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DW 5.5x14 Collectors Series Thin Aluminum Snare Drum  From DW Drums

A thin-shelled aluminum snare that is appropriate for any style of music.

DW Drums

What We Think

DW's relentless pursuit of drum perfection has given the drum community countless varieties of drums and shell types that serve multitudes of musical situations. Their constant evolution forges new paths of shells and sounds spanning a myriad of materials that would pacify the most discerning of players.

Enter the thin aluminum snare drum from DW. While aluminum is not new to drums, DW's take brings a new sound offering to the Collectors Series. Starting with a 1mm shell, DW's beadless shell drum has a matte-gray powder-coated finish that’s reminiscent of the infamous Acrolite while being complemented by the mirror-like chrome hardware.

This snare is designed to be a “workhorse,” making it useful for live or recording playing situations. The thin aluminum lends itself to a crisp and sensitive articulation in the medium and high tensions while retaining definition in the lower ranges. DW's True Pitch tension rods combined with the 10 lug configuration affords the player greater control over the tuning to a very granular level.

The DW Thin Aluminum snare drum recreates the Acrolite sound with fervor and enhances an already iconic drum. DW's refinements and attention to detail make this unassuming drum one of the crown jewels in the Collectors Series family. Discover what it can do for your sound today.

Manufacturer's Description from DW Drums

The Thin Aluminum Snare Drum from DW has a 1mm rolled aluminum shell and is a workhorse-style snare that can be used for every musical genre. The thin beadless shells offer a more resonant tone with more overtones than their thicker rolled-shell cousins.

Hardware features stout 3mm True Hoops, a pro-quality MAG throw-off and more. The drum is finished with a matte grey powder coat and has a rolled bearing edges and snare beds.


DW Drums

About Manufacturer

Drum Workshop has been one of the forefront companies that has helped propel drum hardware and custom drum manufacturing. For over forty years, their innovations and tireless dedication in pedals, hardware, and drum-making have continued to change the way drummers think about and approach drumming. To this day, DW pedals and hardware have raised the standards by which all others are measured. 

DW also continues to expand their custom drum offerings with a variety of shell designs, tonewoods, and countless finish options to truly personalize your sonic vision. Whether you are designing something for home use or the rigors of the road, DW's allegiance to improving the way drum products are made continues to inspire generations of drummers. Through passion and innovation, DW has become the Drummer's Choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.





  • 1mm beadless thin alumninum shell
  • Rolled bearing edges and snare beds
  • 10-lug configuration with True Pitch rods
  • True Tone snare wires
  • 3mm True Hoops
  • MAG throw-off