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Audient iD14 Recording Interface  From Audient

Featuring 2 of Audient's world-class mic preamps and excellent conversion quality, the iD14 is one of the most affordable studio-grade recording interfaces on the market!



Retail:  $399.00

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What We Think

With the iD14 Audient has proven it’s possible to achieve remarkably high-quality audio within the $300 price point. What makes this specific interface different from the rest within this price are their excellent mic preamps, which are standard in every piece they make regardless of price. While the pre’s tone is relatively clean (a standard for “all-in-one” recording systems for versatility), there’s a full and slightly rich quality about the Audient’s preamps that avoid that infamous “thinness” and “sterility” budget preamps and interfaces are plagued with. Because of this your vocals come through thicker and fuller, bass guitars actually have some weight to them, acoustic guitars are not just a tinny, top-heavy mess - it’s truly remarkable how much a higher quality preamp can make with interfaces at this price point, and the iD14 makes this abundantly clear while at the same time firmly cementing itself as the front-runner of this price class.
But the preamps are not all of what makes this interface the chief of the budget interface world, don’t forget about its ADAT input expandability and DI loaded with a superior JFET for a richer, more engaging tone. The converter quality is also something to note for a $300 interface - it’s excellent for what it is and provides world’s more stereo field definition that openness than any other sub $300 interface I’ve used. Of course the big brother, the iD22, does provide a step up in converter quality, however that’s what you should expect when you jump to the next tier of $500/700 interfaces, and even then the iD14 holds its own surprisingly well. 
Combine all of this within a rugged, road-ready metal casing (not plastic) and created by a company known for its precise QC and commitment to quality and it’s very easy to see why you should look no further when considering your first audio interface. 

Audient iD14 - Get Creative

To celebrate the launch of our brand new audio interface iD14, we decided to Get Creative and make a beat mainly using household objects and a couple of SM57's. The idea being to show you just how easy it is for you to concentrate on the music and let iD14 take care of the rest. 

  • Signal Chain
    • Audient iD14 Recording Interface

Manufacturer's Description from Audient

High Performance USB Audio Interface
iD14 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a compact and elegant desktop package. iD14 provides a pair of world-class Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and the revolutionary ScrollControl. With its versatile feature set and intuitive layout, iD14 will become the hub of your studio in no time.
  • 2 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifiers
  • High Performance Burr Brown AD/DA Converters
  • 1 x Discrete JFET Instrument Input
  • Main Speaker Output
  • Independent Class-AB Headphone Output
  • Full Monitor Control Functionality (software controlled)
  • ADAT Input for Expandability
  • Low Latency DSP Mixer
  • iD ScrollControl Mode
  • All-Metal Enclosure
  • USB2.0 Bus Powered
We are the only company that use the same Class-A mic pre design throughout our entire product range, whether you’re in the studio with an Audient console or on the road with iD14, you’re always guaranteed the same world class Audient sound.
Developed by design legend David Dearden and optimised over 18 years of refinement, our mic pre is used by thousands of professional studios around the world. With its versatile nature and smooth tone, the iD14 will quickly become your ‘go to’ mic pre.
iD14 provides you with high performance AD-DA converters from Burr Brown, the leaders in converter technology. Quality in the analogue stages of design comes from years of experience as analogue console designers, and when coupled with outstanding converter technology it enables you to hear audio as it’s supposed to sound. The importance of converters should never be underestimated. Experience audio the Audient way.
As well as offering you 2 channels of mic pre, iD14 has a harmonically rich JFET D.I input. Designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier, you can plug your guitar, bass, keyboard or drum machine straight in and start recording instantly.
We understand the need to keep things simple and iD14’s mixer app was designed with that in mind. Whether you’re creating low latency cue mixes or utilising the flexible monitor control, iD14 tightly integrates the hardware and software making the recording process easy. Enabling you to concentrate on what’s really important - the music.
Get hands on control of your software with iD14’s ScrollControl. With a touch of a button iD14’s volume encoder becomes a virtual scroll wheel that allows you to adjust DAW hosts, plug-in parameters, iD14’s mixer app and even scroll through your iTunes library - just like you’re adjusting a piece of hardware. Wherever your mouse pointer hovers, the iD knob can scroll to control!
It gets even better! When not using the virtual scroll wheel, the iD button can be assigned to control iD14’s monitoring features. Following in the footsteps of it’s critically acclaimed big brother iD22, we’ve still included DIM, CUT, Polarity Reverse, Mono Sum, Talkback and Cue Mix monitoring, all of which can be assigned to the iD button.
Need to track drums? No problem! As your system grows, iD14 can be expanded via the optical input connector, supporting both ADAT or S/PDIF. Enabling you to expand up to ten inputs via an eight-channel mic pre, such as the ASP880.
iD14 has been designed to last, from its all-metal construction, hand finished aluminium knobs and high grade component selection, iD14 will stand up to countless late nights in the studio and days on the road.

