ADL 1000 C/L Tube Compressor / Limiter  From ADL

UA LA-2A style Tube Compressor Limiter, but for half the price of a single LA-2A!

Anthony Demaria Labs

Vintage LA2A vs. ADL 1000 Tube Compressor Shootout (Universal Audio UREI Teletronix LA-2A)

Sound Pure conducts a comprehensive shootout between the original real vintage Universal Audio Teletronix LA2A (Urei LA2a) and the Anthony Demaria Labs ADL1000 and ADL1500 faithful recreations of the vintage unit. The shootout begins with an explanation of the setup, the desire to own brand-new gear for its reliability, and the faithful recreation of the vintage LA2A that is the ADL1000 and ADL1500, that emulates the design, build, and sound. The ADL 1500 (the stereo version of the ADL1000) is the unit that was conducted in the shootout, because Sound Pure studios actually owns one of these units in their Control Room A. The shootout begins with a simple male vocal passage, continues with saxophone, then female vocals (with a little bit of acoustic guitar bleed), and concludes with a analysis by some of the Sound Pure engineers. They admit that matching the compression amounts was a real challenge (and wasn't perfect), but that the tonal qualities and output of the two units were spot-on within eachother. The difference between the two compressors in the shootout was simply no different than one vintageLa2a would likely be to another vintage La2a given the inconsistencies associated with the age (And any recapping or repairs). Ultimately, if you are looking for the sound of the LA2A, but require the reliability of a modern piece of audio equipment, you should look no further. You can reach us toll free at 888-528-9703 to discuss our findings, opinions, or to retrieve the high resolution audio files from the outputs of the two compressors that were used in the shootout. Feel free to contact Sound Pure at any time with any questions you have about the ADL products, compression, or anything else, we are all here to help you make your recordings the best that they can be, and get you the best possible gear for your budget.

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    • ADL 1000 C/L Tube Compressor / Limiter

Manufacturer's Description from ADL

The ADL 1000 Tube Compressor/Limiter is a brilliant all discrete design providing phenomenal dynamic range with a clear, punchy, warm sound!  Its "invisible" compression has made the ADL 1000 a very in-demand item.  Each unit is hand built with the very finest workmanship available.  So why settle for less?  Find out today why so many people are using the ADL 1000 Tube Compressor/Limiter, ­the "fattest" sound around!

·                  Balanced input and output

·                  XLR input and output jacks

·                  Stereo linking capability

·                  Wide dynamic range (15Hz - 30K)

·                  Works with unbalanced systems

·                  Easy to operate

·                  Handbuilt in the USA

·                  Heavy-duty chassis

·                  Great for analog & digital recording as well as live sound

·                  All tube design (no IC's or chips)

·                  Opto attenuators for "invisible" compression

·                  High quality transformer

Anthony Demaria Labs

About Manufacturer

Since 1987, ADL has been supplying the finest all-tube products to the biggest names in the audio industry. From legendary recreations of the classic Fairchild 670, the classic LA2A, the classic LA3, or his own new modern creation of a truly exquisite mic preamp, ADL has recreated the legends of yesterday, as well as some modern gems of new studio technology. ADL products have been used on countless successful recordings throughout the world. As they look to the future they pledge to continue developing spectacular sounding analog and pure-tube products, inspired by the great vintage era of the past.


Frequency Response: 15Hz-30kHz  ± 0.5 dB

Clip: +22

Distortion: @+4 + 0.75%  @+20 + 0.18%

Noise: -80 dB

Input/Output Impedance: 600 Ohm Balanced XLR

Gain Reduction: 40 dB

Gain: 40 dB ± 1 dB

Attack Time: 10 uSec.

Release Time: Approx 0.07 Sec. for 50% Release, 0.5 Sec. to 4 Sec. for Complete Release

Panel Size: Standard Two Rack Space (2U)

Panel Controls: Gain Reduction/Output +4 Switch Gain, Peak Reduction

Power: 117 (Standard), 240 (Available on Request)

Fuse: 100-120-V    1/2-A    S/B 5x20mm
          220-240-V    1/4-A    S/B 5x20mm

Tube Complement: (2) 12AX7A, (1) 12BH7A, (1) 6AQ5A

Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.





ADL 1000/1500 Manual