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Vic Firth 5A Dual Tone American Classic Hickory Drumsticks, from Vic Firth

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Vic Firth 5A Dual Tone American Classic Hickory Drumsticks
Vic Firth 5A Dual Tone American Classic Hickory Drumsticks

Another American Classic.

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Tradition and Vic Firth style, with bold designs for fuller sound and deeply back-cut tips for intensified cymbal response, the American Classics are turned from select hickory, further enhancing their durability and sound.

As drummers ourselves, we’re constantly striving to find ways to create fresh sounds and take our music to new places. That’s why at Vic Firth, we make an array of unique sticks, mallets and other implements designed to help you deliver all those cool sounds that are in YOUR head! Go ahead. Try something new. See where it takes you.

5A with a durable synthetic felt ballon the butt end. Great for cymbal swells and quick changes to warm drum tones.

Vic Firth 5A Dual Tone Drumstick Features:

  • Strong, Responsive Hickory
  • Medium Tapers
  • Teardrop Beads
  • Length: 16"
  • Diameter: 0.565"
  • Felt Butt Ends for Cymbal Swells

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