About Manufacturer

Audient was founded in 1997 and has become universally recognised for producing award winning, innovative products for music recording and production. The company is renowned worldwide for delivering quality, affordable products that are in-tune with users working preferences and which deliver outstanding audio quality and ergonomic elegance.


Based in Hampshire, England, Audient draws on a unique pool of design talent that combines unrivalled development expertise with a deep understanding of what is important to our customers.


Audient's products are designed with passion, manufactured with pride and distributed internationally by professionals who share the goal of delivering products that "simply sound great."



(Channel 1)

D.I GAIN: 0 to 66dB (incl. +10dB software boost)

MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +9 dBu (0.6% THD typical)

INPUT IMPEDANCE: >500k Ω unbalanced

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.1dB 20Hz to 22kHz

THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.04% all musical 2nd and 3rd harmonic

SNR: 95 dB un-weighted, 98 dB A-weighted

1/4” TS JACK: Tip (Hot) & Sleeve (Shield)



(Measured sans microphone preamplifier under AES-17)

MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +12 dBu (0 dBFS digital maximum)


FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.1 dB 10Hz to Fs/2 (flat to nyquist)

CROSSTALK: -100 dBu @ 1kHz & 10kHz

THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.002% (-94 dB)

THD+N @ -6dBFS (1kHz): <0.0015% (-96.5 dB)

DYNAMIC RANGE: 113 dB un-weighted, 116 dB A-weighted



(Measured under AES-17 at line outputs 1 & 2)

MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: +12 dBu (0 dBFS digital maximum)



FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.1 dB 10Hz to Fs/2 (flat to nyquist)

CROSSTALK: <-105 dBu @ 1kHz & 10kHz

THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.003% (-90.5 dB)

DYNAMIC RANGE: 114 dB un-weighted, 117 dB A-weighted

1/4” TRS JACK: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)



(measurement includes ADC signal path)

MIC GAIN: 0 to 66 dB (incl. +10 dB software boost)

LINE GAIN: -10 to 56 dB (-10dB hardwired line pad)

PHANTOM POWER: 48V ±4V @ 10mA channel (12VDC only)

MIC EIN: <-127.0 dBu

CMRR: >80 dB @ 1kHz

MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: +12 dBu (0 dBFS digital maximum)

INPUT IMPEDANCE (Mic): 2.8k Ω balanced

INPUT IMPEDANCE (Line): >8k Ω balanced

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.1 dB 20Hz to 22kHz @ min. gain

 ±1.0 dB 20Hz to 22kHz @ max. gain


THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.0025% (-92 dBu)

SNR: 96 dB un-weighted, 99 dB A-weighted

XLR COMBI FEMALE: Pin 2 (Hot), Pin 3 (Cold) & Pin 1 (Shield)

1/4” TRS JACK: Tip (Hot), Ring (Cold) & Sleeve (Shield)



(Measured under AES-17 at phones output)

MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: +12 dBu (0 dBFS digital maximum)


OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: <30 Ω unbalanced

VOLTAGE GAIN: +6 dB (optimised for loudness)

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±1.0dB 10Hz to Fs/2 (load dependent)

CROSSTALK: <-100 dBu @ 1kHz & 10kHz

THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.002% (-94 dB)

DYNAMIC RANGE: 108 dB un-weighted, 111 dB A-weighted

MAXIMUM LEVEL into 30 Ω: +4 dBu 0.005% THD+N Power: 101mW

MAXIMUM LEVEL into 60 Ω: +5 dBu 0.004% THD+N Power: 64mW

MAXIMUM LEVEL into 600 Ω: +13 dBu 0.0025% THD+N Power: 39mW

1/4” TRS JACK: Tip (Left), Ring (Right) & Sleeve (Shield)





iD14 Manual

Manufacturer's Manual.

iD14 Spec Sheet

Manufacturer's Specifications Sheet.