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3rd Power Clean Sink 20w 1x12 Combo Amp  From 3rd Power Amps

One of two new combo amps based on the groundbreaking Kitchen Sink from 3rd Power.

3rd Power Amplification

Clean Sink Demo - Lance Keltner

The new Clean Sink amplifier demo with Lance Keltner! The Clean Sink is a grab-n-go 112 combo based on the clean channel of our flagship amplifier, the Kitchen Sink. American tones, AC tones are on tap and fully blendable!

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    • 3rd Power Clean Sink 20w 1x12 Combo Amp

Manufacturer's Description from 3rd Power Amps

Two Amps, Pure Tone: Based on our flagship two-channel Kitchen Sink ampllfier, the Clean Sink and the Dirty Sink deliver the rich tube tone of your favorite channel from that amp. The Clean Sink features two voices: American and AC.

Each preamp feeds a pan pot that lets you choose one, the other or the perfect blend of both at the same time! Our all-tube spring reverb, Hybrid-Master and High Frequency Damping round out the features.

The Dirty Sink delivers classic sparkling 60’s clean to the scorching crunch tones found on channel 2 of the Kitchen Sink.

Our all tube Class-A pedal friendly loop, Hybrid-Master round out the features. Each amp is hand-built from the ground up in Nashville, TN. Both sit on a dual 6V6 output section providing ~22 watts of power into a WGS Green Beret 12” speaker.

You’ll love the giggable grab-n-go form factor (about the size of a *Fender Princeton) and weight (just under 29 lbs.).

The rugged enclosure is build by hand with a solid pine shell and birch-ply baffles for the perfect combination of tone, warmth and projection.

3rd Power Amplification

About Manufacturer

3RD POWER produces a wide array of USA made guitar amplification products, including amplifiers, speaker cabinets, effects pedals and guitar pickups carrying either the “3RD POWER” or “Wooly Coats” brand name. Over the past Eight years, the company has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer vintage-inspired guitar products based on their patented and proprietary technology. A diverse professional users group include Lenny Kravitz, Joe Walsh, Vince Gill, Dann Huff, Audley Freed (Sheryl Crow), Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell), Stuart Garrard (Delirious?, Micheal W. Smith), Gary Hooker (Brad Paisley), Chris Wrate (Kelsea Ballerini), Bennett Lewis (Maren Morris), Evan Weatherford (Little Big Town), Boo Massey (Miranda Lambert), Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney), Ben Helson (Dierks Bentley), Brandon Bagby (Audio Adrenaline, Mandisa) ,  Sage Greer (Elevation Church), and many others. Founder/entrepreneur Dylan Nova Scott is an American patented inventor, guitarist and industry veteran whose personal quest for the ultimate guitar tone led her to develop the most unique amp designs on the market today.


Hand-built in East Nashville, TN

American and AC voiced (fully blendable)

All-Tube Spring Reverb (same circuit as Wooly Coats)

Hybrid-Master patented volume control

10 Year Limited Warranty

Output Tubes: 2 x JJ 6V6GT, ~400V

Plate Voltage: 120V AC input yields ~400V DC

Power Output: ~20 watts

Transformers: Custom USA made Heyboer Transformers

Output Impedance: 3 speaker jacks total, 1x 8 Ohm and 2x 4 Ohm outputs

Internal Speaker: 8 Ohm, WGS Green Beret 12"

Dimensions: 19.75" x 16" x 10"

Weight: ~29lbs