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DW 8x14 Collectors Black Nickel over Brass Snare Drum-Black  From DW Drums

Utilizing a thin industry-standard 1mm shell, and plated with sleek black nickel, the Collector's Series Black Nickel over Brass is a versatile and powerful snare. Excellent condition


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DW Drums

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What We Think

This DW black nickel over brass snare drum is one of the essential sounds any drummer should have. The thin brass shell is super easy to tune and a joy to play while speaking well in multiple playing situations. 

The 8x14 rolled brass shell makes big waves both in terms of sound and aesthetic. The matching black nickel-plated hardware makes a visual statement while the deeper shell depth takes care of the rest. Tuned high, this drum offers great articulation, sensitivity, and full-bodied cut. The lower tunings offer a fat and wet sound we loved without the loss of responsiveness. The impressive 20 lug configuration combined with the True Pitch 50 tension rods will keep an even stretch on the heads regardless of where you decide to tune this drum. 

If you find yourself needing a full body brass snare drum, the 8x14 DW Black Nickel over Brass has you covered. 

DW 8x14 Collector's Black Nickel Over Brass, Black—Quick 'n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums specialist Barry Knain tests out and reviews a DW 8x14 Collector's Series Black Nickel Over Brass, with black nickel-plated hardware.

Manufacturer's Description from DW Drums

Utilizing a thin industry-standard 1mm shell, and plated with sleek black nickel, the Collector's Series Black Nickel over Brass is a versatile workhorse snare.  Suitable for a variety of musical applications, it offers that sought-after "classic studio brass snare sound" for Rock, Jazz, and beyond; offering brightness and cut with a decidedly metallic tonal characteristic. Customize it with any available DW Custom Shop drum hardware color.

DW Drums

About Manufacturer

Drum Workshop has been one of the forefront companies that has helped propel drum hardware and custom drum manufacturing. For over forty years, their innovations and tireless dedication in pedals, hardware, and drum-making have continued to change the way drummers think about and approach drumming. To this day, DW pedals and hardware have raised the standards by which all others are measured. 

DW also continues to expand their custom drum offerings with a variety of shell designs, tonewoods, and countless finish options to truly personalize your sonic vision. Whether you are designing something for home use or the rigors of the road, DW's allegiance to improving the way drum products are made continues to inspire generations of drummers. Through passion and innovation, DW has become the Drummer's Choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.




DW Collector's Black Nickel over Brass Snare Drum Features:

  • Rolled 1mm brass shell
  • Black nickel plated shell
  • True Pitch tension rods
  • Black Nickel-plated-steel flanged counter hoops
  • Black-Nickel plated lugs, throw off, and butt plate