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Dusky Electronics Toasted Drive - Medium Gain Drive  From Dusky

Low-to-medium gain transparent overdrive from a new NC builder

Dusky Electronics

Available for Special Order

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Dusky Toasted Drive demo

great demo of the Dusky Electronics Toasted Drive

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    • Dusky Electronics Toasted Drive - Medium Gain Drive

Manufacturer's Description from Dusky

The Toasted Drive can go from clean boost to medium gain overdrive—gently toasting your signal. With the Temperature knob turned all the way down, the Toasted Drive acts as a mostly clean boost with a ton of clean gain. Use it to add harmonics to your signal or crank the More knob to push the front end of a tube amp into overdrive.

Turn down the More knob and start to turn up the Temperature, and you'll gradually get more drive and distortion. The overdrive is rich, creamy, and compressed.

The more you turn up the Temperature, the more effect the Color knob has—allowing you to emphasize higher frequencies for a little bit of a treble boost.

Under the hood, the Toasted Drive doesn't work like most overdrive pedals—often billed as giving "amp-like" overdrive—which use op-amps and clipping diodes to create clipping distortion. The Toasted Drive, by contrast, uses a pair of cascaded MOSFET gain stages. When you crank the Temperature, it sounds like a cranked amplifier because, really, it is a cranked amplifier.

Dusky Electronics


Effect Type: Medium Gain Drive

Controls: Temperature (Gain), More (Volume), Color (Treble Boost)

Battery: 9V

External Power Supply: 9-18V (not provided)