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Avantone CK-6 Large Capsule Cardioid FET Condenser Mic  From Avantone

An affordable FET Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone from Avantone that comes with the Shockmount, a Wooden Box, and a rugged road case.

Avantone Pro


Retail:  $179.00

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Budget Friendly SCD Shootout: Peluso CEMC6 vs. Avantone CK-1 vs. Lauten LA123 Quick n' Dirty

In this video we present a budget friendly SDC microphone shootout using the Lauten Audio LA-120, the Avantone CK-1 and the Peluso CEMC6. Can you tell which one's which? If you are interested in hearing the results and/or getting ahold of the audio files from this shootout, give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you!

Manufacturer's Description from Avantone

The Avantone "Cabernet (C-series)" mics are designed to offer true professional performance. They will meet or surpass the performance and specifications of much higher priced mics.
The Avantone CK-6 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. The design, character and performance can be compared directly to fine studio-standard FET micsbut at a fraction of their cost! Our rugged CK-6 microphone body and capsule assembly are precision machined of brass.
Aesthetically, it features an elegant Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim and capsule assembly. The transformerless Discreet Class A FET circuitry will yield pleasing professional results comparable to much more expensive designs. The CK-6 houses a 32mm gold-sputter thin Mylar capsule.
The CK-6 in its normal stock version uses high grade Polystyrene and Metalized Polypropylene capacitors in the audio path. This represents our commitment to quality as these normally are the type of "upgrade" components that are implemented by microphone modders/hot-rodders! Any studio can proudly offer the CK-6 for instrumental and vocal mikingIt exudes class visually as well as sonically.
Manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability. The versatile CK-6 mic is able to produce professional results with a clean sonic character.
The included Custom Retro Shockmount is superb in allowing a precise positioning of the mic while inhibiting the transfer of unwanted vibrations up into the mic. This isolation allows for superior professional results.
The CK-6 has separate -10 dB pad & 80 Hz LF roll off switches....The -10dB attenuation switch can be engaged when miking very high SPL sources to keep from overloading the electronics. The 80Hz high-pass filter switch can be engaged to reduce rumble and to keep unwanted low frequencies from "muddying up" the track.
Avantone Pro

About Manufacturer

Avantone is a creative vehicle, enabling our core team to bring to market the things we see as missing in the industry. This can be as simple as a certain price point we feel should be met to give excellent quality for reasonable pricing. At other times, it may be an item that simply does not exist until we build it. We don't use the shotgun approach in creating a product line. Each and every product we create has passion and purpose behind it, whether it costs $20 or $1000. QUALITY: We do 100% Inspection of our mics right here in the USA. Most of our competition skips over this entirely or at best run "spot-checks". This takes us extra time but we want to do it. We care!



True Condenser

Polar Pattern(s)

Cardioid , Hyper-Cardioid & Omni Capsules included

Frequency Response

25-20,000 Hz +/- 3dB



True Transformerless Condenser

Polar Pattern(s)



Single-sided 32mm center-terminated gold-sputtered Mylar (6 micron)

Frequency Response

35-20,000 Hz +/- 3.5dB

Output Impedance

<=200 Ohms

Maximum SPL

136dB (0.5% THD @1000Hz)

Equivalent Noise Level


Output Connector

Male XLR 3-pin

High-Pass Switch

80 Hz 6dB/octave

Attenuation Switch

-10 dB

Power Requirement

Standard 48 Volt Phantom / 5mA

Included Accessories


-Wooden Box in Metal Carrying Case


155mm x 46mm


.4 kg / .9 lb


Polished Nickel trim / Metallic Cabernet Red Body