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Emma Reezafratzitz II High Gain Overdrive Pedal  From Emma

NEW version of Emma's versatile high gain overdrive!

Emma Effects

Available for Special Order

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What We Think

This pedal offers serious high gain drive!  The bias knob is an excellent tool for getting a custom blend of class A and class B tube amplification simulation.  It's a true screamer and one of Sound Pure's favorite high gain drive pedals!

Pair this with other Emma Effects for a truly unique pedal rig!  Call or Email Sound Pure for suggestions or with any questions about Emma Effects.

Manufacturer's Description from Emma


The 2nd generation ReezaFRATzitz is now in production. Based on the best sounding Reeza 1 we could find, we added low and high frequency controls that give you unprecedented tonal control over the pedal.

The Reeza II is a unique type of overdrive/distortion pedal that was designed to emulate as faithfully as possible the distortion characteristics of a real tube amp.

With the inclusion of a bias control the user is allowed to adjust the inner workings of the pedal from class B ( far left) to class A ( far right) and anywhere in between, altering the harmonic structure of the signal and providing a much wider  variety of tonal options than your standard OD/ dist. pedal.   Class A mode provides a smoother clipping ala’ Vox AC30 while Class B is more akin to your classis Marshall Amp tones.

Additional controls for Level, Gain, and the previously mentioned Low and High tone controls allow the user to fine tune the Reezafratzitz to taste.

Also added is the ingenious circuit: 'untrue bypass' that at Emma electronic is known as 'the overlord of the beast'. There are many myths about mechanical true bypass. In a pedal like this and the coming PisdiYAUwot, you will want and you will get the 'untrue bypass' circuit.

Emma Effects

About Manufacturer

EMMA Effects caught our attention several years ago with their advanced circuits, beautiful appearance, and amazing sound quality. Handbuilt in Denmark, EMMA Effects are simply a step above anything else that we have heard (check out the cool names, too!). Every pedal they create has a unique tone (and name!) that makes it stand out from the crowded boutique pedal market. Caution: These pedals are only for the serious tone-seeker.

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