If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind revolutionary microphone for studio or stage, the Earthworks SR40V is for you. The Earthworks SR40V vocal microphone is the first high-definition vocal microphone designed for stage and studio use. The SR40V also features revolutionary circuitry for incredible sonic performance, giving you natural clarity on depth even on stage. This circuitry combines flat, extended frequency response with lightning fast impulse response to recreate true live sound audio. The circuitry is handcrafted to match each capsule for superior performance. The SR40V also features the fastest transient response of any vocal microphone on the market, low handling noise, and extremely accurate time domain for great reproduction with no distortion or smearing. The hypercardioid pattern of the SR40V also allows for natural on- and off-axis performance, offering increased volume and detail on stage without feedback. This versatile microphone is perfect for any performance, whether its on the stage or in the studio.

Here at SoundPure, we had the amazing opportunity to test the SR40V in studio with jazz vocalist Kate McGarry and we must say, this is quite a special microphone. Our testing of the microphone in the studio proved the incredible quality possible in the studio with this microphone and the on-stage quality is reportedly unmatched. Despite being newly released, the SR40V has already proven its worth, as it was used on stage by musical great James Taylor.

Earthworks also offers many more high-quality microphones and preamps. The SR40 is another versatile mic that works with a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, trumpet, sax, flute, and percussion. The PM40 Piano Microphone System is a high-quality microphone system that specializes in pianos and is great for any churches or performing arts centers. The 1024 Quad Mic Preamp is an extremely clean and detailed four-channel preamp perfect for any production.