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C&C Drums Custom 6x14 Maple/Gum Snare Drum-Bubinga Abalone  From C&C

First impressions count and your drums should look as amazing as they sound. This unique maple/gum wood shell combination is a C&C one-of-a-kind sound.

C&C Custom Drums

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Because of our special relationship with C&C we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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What We Think

Featuring a maple/gum shell with the Bread & Butter bearing edge, this drum is a knockout. The Bread & Butter utilizes a back cut on the outer two plies of the shell and an inside cut that lands on the 5th ply. This edge tunes up quickly and creates a wide tuning range. It works well for drummers playing anything from jazz, fusion, rock, or metal.

The abalone inlays are meticulously hand laid into place by Billy Cardwell and are a product of hours of labor and love. To round out the package, the inlays were placed inside a gorgeous bubinga outer veneer and finished with a gloss lacquer to really showcase the depth of the wood. Each of the abalone snares is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind work of audio and visual art.

C&C Drums Custom 6x14 Maple/Gum Snare Drum-Bubinga Abalone Quick n' Dirty

In this video, Sound Pure drums expert Barry Knain explains the various features of the C&C Drums Custom 6x14 Maple/Gum Snare, and tests it out in several different tuning ranges.

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    • C&C Drums Custom 6x14 Maple/Gum Snare Drum-Bubinga Abalone

Manufacturer's Description from C&C

This elegant snare drum has a maple/gum shell without reinforcing rings. It features stick saver chrome plated steel hoop as standard equipment. This solid hoop provides a reliable and versatile tuning range. Eight double sided Deco lugs come standard with this drum. Not only do they hark back to the days of some of the finest drums ever made, but they stand the test of time by looking amazing on just about any drum you put them on.

C&C Custom Drums

About Manufacturer

C&C Drum Co. is a small, independent company based in Gladstone, Missouri. Comprised of musicians and craftsmen who share a common bond: the love of music. This bond connects them to their drums and the people who play them. They’ve never tried to be the flavor of the moment or cater to the latest whim. The goal has always been to build something of lasting value. They are dedicated to making the best drums we possibly can—drums that will outlive us to become a legacy.


C&C Maple/Gum Snare Drum Features:

  • C&C Double-ended Deco lug
  • Sticksaver Hoops
  • Deco Lugs
  • Bubinga outer veneer
  • Abalone inlays
  • Remo Heads

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