- Suited for most near-field and mid-field monitoring setups

- Out of this world imaging

- Tight, focused, foundation shaking low end

- Coaxial 3 Way design

- Sealed cabinet for punchier more accurate sound

- Cutting edge materials science

- GrapheneQ tweeters by OraSound

- Textreme Midrange diaphragms by Oxeon

- Custom 8" Low Frequency drivers by SEAS

- Proprietary DSP correction of both phase and magnitude linearity

- Ultra low distortion

- Hypex NCore Class D Amplification

Ex Machina

About Manufacturer

Ex Machina Soundworks began as a rebellion against the status quo in audio. Tired of the tacit, creeping compromises we all take for granted as the cost of making music, we set out to create something different entirely. Something paradigm changing. Combining a true diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and expertise, from artificial intelligence and DSP, to circuit design, to acoustical and materials science, to 30+ years of recording and music making experience, we set out to push the envelope of what is scientifically possible in loudspeaker design. All with one goal in mind: shorten the gap between you and your art. Make your moves clearer, your process faster, the details obvious, your window vast. So you can have no doubts in the choices you make.



- Magnitude Linearity: +/- 1db 30hz – 30khz

- Low Frequency Cutoff: -6db at 23hz

- Phase Linearity: +/- 15° 30hz – 30khz

- Maximum Continuous SPL (100hz – 30khz at 1m): 112db

- Maximum Continuous LF SPL (30hz at 1m): 104db

- THD+N (94db at 1m): < .5% 100hz – 30khz



- 25mm/1” GrapheneQ™ tweeter, coaxial alignment with midrange.

- 176mm/7”” Textreme™ carbon-fiber midrange, underhung surround, FEA optimized geometry for tweeter waveguide.

- 221mm/8” long-throw aluminum alloy subwoofer.



- Hypex Ncore: 250W RMS Subwoofer, 100W RMS Midrange, 75W RMS Tweeter



- Digital 8th order, phase corrected. 200hz L-M, 2khz M-H



- 742 x 289 x 396 mm (29.2 x 11.4 x 15.6 inches)



- 49kg / 89lbs per speaker