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DW 6pc Collectors Exotic Tasmanian Blackwood Drum Set  From DW Drums

New for NAMM 2018, DW presents a limited-edition Collector's Series drum set made from sonically rich Australian Blackheart with a veneer of Tasmanian Blackwood. Only 200 of these kits exist worldwide and are sure to find homes quickly.

DW Drums

Available for Special Order

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Because of our special relationship with DW Drums we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

There's nothing quite as captivating as playing a set of drums that is crafted from an exotic tonewood. Even just by looking at the veneer, we can expect to be greeted by rich, beautiful tones the likes of which we haven't quite heard before. 

The exotic intrigue of Australia's wild Outback is captured beautifully in these shells of Blackheart wood, all produced by a tree that was hand-selected on an expedition by DW's own John Good. The rich sonic qualities of these drums is consummated aesthetically by the finish-ply of Black Sassafras. 

DW is renown for their ability to select the finest tonewoods for their instruments, and this set of drums speaks to their knowledge of wood and their dedication to their craft.



Manufacturer's Description from DW Drums

John Good’s latest wood find hails from the outback in the form of a Limited Edition DW kit that is crafted at the California Custom Shop from plied Australian blackwood shells with a stunning black sassafras exotic finish. The signed and numbered sets are complemented by a quick Candy Black-to-Natural Lacquer burst and black nickel hardware. Blackwood offers a punchy, warm tonality that is evident in larger drum diameters and their low-end frequencies. Offered in preconfigured 6-piece sets and à la carte snare drums.

Patented X Shell™ shell technology began with a foray into VLT™ or Vertical Low Timbre™ grain technology. In experimenting with alternate ways to cross laminate a shell, the tension on the shell could be greatly decreased if the majority of plies were run vertically, rather than horizontally. Drum makers have always known that shells must be cross-laminated to maintain a shell's structural integrity, so the idea of designing a completely vertical shell to achieve optimal low frequencies was never an option. It was discovered that if veneers were cut at a 45-degree angle and cross-laminated in an X pattern, both low-frequency ranges and shell strength could be accomplished.

DW Drums

About Manufacturer

Drum Workshop has been one of the forefront companies that has helped propel drum hardware and custom drum manufacturing. For over forty years, their innovations and tireless dedication in pedals, hardware, and drum-making have continued to change the way drummers think about and approach drumming. To this day, DW pedals and hardware have raised the standards by which all others are measured. 

DW also continues to expand their custom drum offerings with a variety of shell designs, tonewoods, and countless finish options to truly personalize your sonic vision. Whether you are designing something for home use or the rigors of the road, DW's allegiance to improving the way drum products are made continues to inspire generations of drummers. Through passion and innovation, DW has become the Drummer's Choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.




DW 45th Anniversary Drum Set Features

  • Drum sizes: 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 14x16, 18x22, 6.5x14

  • Australian Blackheart Shells

  • Tasmanian Blackwood  Veneer

  • Black Nickel Hardware

  • Limited Edition Drum Set- 1 of 200 worldwide

  • Graduated True Hoops

  • Tru-Pitch Tuning

  • Limited-Edition Australian Flag Badges