Bourgeois Aged Tone Custom OMS Addy/Ziricote Acoustic Guitar  From Bourgeois

Mind-Blowing Ziricote/Adirondack Slot-head OMC from Dana Bourgeois! A one-of-a-kind work of playable art!  


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Bourgeois Guitars

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What We Think

This is so unbelievably my style I can hardly get over it. It's strong, yet nuanced. Ornate, but still earthy. It combines the class of the old with the advantages of the new. The gold tuner-plates on the slotted headstock harken back, but the cutaway gives you the upper fret access you'll need in a modern musical context. The aged tone addy top gives you a wise, powerful punch and the Ziricote imbues every note with exotic character and tons of sustain. It's a particular kind of sustain, too. Really balanced and full. The notes all stay shoulder to shoulder, overtones oscillating ever so slightly. Did I mention it's REALLY LOUD!

The look is hypnotizing. I adore the multi-colored, half-herringbone purfling. The way the abalone pops out of the darkened, "aged" Adirondack. The figuring on the Ziricote rivals some of the prettiest Brazilian out there, bears a lot of the same attributes, and costs a good bit less. Definitely different, but it's in a similar vein visually and sonically. I could see some folks preferring it. 

It plays really easy, too. Maybe it's just me, but the hide glue and addy braces allow for this athletic, flexed vibration that makes you feel inspired and in control. 

Definitely a guitar I'll never forget.



Bourgeois Aged Tone Custom OMS Acoustic Guitar

The Bourgeois Aged Tone Custom OMS acoustic guitar combines the class of the old with the advantages of the new. The aged tone addy top gives you a wise, powerful punch and the Ziricote imbues every note with exotic character and tons of balanced and full sustain. The Custom OMS is available for SoundPure's Try-Before-You-Buy program, so shoot us an email at to see how this guitar sounds in your studio with your gear. If you like what you hear check out the gear used in this video at or call us anytime at 919.682.5552. Thanks for watching!

Manufacturer's Description from Bourgeois

“Aged Tone tops may be the most significant technological advance I’ve seen in decades, but these new guitars areabout more than just the tops,” reports Dana Bourgeois. “A treated Adirondack top is, after all, just another tonewood; the thing that matters is what you do with it. To get the vibe I was looking for, I ended up modifying my approach to voicing and developed an entirely new finish. The combined result isn’t a substitute for a great vintage guitar, nor will it make people stop playing new guitars with untreated tops. It’s entirely new, yet partially old, totally different and overwhelmingly musical. I can’t wait to hear what different players do with these guitars!”


The Aged Tone Series 
by Bourgeois Guitars.


Bourgeois Guitars is proud to announce the Aged Tone Series, designed to capture some of the sound, look, feel and vibe of vintage guitars.

Limited production is scheduled between now and the end of 2012 so if you want one, call your favorite dealer and reserve it.



Pre-war guitars are prized by players for lightning fast response, elevated volume and presence, tonal complexity, and the deep golden-brown color of their tops. These guitars sound different today, however, from the way they sounded when first strung up. Part of the difference comes from the effect of many years of playing. Another part is attributable to the chemical and structural transformations wood undergoes after decades of natural curing. 

  Dana’s vision for the six Aged Tone models blends vintage appearance and Dana’s exclusive approach to voicing with the new Aged Tone finish and theAged Tone top .  

Aged Tone tops

Our new Aged Tone tops are treated with a unique curing process. The commercial version of this process, known as, “thermo curing”, “wood torrefaction” or “roasting”, was developed in Finland to enhance durability and appearance of such products as siding, decking, and outdoor furniture. Commercial processing typically uses higher curing temperatures to maximize stability and rot resistance. Higher temperatures, however, can also sacrifice structural integrity. 

The process used to cure our Adirondack tops is a highly controlled, low-temperature variation of the basic commercial treatment. During processing, water, sugars, and resins are cooked off, leaving behind cellulose and lignum--the “glue” that binds cellulosic fibers together. Once processed, mass and weight are reduced, absolute stiffness is increased and internal damping is decreased;  stiffness-to-weight ratio and Velocity of Sound (the rate at which vibration transmits through solid material) aredramatically increased.  

