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DW 6.5x14 Collectors Exotic Series Maple Snare Drum-Pommele  From DW Drums

DW's flagship line, the Collector’s Series, is the original US-made custom drum line. The Pomele is finished in a natural gloss and the shell has a C note.

DW Drums

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What We Think

DW has been one of the go-to drums for professionals and working with this drum we can understand why. In the medium tuning range, this snare has plenty of body and bite, while at the low end of the range, this drum has the fatness of a '70s-era drum sound, but with a modern polish. In the high-tuning range, the drum excels and offers great crack and projection without sacrificing the body. With the 3-position butt plate, players are able to dial in the right snare setting with the flip of a switch, instead of painstakingly having to adjust the dial - a feature we really love.

The Pommele's visually striking appearance is accentuated with a glass-like natural gloss finish and we find it perfectly compliments the chrome hardware, which showcases the craftsmanship that DW is known for. This 6.5x14 has the standard shell configuration, but under the hood, you'll find some gorgeous matching veneer reinforcing rings to round out the package.

DW Exotic Series snare drums have been an affordable option for drummers that are searching for an exquisite looking and sounding drum in one nice package. With multiple tone woods and shell types available, there has never been a better time to find your perfect sound. Discover for yourself why engineers and professionals reach for DW today.

DW 6.5x14 Collectors Exotic Series Maple Snare Drum - Pommele Veneer Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums expert Barry Knain explains the various features of the DW 6.5x14 Collectors Exotic Series maple snare, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • DW 6.5x14 Collectors Exotic Series Maple Snare Drum-Pommele

Manufacturer's Description from DW Drums

The DW Collector's Series Snare Drum sports DW's Maple Specialized Shell Configuration (SSC). Maple is a traditional shell material that gives you low-end punch, warmth, and attack. For years, drum makers have preferred maple for its impact and resonant tonal qualities. Starting with the best wood, DW then applies its unique SSC technology to create some of the best-sounding drums ever made. DW found that by alternate orientation of the grain patterns of different plies (vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal), drums could be optimized for their particular specialty - for instance, punch and impact in a snare drum.

DW Drums

About Manufacturer

Drum Workshop has been one of the forefront companies that has helped propel drum hardware and custom drum manufacturing. For over forty years, their innovations and tireless dedication in pedals, hardware, and drum-making have continued to change the way drummers think about and approach drumming. To this day, DW pedals and hardware have raised the standards by which all others are measured. 

DW also continues to expand their custom drum offerings with a variety of shell designs, tonewoods, and countless finish options to truly personalize your sonic vision. Whether you are designing something for home use or the rigors of the road, DW's allegiance to improving the way drum products are made continues to inspire generations of drummers. Through passion and innovation, DW has become the Drummer's Choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.




DW Exotic Snare Drum Features:

  • Maple Shell
  • 6.5x14 size
  • Chrome hardware
  • Mag Throw Off
  • 3 Position butt plate
  • Pomele veneer
  • Remo drumheads

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