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ADL 670 Stereo Compressor / Limiter  From ADL

The holy grail of Mastering-grade Stereo Tube Compressors & Limiters!

Anthony Demaria Labs

Anthony Demaria delivers a $20,000 Fairchild 670 style Compressor to Sound Pure Studio

Sound Pure engineers and interns take a break from their day of mixing to literally bow down to Anthony Demarias feet as he delivers them their long-awaited, $20,000 Fairchild 670 Compressor Replica, the ADL670. With some fo the best gear in the world at their fingertips, it takes a lot for a Sound Pure engineer to bow in praise to a piece of gear or a manufacturer! Call Sound Pure to discuss any of your gear needs, we are here to help. Whether you are seriously interested in a Fairchild-style compressor, or a lovely well-priced alternative, Sound Pure experts are here to help, and use this gear every day in their own world-class recording studios. They can be reached anytime toll free at 888-528-9703.

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    • ADL 670 Stereo Compressor / Limiter

Manufacturer's Description from ADL

There's no doubt that the original Fairchild 670 was and still is the "Big Daddy" of tube compressors. That's why people don't hesitate to pay over $30,000 for one if they can find it. Unfortunately, most of these units are getting very old and unreliable and don't sound as great as they once did. Well, what if you could buy a brand new one today...with a warranty...for substantially less!!! Can't be...well, guess again!!

Introducing the ADL 670, the perfect copy of the original Fairchild 670. After years of testing and research, Anthony DeMaria Labs has matched part for part the specs and sound of the original unit. Every detail has been scrutinized to perfection...no corners were cut. Yes...believe it or not, ADL has painstakingly sourced all the parts of this puzzle to offer a very limited run on these uncompromised, untouchable sonic giants!!! Many in the past have attempted to reproduce the sound of the classic Fairchild 670 but no one until now has taken it to the level ADL has with the ADL 670 compressor. With it's beautiful "military strength" chassis, stand alone PSU, 20 vacuum tubes and 14 transformers...it doesn't get fatter than this. Call ADL today to find out more. Somebody had to do it.

We also carry direct replacement parts based on original Fairchild 670 design. Please call ADL today for further details.

·         All tube design (no IC's or chips)

·         All parts are designed based on the original Fairchild 670

·         All capacitors and resisters match values as per original

·         XLR input / output

·         Handbuilt in the USA

·         Heavy-Duty Chassis

·         Handles located on front and sides

·         Great for analog & digital recording, tracking, mastering, as well as live


·         One Year limited warranty

·         Vents on front and sides for maximum air flow

·         Two 24 volt fans (voltage set at 20 volts for silent operation)

·         One Bottom PCB (Hinged Standoff)

·         One Top PCB (Hinged Standoff)

·         Two Back PCB's

Anthony Demaria Labs

About Manufacturer

Since 1987, ADL has been supplying the finest all-tube products to the biggest names in the audio industry. From legendary recreations of the classic Fairchild 670, the classic LA2A, the classic LA3, or his own new modern creation of a truly exquisite mic preamp, ADL has recreated the legends of yesterday, as well as some modern gems of new studio technology. ADL products have been used on countless successful recordings throughout the world. As they look to the future they pledge to continue developing spectacular sounding analog and pure-tube products, inspired by the great vintage era of the past.


+4 input / 600-ohm Load: Unit Gain Clockwise : 15.1dB @ +4 Output

Noise: -82.6 with 400-Hz Filter = 89.2

THD: 0.028% @ 100-Hz : 0.189%

IMD: 0.100%

Frequency Response: 50-Hz............20-k (± 1db)

Input / Output Impedance: 600-ohm

Output Level: +4 or +8 VU (+27 dBm clipping point)

Gain: 7 db (no limiting)

Attack Time (adjustable):
-0.2 milliseconds in Pos-1,2 and 6
-0.4 milliseconds in Pos-3 and 5
-0.8 milliseconds in Pos-4

Transformers:14 total - same as original

Tube Complement:
-8- 6386
-2- 12AX7A
-2- 12BH7A
-4- 6973

Main Unit Rack Space: 6-U high, 13-1/2"depth

Main Unit Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Power Supply Features

·         Remote Power Supply

·         One PCB

·         Detachable AC Cable

·         Front Power Switch

·         Keep All Vents Clear of Obstructions

·         R-313 - This pot sets B+ voltage, must be set at 240 volts

·         Remote Power Umbilical Cable - 18-gage 600 volt multi pin five foot cable

·         Rear Tube Fan - power to fan set at 20 volts for silent operation


·         Front Blue Grill Lamp - indicates power to fan, if this lamp is off must check all three fans, 1-installed in power chassis and two in main unit. If unchecked may cause serious overheating

·         Fuse - 5 amp S/B 5x20mm

·         Tube compliment - (1) 6084, (1) 5651, (1) EL 34, (1) GZ 34

·         Power Requirements - 120 volts, 50-60 cycles

·         Rack Space - 3-U High, 14" Depth

·         Shipping Weight - 42 lbs.