Our observations concur with industry research data, which reports increased stiffness at lower curing temperatures. It’s thought by at least one expert that low-temperature curing optimizes the distribution of lignum throughout the cellulosic structure, while higher temperatures break lignum down. The trick is to findthe temperature and curing schedule that optimizes Velocity of Sound.  

Like naturally cured spruce, Aged Tone tops are darker in color, opaque vs. translucent, highly stable when exposed to changes in humidity, and have a sweet, woody smell. These same changes naturally occur in spruce tonewoods after many decades of exposure to oxygen, UV radiation and other environmental elements. 

In the pictures below, we show our standard Adirondack top (on the left) and a Aged Tone Adirondack top on the right.  Neither top has been stained.


The Aged Tone process gives the tops a dark, rich hue, without any aging toner or finish.  

Bourgeois guitars made with Aged Tone Adirondack tops combine characteristics of both new and vintage guitars.  Players describe their sound as “immediate, “open”, “ responsive”, “loud” and “surprisingly broken in”.  New guitars made with Aged Tone tops will continue to break in as the top reacts to continuous string loading and vibrational activity.

 Aged Tone finish

Dana recently developed a light but durable finish to complement Aged Tone tops. The Aged Tonefinish, combines the sound and look of a well-preserved older finish with the durability of a modern catalyzed finish.

The Aged Tone finish began as an effort to replicate the sonic and aesthetic qualities of older nitro.  Nitrocellulose never fully cures. It starts out thick and soft and becomes considerably thinner and harder over time. As it cures, weight and mass diminish, molecules become rearranged, damping recedes and this transformation contributes significantly to what we recognize as ‘vintage’ sound.

After several years of experimentation we found a finish in the cyanoacrylic family that’s hard enough to exhibit minimum damping, offers reasonable protection compared to other thinly applied finishes, and has much in common with the sound and look of older nitro. Like our varnish finish, it’s application is both labor and skill intensive; we’re entirely convinced, though, that the results are worth the added effort.

Aged Tone Series

Our vision for our new Aged Tone models – a mahogany and rosewood D, mahogany and rosewood OM and a short scale Slope D and a DS-Mahogany 12 Fret Slot-head -- blends vintage appearance, a new vintage-style finish, Dana’s exclusive approach to voicing, and a unique method of tonewood curing.   

According to Bob Minner, flatpicker extraordinaire and Tim McGraw sideman, “For the past 20 years Dana has consistently set the bar for modern guitar construction, all the while paying homage to the great guitars of yesteryear.”  

Bourgeois Guitars

About Manufacturer

Bourgeois Guitars are defining the future of vintage tone, combining old-world hand-voicing techniques with modern innovations in design and materials. Built in a ca. 1850s mill in the industrial town of Lewiston Maine, master luthier Dana Bourgeois and his small team of highly skilled craftsman produce some of the finest steel-string instruments available today. 
Known for tonal excellence, meticulous craftsmanship and top-notch materials, they are played by six-string luminaries such as Bryan Sutton, Ricky Skaggs, Sean Watkins, Della Mae, the late Doc Watson and countless professional and nonprofessional enthusiasts. Bourgeois guitars have had a prominent role in the American steel-string guitar renaissance for more than two decades, helping shape acoustic music’s most recent rise in popularity.


Model: Custom OMS

Date Completed: 1/9/2015

Serial #: 6948

Top: Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce

Back: Ziricote

Rosette: Abalone

Body Binding: Ziricote

Purfling: Custom Half Herringbone + Back & Side Purfling

Backstrip: Arrowhead

Head Shape: Mahogany Slot Head

Head Veneer: Ziricote

Head Inlay: Bourgeois Logo

Head Binding: None

Fretboard Wood: 12 Fret Ebony

Nut Width: 1 3/4"

Fretboard Inlay: Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Squares & Diamonds

Fretboard Binding: Black

Pickguard: Tor-Tis

Bridge: Rectangular Pyramid

Pickup: None

Signature Label: Dana Bourgeois Signature Label

Tuners: Waverly 3 on Plate with Ebony Buttons

Notes: 2015 Winter NAMM. Cutaway. Aged Tone Finish & Braces. Hide Glue. Ebony Pins w/ Pearl Dot. 2 5/6" Bridge Spacing.