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WesAudio _HYPERION Analog Parametric EQ  From WesAudio




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Manufacturer's Description from WesAudio

_HYPERION is fully analog parametric EQ with +24dBu of headroom. It features a lot of innovative improvements that no other processor on the market provides. Its innovative design utilizes 15 VCAs per channel to provide essentially noiseless parameter changes and very musical nature. _HYPERION is next product in NG500 line where total recall is implemented through front panel USB socket or _TITAN chassis.



_HYPERION is fully analog device with +24 dBu of headroom. It’s innovative design utilizes 18 VCAs per channel.



4-Band EQ with switchable gain range for 5db or 15dB boost or cut per band:

High band – 2kHz to 25kHz (bell or shelf)

High-Mid band – 600Hz to 8Khz with full Q control

Low-Mid band – 200Hz to 2.5Khz with full Q control

Low band – 30 Hz to 350Hz (bell or shelf)


STEREO / DUAL MONO / MID-SIDE operation modes

_HYPERION can work in 3 different modes, including MS, which makes it perfect solution for multiple applications!

_hyperion_hpf copy



HPF with 12dB/Oct or 6 dB/Oct slopes



For easy comparison, each band can by independently bypassed, dialing new sounds in, has never been that easy!



 THD stands for “Total harmonic distortion” and it allows to saturate your signal with beautiful analog color.


FLEXIBLE DAW / LIVE PLUG-IN control for instant recall

Stereo plugin which handles all modes of operation – Stereo/Dual Mono/Mid-Side

Mono plugin where two separate instances can connect to same hardware managing each channel separately

IN/OUT metering with clip detection

Flexible parametric EQ GUI

Plugin comes in AAX/AAX DSP/VST3/VST2/AU


Features summary:

+24dBu of headroom

Stereo / Dual mono / Mid/Side operation mode

4-Band EQ with switchable gain range for 5db or 15dB boost or cut per band:

High band – 2kHz to 25kHz (bell or shelf)

High-Mid band – 600Hz to 8Khz with full Q control

Low-Mid band – 200Hz to 2.5Khz with full Q control

Low band – 30 Hz to 350Hz (bell or shelf)

HPF with 12dB/Oct or 6 dB/Oct slopes

Each band features its own Bypass switch

Essentially Noiseless parameter changes

Proprietary THD implementation

Flexible DAW/Live plug-in control for instant recall

12 touch sensitive encoders allows to record automation

True bypass

In and OUT metering with clip detection

A/B compare feature



About Manufacturer

WesAudio is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment. By utilizing the latest technology, introducing unique design solutions as well as using measuring devices such as Audio Precision, Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, we are proud to present the first devices available in the sales offer of WesAudio.We strive to assure that our products are of high quality and precision. We provide full warranty and service of all the equipment available for sale.


Frequency response: 10Hz-150kHz (-2dB)

THD+N all bands gain “0”: 0.003% (1kHz,0dBu)

THD+N +15dB band boost: <0.15% (1kHz,0dBu)

Input impedance: 10kohm

Output impedance: <100ohm

Max signal level: +24dBu

Crosstalk:< -100dB

THD (MID switch): 1%

THD (HIGH switch): 2.5%

Power consumption: 150mA per rail

Dimensions : 76x133x158mm

Warranty: 2 years


Unit needs to warm up for about 5 minutes before usage as its temperature may affect some internal variables – like frequencies of each band, and very slightly gain and Q settings.


Each band can boost or cut in configurable gain mode (It affects also OUTPUT control):

15dB boost or cut in 0.25 dB steps,

5dB boost or cut in 0.083 dB steps,


Each frequency control has predefined amount of steps in logarithmic scale:

HF frequency – 256 steps,

HMF frequency – 256 steps,

LMF frequency – 256 steps,

LF frequency – 200 steps,

HPF frequency – 128 steps.