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Buscarino Monarch Custom SP06105510  From Buscarino

17" Archtop Guitar


Our product photos are the actual, specific serial number for sale!

This specific item was photographed by us here in Durham, North Carolina. We are a very small team dedicated to providing you the most accurate photos possible, through our obsessive focus - individually photographing nearly everything that comes through the door. Questions about what you see? Want more information, photos, or just a friendly conversation with someone that cares and who has actually had their hands on this exact item? Contact us now!
Buscarino Guitars

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What We Think

Once again, John hits it out of the park with this unbelievable piece. Aside from being one of the most breathtakingly beautiful guitars I've ever seen, playing this Monarch through one of John's chameleon speakers and an Acoustic Image Clarus+ is the jazz guitar equivalent to sitting down at the organ in the Notre Dame Cathedral. This guitar sounds the way you've always hoped an archtop could sound plus more.

The Master Grade European Cello Woods are unlike any tonewoods commonly found on archtops, and the superior quality becomes apparent as soon as you pick up the instrument. The response is huge, every motion of the string is reinforced by the powerful voice of this acoustic machine. The tone is very warm and pleasant, with a nice midrange punch. Appointments and attention to detail are impeccable on this piece, from the birdseye maple binding to the virtuoso side port. This one speaks for itself...

Buscarino Monarch Archtop Guitar Demo

The Monarch Custom from John Buscarino is a classic 17" archtop guitar. It can be heard here acoustically as well as amplified. The tone is warm and sweet. You can hear plenty of punch with fantastic clarity as John's guitars are known for. This one features European Cello woods upgrade, birdseye binding and a virtuoso sideport for upgrades from the standard model. Here at Sound Pure we specialize in high-end archtop guitars. We are happy help you put together a custom order or match you with one of the fine archtops from our extensive inventory. Don't hesitate to contact us. 888.528.9703

Manufacturer's Description from Buscarino

Regal without pretension, the Monarch was designed in collaboration with master archtop luthier Robert Benedetto. This guitar embodies the tradition of a master craftsman handing down years of perfected methods and designs to his apprentice.

Possessing all the features of the Artisan, the Monarch boasts several attractive additions. Crowning this guitar is a large Benedetto-style headstock with mitered perflings and pinstripe-enhanced binding. The f-holes are fully bound and also trimmed with mitered pinstripe perflings. Only the finest quarter-sawn seasoned instrument woods are used in the Monarch's construction.

As with every archtop guitar in the Buscarino lineage the Monarch is meticulously assembled and tuned. A long list of options and color choices allow the Monarch to be custom designed as a guitar fit for a king.

Buscarino Guitars

About Manufacturer

Over the past 25 years John Buscarino has slowly worked is way into the upper echelon of archtop builders. He apprenticed with Classical Builder Augustine LoPrinzi and the renowned Archtop builder Robert Benedetto. He has studied and repaired hundreds of vintage instruments, which has increased his knowledge of guitar construction and has allowed him to apply that knowledge to the building of his own instruments. In his words, “Nothing is more important to me than building the guitar that is perfect for you. I can’t stress enough how important it is for a luthier to know his customer, you can’t build a guitar for someone without knowing what it is that is important to them. By taking the time to talk with you and find out what it is you are hoping to get out of your new guitar I can build you the guitar you have always dreamed of. One of the best things about ordering a custom guitar is you get to choose your specs. With a production guitar you have to take what they give you but with a custom instrument you get to choose the things that are most important to you. With our wide array of options and models to choose from we make it easy for you to design the guitar that is just right for you. I am always in search of the finest products to use on and in my guitars. I have tested numerous products from lacquers to tuners, from cases to sandpaper. I have experimented with several different woods for bridges and saddles, have checked out multitudes of endpin jacks and tested miles of cables all to make sure that only the very best goes into each and every Buscarino Guitar Ever since I started building guitars over 20 years ago I have been collecting and storing high quality instrument grade wood. It is seasoned and aged to perfection before I even think about using it for one of my guitars. One of my strictest requirements is that the wood must be aged and seasoned for at least four years before I will use it to build an instrument. By acclimatizing the wood in my own shop I can guarantee the stability of each and every one of my instruments. Tired of the same old Ebony Fingerboards, Pickguards, Tailpieces and Bridges? Why not try something new and exciting that will make your guitar unique and different. I have several high-quality exotic woods to choose from that will turn your guitar from a Work of Art into a Masterpiece. At least one of every model I make is owned and played by a professional touring musician. By having these guitars out on the road, played in every imaginable setting from an outdoor reception to Carnegie Hall, from a Smoky Club in New York City to a cozy Caf? On the Shores of Italy, I can say with absolute certainty that I have designed a guitar that stands the test of time. With proper care and handling, Gig after Gig your Buscarino will perform as good if not better than the day you bought it. As a Guitarist myself, having studied Classical Guitar and having worked in bands for over 10 years, I have first hand knowledge of what a guitar player needs and expects out of his guitar. I pride myself in designing a guitar that has the perfect balance of form and function. One of the most frequent comments that I hear from those who own and play my instruments is how comfortable and easy they are to play, which for me is the finest compliment I can receive.”


3 1/4" Sides

25" Scale, 22 Frets

17" Lower bout

3 Piece Flame Rock Maple Neck with Tapered Center

Back, Sides and Top of Master Grade European Cello Wood, Aged and Seasoned for Superior Tonal Quality

Highly Figured Bird's Eye Maple Binding

Abalone Block Inlays with Ebony Stripes on Fingerboard

Ebony Tailpiece, Pickguard, Fingerboard, Bridge, and Headstock Veneer

Multi-layered and Beveled Headstock and Pickguard with Maple and Ebony

Purfled and Inlaid F-Holes

Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets

Violin brown Sunburst Finish

Buscarino Signature Floating Humbucking pickup

Snakewood Heel Cap

Volume and Tone controls concealed underneath pickguard

Comes standard with Hardshell Superior Brand Case

Custom Calton Carbon Fiber lightweight case $1,000.00 extra

Sound Clips